Stringer Letter to Louisiana Attorney General

July 17, 2012

The Honorable James D. Caldwell
Louisiana Attorney General

Mr. Caldwell,

I wanted to thank you on behalf of the Town of Jonesboro for finally moving forward with the process of the appointment of a Fiscal Administrator to the Town of Jonesboro. I have sat in court these last two days and observed your staff and they have represented your office and our state professionally, with dignity and honor.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you two facts Mr. Caldwell, one being the fact that we all know by now that the Sheriff of Jackson Parish, Andy Brown completed an investigation based on the Compliance Audit that was conducted by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor, the evidence of his investigation was turned over to the District Attorney of the 2nd Judicial District-Mr. Jonathan Stewart. Mr. Stewart has promised on numerous occasions to recuse himself in order for yourself or your assistants to move forward with a Grand Jury review of the evidence in order to either indict or pass on this evidence. To date, July 17, 2012 that has never happened.

We now have another Financial Audit completed by an independent auditor that has more of the same issues that were found in the Compliance Audit coupled with the testimony of an employee, under oath, whose employment was terminated because she refused to do something contradictory to good government and ethical behavior. She approached the FBI, Mr. Stewart and Sheriff Andy Brown with this and additional information. To my understanding, the Troop F, Louisiana State Police conducted an investigation based on her information and provided that to Mr. Stewart as well.

Fact two, Mr. Caldwell, we all know there is an avenue by which you can move forward with the evidence at hand as the gentleman from the Louisiana District Attorney’s Association testified to that fact before the Louisiana Legislative Audit Committee over 1 year ago after I and others testified as to the issues that have plagued the Town of Jonesboro. We, the residents and taxpayers of the Town of Jonesboro, Jackson Parish and the State of Louisiana have waited very patiently for Mr. Stewart to act on the evidence, to put this to rest and give the people an answer, for better or worse, but we have nothing but the same non action promises.

Mr. Caldwell, we are asking for your assistance, we need help and most of all we need healing in our Town, and that can only come when the issues at hand are addressed so we can all move forward with trying to rebuild a Town that has been torn apart both financially and racially.

Will you please take this matter under advisement and help us try to restore the faith of the taxpaying citizens of the Parish, Town and State and bring hope to the hopeless situation we now face, the Town of Jonesboro, and appoint someone within your office to move forward and take over the duties necessary to move this case forward.

Thank you in advance and I do appreciate your review and hopefully your action in this matter.

I remain respectfully yours,

Ms. Renee Stringer
District B
Town of Jonesboro

38 Responses to “Stringer Letter to Louisiana Attorney General”

  1. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I would call this a very gutsy move on the part of Rene and I would expect results to flow forth in the very immediate future. Mr. Stewart, someone just rang your bell. I think you ought to respond in a positive fashion or else your lack of doing your duty might jeopardize your pension. Can you hear me now?

  2. Neighbor Says:

    Sing it, sister!!!

  3. JustMe Says:

    Hey now – I like this verse to the song. Maybe we all should write dear ole Atty General. After all, he represents ALL of us, doesn’t he?Thank you Renee for your undying loyalty to our town.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I also tell you THANKS FOR YOUR LOYALTY TO THE PEOPLE IN YOUR DISTRICT…….you have went above and beyond your duties as a respresentative for District B THANKS AGAIN

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you! If you need any help with anything, I’m sure there are willing people that would be glad to help you with anything you might need.

  6. What a joke Says:

    Just to be on the safe side, we should elect a new DA next time around. Preferably one who prosecutes criminals, rather than protect them because they’re political buddies.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    People have talked about recalling leslie, I think we should start a recall on stewart. I believe without a doubt he would be recalled. (did you notice that I didn’t capitalize their names, that’s because I have no respect for either!)

  8. ohmy Says:

    Renee has been standing up for jtown for sometime now. Since the “new council” was elected and started rubber stamping all the mayor’s outlandish antics she has been standing alone. She has endured sarcastic remarks, eye rolls, heavy sighs and snickers as she ask real and pertinent questions during council meetings. Nerves of steel, cool as can be, able to deflect the stink eye with a head nod, that’s Renee. Rock on….

    • Anonymous Says:

      As a believer, Renee has sought strength from God.

      Bless you, Renee…..thanks, too!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    That is not the only rubber stamping going on in Jackson Parish someone better hope the new members of the jury and rec brd. are watching this dept very close .There is a lot of funny CASH bus. going on out there. OPEN YOUR EYES .Its the TAXPAYERS thats are footing the BILL. PLEASE

    • Anonymous Says:

      Which department?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Well, perhaps an audit will occur soon and expose the funny cash business you speak of….

      I have heard the truck belonging to the rec board has been seen at La Tech….whose is attending school and taking a parish owned truck?

      If the local government is handing out automobiles and gas cards, I want to get in that line….

      • Bob Says:

        Well, perhaps all the officials that have used Government subsidized vehicles should pony up, from Parish wide to local….you might just be surprised if you were to look at mileage reimbursements, etc. If you are going to rattle the cage, be ready to deal with all the bones that come forth.

  10. hmmm Says:

    Let’s hope that this letter brings something; though, I know others have been written and sent and nothing came of them so I am not holding my breath.

  11. sunrisesunset Says:

    Renee, we know you will ALWAYS stand by your principles….never wavering in your determination in helping the TJ.

    Even though I am not a resident of the TJ, it is easily seen and understood from the VERY positive blogs we read, that you would, indeed, make one fine mayor……never deviating or making up your own rules as the present esteemed one has done for the past few years…….or, maybe ever since he has been in office. But, adhering to the laws that are set forth……that describes you in a nutshell.

    Keep up your good work as you attempt to restore honor and integrity to the TJ City Hall. Hopefully, it will come to fruition.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    See they are having “church” again today (Sunday @ 1 p.m.) All the parking spaces are taken. Pretty good idea about what is being discussed. Don’t suppose any of you were invited to attend? Could it be about Town business, a possible violation of the open meetings law?>

    • Bruce Wayne Says:

      Go and make photos please…..this needs to be documented and then rent charged for the meeting space being used.

      The cost of the utilities should not be borne by the public.

      Or better yet, walk on in there and see in person what is being discussed.

      If they stop talking when you enter, it is a good sign the discussion was about you.

      Is the Rev Dill, chief right hand man to the mayor, having church there and passing a collection plate????

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Couldn’t be that. The Town doesn’t have any business to be conducted anymore, it is all being taken care of by the FA.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe it is the Fiscal Administrator meeting with the Town officials.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Nothing new about that. They meet at the Town Hall every Sunday, and have been for about a month.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Who cares what it is? Nothing they can do now, their wings have been clipped.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    The FA needs to take the keys away! Nobody should be there on Sunday!

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      You are exactly right. An entity that cannot conduct their business within normal working hrs. and days is, in all likihood, up to no good.

      I agree with another blogger, someone should just walk in on them and see what happens. Are the doors locked? Anyone know?

  18. sunrisesunset Says:

    Ooppps! Make that “all likelihood”. Fingers working too fast on keyboard.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    i found out from someone who use to work there,not going to mention any names,but they said that the so called rev dill.who isnt a ordained minister is haveing church at city hall every sunday and has been for the last two guess what jonesboro tax payers you are paying for all this so what do you have to say about this now?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Really? He is not advertising this meeting on his website. Seems if this was true he would post that information on his website to gather followers.

      How you know he is not ordained? Maybe he is ordained by God to be a minister?

      How would you know he is not paying rent to hold his meetings?

      Maybe it is part of his compensation plan that the Mayor provides him for working all the time for the Mayor?

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like a much better use for the Town Hall than what it has been used for in the past six years. Don’t see any real problem as long as Rev. Dill doesn’t get the town and “racial” business into church worship. That is not the proper forum for such subjects, although we know it has been done in the past.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t really care what they do at the Town Hall on Sundays. It is what they do there the rest of the week that concerns me.

    • Brent Says:

      If they are using the town building and not paying rental on it, yes that does matter, once again, using taxpayers nickel for themselves.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    I looked on The Rev David J Dill’s website The Fount to see if it mentions the location of his preaching.

    It is not on there….maybe they are planting a church for him in Jonesboro.

    Rev Dill for Mayor!!!

  23. Anonymous Says:

    If a vendor was “accidently” paid for work not performed, is this a crime?

    Would an auditor be able to determine this had occured?

    For example, a “invoice” was rubber stamped to be paid and was paid and then it was determined a “mistake” was made and it was intended to be just a “quote” that was submitted on an invoice… slight accident and oversight.

    Some local vendors/contractors in Jackson Parish sure seem to be “working” a lot for the local government.

    Are the different divisions/departments of the Police Jury audited?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yes that is wrong. Just like paying an employee when they didn’t work, but paid themselves anyway. Just like paying holiday pay when they are not entitled to it.

    • Bruce Wayne Says:

      If you think there are financial wrong doings with any of the public commissions or boards, please ask for the current audits for review.

      The public information is available.

      It is time for the good folks of Jackson Parish to take an active role.

      Stop the politics or corruption or greed that has been allowed in the past.

      Document what you find and shine the light on the wrong doings.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry, but I don’t think church is what is being held in Town Hall on Sundays.

    • Play it again Sam! Says:

      no different from the Non Council meetings held there once and sometimes 2 x per month. Same song, just different singers and playas.

  25. AAA Says:

    TWO THUMBS UP Ms. Renee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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