Jonesboro Mayor Repeatedly Challenges Fiscal Administrator Authority and Court Ruling

Controversial Town of Jonesboro mayor Leslie Thompson at tonight’s meeting of the Board of Alderman repeatedly challenged the authority of Fiscal Administrator William Ryder, who was put in charge of the town three weeks ago.

Thompson said he asked Ryder at their first meeting, “Are you here to do what the law provides you the authority to do, or are you here to do what the (court) order has allowed you to do?”

Thompson also suggested that Second Judicial (Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson parishes) District Division B Judge Jimmy Teat’s ruling of July 24 was “over-broad.”

Town attorney Doug Stokes repeatedly warned the mayor and board that they risked being found in contempt of court by their actions.

The board also approved allowing the town’s contract attorney Carol Powell-Lexing to appeal Teat’s ruling to Louisiana’s 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal.

We will have additional reporting tomorrow on tonight’s meeting.

29 Responses to “Jonesboro Mayor Repeatedly Challenges Fiscal Administrator Authority and Court Ruling”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Gag orders only happen IN court, right? Too bad it doesn’t apply right now. I’m sure Ryder knows what he’s doing. Thompson just hates not having any imput at ALL and, like a child, he’s going to sit around and pout about it instead of actually doing anything to help get Jonesboro back on its feet.

  2. wow Says:

    How bold of Leslie, arrogance gets you nowhere.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Adding to this…all this drama, is he trying to get a reality t.v. show or something. I’ve seen less drama in high schools!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    NO. The mayor is just that stupid, u watch the idiot on tv and u can see just how dumb he is.

  5. clever Says:

    I don’t think he is stupid. He has been trained by the best. It an ACORN ploy. Like how they flew people to the sites of forclosures to protest. You don’t pay your mortgage and somehow you are the victim and deserve to keep the house. Scream the loudest and keep filing appeals. In the meantime, you can do whatever you want because no one can touch you. Heck they are even afraid of you because you will yell “racist!” and that is the worst thing in the world.

    He will appeal this and delay it until probably well after the next election. The only hope we have is for the Attorney General to arrest him for malfeasance. Well, actually, all of them since they knowingly committed contempt tonight. Arrest them all!

  6. ohmy Says:

    Who would have thought ya could double down on stupid? Obvious contemp of a court order against the advice of the town attorney. Wonder what the bail for that might be?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    He is black, what did you expect

    • No name Says:

      It wasn’t the color of his skin that made him stupid. It was his greed, contempt of the law, and complete lack of character that created the arrogant, ill-mannered, and despicable excuse of a human being!

    • DOH! Says:

      That’s the sort of mentality he wants people to take and I figure that’s why he thinks he’ll win lawsuits. Being Caucasian, I have worked with and befriended many people of African American heritage, great God fearing folks with a heart of gold. Thompson has a very narcissistic personality, therefore he does nothing wrong and it’s always someone else’s fault. To him, since he’s perfect and all, we must not like him because of his skin color.

  8. Messy Says:

    Yes, sir!

    Our Mayor ain’t finished yet. He gonna fight until the end for what he wants. No body gonna arrest him for his actions. Untouchable and you know it!

    Leslie Thompson, our very own Honey Badger!

    What does ole Doug Stokes know? He lets them do like they please before …why he speaking up now? Who’s side he on anyway? Leslie pays him good so hop back on the gravy train….we still riding.

    See y’all, all is still good in Jonesboro….that’s what I am talking about!

    Sure hope the old movie theater gets fixed up….Leslie can give speeches there….on the stage….looking good!

    • AAA Says:

      Still on the Crack I see! I told you to get some HELP!!

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Hey messy, why don’t you grow a pair and let us know who you really are. You see my name at beginning of this blog; I am not afraid to let people know who I am and what I stand for. Your stance is indefensible so you hide. Come out of the closet, my boy. Otherwise we will continue to think of you as some dumb ass joke. Oh, wait! You are a dumb ass joke.

    • Cotton Says:

      Messy, Messy, Messy…You make me laugh!

  9. DOH! Says:

    One thing the mayor has accomplished is making Jonesboro AND most of Jackson Parish more physically coordinated since we all now can smack out foreheads with our palms and roll our eyes simultaneously!!!

  10. Bruc Says:

    Just how many lawsuits and appeals is the Town of Jonesboro on the hook to pay?

    When does the madness stop?

    The light is getting brighter….all will soon be out of the darkness.

    There will be enough action on Leslie’s part to out weigh the non action of the citizens of Jonesboro.

    Perhaps the appeal court’s opinion will be delivered soon.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    The Truth at Jonesboro website has the audio posted from last nights meeting….

    Not sure if you should eat first so you can stomach it or if eating first when there is a chance of throwing up….you decide

  12. Anonymous Says:

    to you ,the dumb sob the one who thinks he’s stupid because he’s black. you must be trailer trash to much breeding not enough reading

    • anonymous Says:

      well duh, there are a number of well qualified and experienced black community leaders who would do a good job as mayor. Hard for u to understand it’s not his color it’s his actions that is causing the problems. Maybe u upset that u chose to follow the “political gladiator” and true to form he continues to throw good money after bad instead of allowing the legal process play out as prescribed by law. I suppose that saying “it’s enough to make a preacher cuss” holds some truth.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    If you think they have seen and lost lawsuits, just you wait. There is one in the works right now that should end all of this. Just wait and see!

  14. sunrisesunset Says:

    Mayor Thompson = arrogance gone amuck!

    What a pitiful mayor. I am betting he is the laughing stock in our local and state news.

    I am trusting that his obnoxious behavior will have a bearing on the FA and State Attorney General so they will see what an egotistical, know-nothing maniac he is.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    the said part,,, he was voted in!!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Just looking back at the headline about the council meeting that was on this web site yesterday: “Jonesboro Alderman Meeting (to be) Largely Ceremonial.” Believe the word you should have used there, Walter, was the one that is used to describe the mayor: “Controversial.”

    • JustMe Says:

      Maybe I didn’t understand the Court’s ruling in the appointment of a Fiscal Administrator. I understood this to mean NO expenditures could be made (and I assumed NO contracts could be entered into with the promise of an expenditure be made) without the approval of the appointed Fiscal Administrator. Therefore, if I were legal Counsel being hired to defend Leslie’s position – I surely would be getting my money before I did any legal work / I don’t think they want to work for nothing – and that’s all ole Leslie is gonna pay them – nothin’.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    To JustMe: You understand it correctly. It is in plain black and white (no pun intended) for anybody to read: No. 3 in the court ruling. It is the mayor and some of the council members that either don’t understand it or just don’t want to accept it.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Mayor why do you keep saying the town is doing great–bills are paid everything is going great, then at the meeting Tuesday you said THE TOWN IS BROKE. I don’t think the truth is in you. You need prayer.

    • No name Says:

      I wonder if this indicates he ‘doesn’t know the truth from a hole in the ground’, or is he just a bald-faced liar? Either scenario should be cause for removal from office because of the damage he has done to the town and the hurt he has caused the people by being so divisive.

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