Over $1/2 Million in Lincoln Parish Jail Repairs Needed, Report Claims

There was good news and bad news at yesterday’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Detention Center Commission. That body consists of Lincoln Parish Sheriff Mike Stone, Third Judicial District Attorney Bob Levy, Ruston Police Chief Steve Rogers, and Lincoln Parish Police Jurors Theresa Wyatt and Joe Henderson. The group is responsible for governance of the Lincoln Parish Detention Center.

Bad News

The bad news is that nearly $1/2 million in priority repairs, and another $200 thousand in other repairs are needed at the detention center, according to a report presented by warden Zack Crooks.

See here the report.

The priority repairs include new doors, locks, and associated controls; intercom and paging system replacement; and fire alarm system upgrades. The other items include air conditioning/heating controls, kitchen dishwasher, and laundry equipment. The State Fire Marshall is pressing for the alarm and door improvements, according to Crooks.

Said Crooks, “The Fire Marshall dictates what he wants to see. We take him to where he wants to go.”

Crooks also reported that of yesterday, 186 detainees were at the Lincoln jail, 16 were at Claiborne Parish Detention Center, and 112 at the Jackson Parish Detention Center.

Good News

The good news is that for so far this fiscal year, expenditures for the center are running under budget, while revenues are about on budget, according to police jury treasurer Bobby Gray.

See here the document.

The budget adopted at the end of last year covering the fiscal (and calendar) year 2012 called for expenditures of about $2.6 million. As of July 25, about $1 million has been spent, or about 39%.

Revenues were projected to be about $2.1 million for the year, and as of the 7/25 date, about $860 thousand had been collected. However, Gray noted that July sales tax collections had not been distributed and that when those monies come in, the revenues should be close to projections.

Said Gray, “If it goes according to what has been averaging, the revenue/expenditures would be virtually even to this point.”

Gray cautioned that the line item for housing adult prisoners, while under budget for the first quarter of the year, had been trending upward during the second quarter and may outpace revenues.


During the discussion of reports, Stone said he wanted to commission a study of the jail’s operation, and that he would fund that study from his budget. Stone also allowed that he would consider taking over operation of the detention center, which is being staffed and operated by LaSalle Corrections. It is unclear how LaSalle’s contract, which is in force until 2018, could be terminated.

LaSalle is paid $29.54/day per inmate housed at the Lincoln jail.

Said Stone, “I would like to entertain a study – that the sheriff’s office would pay the entire study, I think we could do the study cheaper in house… This study will include the entire operation of the Lincoln Parish Detention Center.” He added, “It would include the option of the Sheriff taking the detention center back.”

Of note was the large contingent of police jurors at the meeting. Besides the two jury commission members, also there were Sharyon Mayfield, Skip Russell, Bobby Bennett, Ronnie Walker, Hazel Hunter, David Hammons, and Nancy Wilson. Several participated in the discussion, peppering the chairman (Stone) with questions during the 48 minute meeting.

6 Responses to “Over $1/2 Million in Lincoln Parish Jail Repairs Needed, Report Claims”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    At face value, unless the meeting was advertised, it would seem to violate the open meeting law which indicates that it involves any meeting which is more than chance or casual and at which information is communicated…participating with questions sounds like information being communicated…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry…I was referring to the number of jurors present…did it constitute a quorum?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Why is medical insurance five times the combination of wages and salaries?

  4. MrEd Says:

    Are you sure that’s not for the medical care of the prisoners?After all, the Parish is responsible for this, and there are lots more prisoners than guards/employees.

  5. MrEd Says:

    Are you sure that’s not for the medical care of the prisoners?After all, the Parish is responsible for this, and there are lots more prisoners than guards/employees. Also, most of the employees there work for the management co. LaSalle not directly for the parish.
    Still, I have to study the budget more. Stay tuned…

  6. GothicArc Says:

    don’t understand why the laundry equipment is not working. This is something I know about. Commercial equipment is designed to be repaired and as long as you can get parts it has a very long life. should be repaired rather than replaced, most probaby. Huebsch is about the best, too.

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