Arrest Made in Jonesboro City Hall Incident

An arrest was made Friday afternoon in connection with an incident that allegedly occurred after last Tuesday night’s Town of Jonesboro’s Board of Aldermen meeting, according to the booking log of the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office (JPSO).

Willie Joseph, of Quitman, was charged in a warrant with simple battery for allegedly elbowing an individual in the hallway of the W. Richard Zuber City Hall.

Joseph was bonded out on $2,500 the same day by Anthony Anderson of Anderson’s Bail Bonds.

The arresting officer was Wayne Smith of the Jonesboro Police Department.

45 Responses to “Arrest Made in Jonesboro City Hall Incident”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hope he has fine money because he IS NOT a town employee!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Bet somebody from Jonesboro put him up to it. There would be no other reason for someone from the Quitman area to take a chance on being arrested for something that didn’t accomplish anything other than intimidation.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Guess they probably found a “patsy” for their cause. If this is true, I feel sorry for Willie Joseph. He just may be in a heap of trouble.

      I agree with what you said. Willie was probably set up for the fall guy for the wants of Thompson, Dill and the 4 other pickles…….not Renee S. though. Since Willie is from Quitman, why would he put himself in this position? Did he want to be arrested, jailed, make an appearance in court at some point, etc.? I do not think so. Could he have been PAID to do this? Was he that dumb?

      • hmmmmm Says:

        That is his demeanor much like all the “that’s right”, “hmmm.hmmm” crap that goes on all during the meeting and no one calls them down. I am glad he was arrested so now everyone knows they cannot continue to get away with this type of behavior. If you wish to act like an idiot, you will be treated as such.

        • sunrisesunset Says:

          If it is as you state, then absolutely arrest him.

          D.J. carry it to the bitter end.

        • watching it Says:

          well, since the JPD arrested little willy his name won’t be on the sheriff’s list of arrests, how convenient for him………..keep it on the down low for da brotha

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If our DA dosent do his job an prosecute Thompson, I am afraid things are going to fester into something serious an people are going to get seriously injured.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This is sad and messy

  5. Anonymous Says:

    sure that this will be run thru district court – no JB involvment…

  6. In the know Says:

    It was a Jonesboro Police arrest but will be in district court.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Heard that D.J. was not the only one that guy “bumped” after the meeting. If that is true, there may be other charges coming.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Or they could be part of this same charge, and tacked on as an addendum.

    • CLP Says:

      explain how that works, separate individual but additional charges to a charge that has already been executed via arrest and added as an addendum to a specific charge as noted above? Explain that one.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    No..apparently theyhave no clue. If more than one person there would be more than one “count” for each person “battered”

  10. yabba dabba Says:

    This sits on your back mayor thompson. You, dill, the simmons, flowers and cottonham all share responsibility for continually stiring racial unrest with your race baiting comments and videos. You can call yourselves the “jberry 6” since you were so proud of hiring the “jena 6” lawyers. Better get to work on raising a defense fund cause the town will not be paying these bills.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I have said it once I will say it again, Racism will end when racists allow it to! The mayor and his band of idiots have no other excuse for their screw ups except, “Whitey dont like us!” Get over it you crooked theives.

  12. brown grove Says:

    I was at that meeting and mr willie did nt put a hand on mr allen. That’s not the end of it wesley horton and wayne smith go to quitman to arrest mr willie ain’t that’s out there jurydiction , it get better wayne smith not even an officer he the one done all the paper work to arrest mr willie such as the warrant

    • anonynous Says:

      mr. flower need tell willie he need to keep nose out jonboro business he don t live in jbo city limits. ain t that right..that what he tell d j allen that time

    • Spell Check Says:

      Top Cop aka God Child aka Educated-why are you now disrespecting an entire community by using their name? You are out of your (jurydiction) when you sit at the table and make your crazy noises and head rolling motions….. you were out of your (jurydiction) when you cashed a certain check, you were out of your (jurydiction) when you called mr allen out of the meeting and tried to intimidate him… are out of your ( jurydiction) every time you try to write a complete sentence. You claim to be a Godly man, you should try to practice what you preach, then you can start pointing your sick finger at others. Clean up your own ( jurydiction) before you judge others, Top Cop aka God Child aka Educated and now aka Brown Grove.

      • Angela davis Says:

        Its amazing how you guys are so blind to fact that Jonesboro is built on racism. You guys go to church every Sunday and pray to your Gods and then say you love your neighbor you guys are hypocrites and I can’t wait til judgment day when God calls you out and tell you about life you the racist life you lived I promise you there will not be a mansion for you.

    • Outlander Says:

      Hey dummy, he wouldn’t have been arrested if he hadn’t done it. Wesley is still the Chief and Wayne is still there. Y’all sorry rats are pulling out all the stops now that the heat is on your sorry hides. The event happened in Jonesboro and Wesley is in his “jurydiction” to arrest him in Quitman.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Guess Joseph thought he could get by with anything since there was not supposed to be a police department. Did he get fooled!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    To CTIC and his “little turds”……….It is better to remain silent and presumed ignorant than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!!

  15. JustMe Says:

    Thinks this might be the one who just re-striped the streets in Jonesboro just this last month. The name I remember seeing on the truck when they were working was “Willie’s – something or other”. Wonder if he’s been paid yet??

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I see where some state agencies have put GPS tracking on the state department autos and it has caused good things regarding accountability of time.

    Would this be possible for the town owned automobiles?

    • Outside the town looking in Says:

      The jackson parish ambulance service put GPS.

    • Angela davis Says:


  17. Anonymous Says:

    Why the JP ambulance service?

  18. Linda Devine Says:

    Do you eat regular meals in the comfort of your own home? I pray you don’t have to have JPA service but if you do I know they will put down their fork and be there for you. GET A LIFE AND LEAVE THESE PEOPLE BE!

    • Outside the town looking in Says:

      Point is if it is good enough for the ambulance service then it’s good enough for the CTIC!!!!

  19. In the know Says:

    How did we jump to JPA????

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Why don’t we leave our home town people that save lives and>>> DO THEIR JOBS THEY ARE PAID TO DO<<<< out of this city hall mess and bond together for the for a positive change for Jonesboro.WE all have a Vote from the office of Mayor,Judge,D.A. And Rep.So use your vote and your prayers to change things.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I bet if the voter records were checked, most of the people making comments have never voted. Just saying, by not voting, you helped elect the ones in office.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Ambulance service in Jonesboro is one thing that I thought would escape criticism on this website. As far as I know, there has never been an instance in which they failed to respond immediately, and I think this is a good time to let them know how much we appreciate them. There is no comparison between what they do and what is being done in Town Hall now.

  22. TXL Says:

    The ambulance service does well because it has good leadership through its board of directors. Can’t say the same for Jonesboro.

    • Outside the town looking in Says:

      Y’all take everything the wrong way. The comment about the GPS tracking was if one public service can get it why not all of the public services. Is it cause all of y’all are trying to start SH**?????

  23. Anonymous Says:

    It’s already been started — six years ago.

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