Ruston Elementary SPS Scores Continue Decline

The School Performance Scores (SPS) at Ruston Elementary have continued to decline through the 2011-2012 school year, according to data from the La Department of Education (DOE) that was obtained by The (Baton Rouge) Advocate newspaper.

An SPS score of 65.9 was projected for the school year 2011-2012, compared to 69.1 for the 2010-2011 school year.

The scores at Ruston Elementary have been in decline since the 2008-2009 school year, when the score was 84.1.

See here the school report card for the past several years.

In an effort to get out from under federal court supervision of the district, last May the Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB) voted to “pair” Ruston Elementary with Hillcrest Elementary. Children from both schools will attend grades K-2 at Hillcrest, and grades 3-5 will attend Ruston Elementary.


8 Responses to “Ruston Elementary SPS Scores Continue Decline”

  1. Jim Says:

    Tenure and Unions.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Not all tenured teachers are poor teachers! And you should be happy…… it is now, even the great tachers are no longered tenured. Lets see how much the governor’s plan improves education………all he is going is bankrupting it by funding vouchers to schools like NLW that teaches via video by uncertified teachers.

  3. Cowboy Says:

    Pairing a good school with a failing school will only result in the good school being dragged down to the level of the failing school – leaving us with two failing schools instead of one. From chemistry, mixing two of anything always results in a dilution of strength and never an increase in strength. Despite the constant propaganda of the progressive left, diversity is NOT a strength. Common values shared across the citizenry is the real strength of America. Stirring students from a good school into the mix at a bad school will not improve the bad school and vice versa.

    What is needed to improve school performance is the return of good old-fashioned corporal punishment and school administration not afraid to wield it! This is the argument no one wants to have about school performance. The student thugs have taken over the schools and intimidate the teachers. Discipline wielded properly will result in orderly students which will then translate into better test scores. You can’t test students into behaving. You have to use the rod!

    • WOW Says:

      Ditto on the need for discipline in schools again. You are wrong about diversity being a bad thing.

      • Cowboy Says:

        I didn’t say diversity was a bad thing. I did say that diversity is not the basis for America’s strength. Shared values of freedom, the ability to pursue one’s happiness, and a love of the country that makes all of this possible is our true strength. The progressive left’s celebration of diversity at the expense of shared values is balkanizing America into special interest groups. I love Jazz music, Chinese food, Italian sports cars, French wine, and German beer, but one can’t identify as an American if they never have to leave their ethnic enclave and deal with other Americans. Requiring that official government business be conducted in foreign languages allows ethnic groups to resist learning English and assimilating into America. Diversity is being pushed on us by the progressive liberals to create ethnic tensions they can exploit for votes. I heard all of the diversity-is-a-strength crap in grad school, but you still read an income statement the same way regardless of where you come from. Same is true of math, physics, engineering, and any other hard science. Humanities are another story, but then humanities degrees aren’t very much use for a pizza delivery driver anyway.

  4. Ed Webb Says:

    Guess when decline of education began?

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