William Ryder Appointed as Town of Jonesboro Fiscal Administrator

William Ryder, of Pollock, LA, a former Administrative Audit Manager with the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA) was this morning appointed Fiscal Administrator for the Town of Jonesboro, according to a judgement handed down by Second Judicial (Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson parishes) District Court Division B Judge Jimmy Teat.

See here the judgement.

Among the terms of the judgement:

  • No indebtedness or obligation will be incurred by the Town of Jonesboro without the written approval of the fiscal administrator;
  • No expenditures will be made without the written approval of the fiscal administrator;
  • The Town of Jonesboro shall furnish the fiscal administrator all information required by law and such additional information requested by the fiscal administrator;

Also, Teat released his Reasons for Judgement in a separate filing.

See here the document.


118 Responses to “William Ryder Appointed as Town of Jonesboro Fiscal Administrator”

  1. oh lord Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    fat cat says: AMEN!!!!!!

  3. JustMe Says:

    Gonna be a “long road home” still with LOTS of hard times ahead for the Tiwn to survive, but at least we’ve got someone who’s trained to help. Thank you Judge Teat!!!! It’s about time.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hallelujah!!!! After reading this……..I assume that the only thing Leslie has the power to do is to sit in his office? I understand that neither he nor any employee can even buy gas for town vehicles w/o approval of the FA! God be with the FA…….he has a tough job ahead of him straightening this mess out! I would love to be a fly on the wall in city hall and see the looks on the faces of CTIC and his cronies when they realize that their gravy train just crashed!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Thank you, Jesus! Sounds like we having church up in here! Ready for the Justice Train to pull into the station!!

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      I am wondering if that “Town” vehicle will be parked at City Hall at the end of each work day; or, will ol’ Les take it home with him.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    “The wheels of justice grind slowly, but exceedingly fine.” = Anonymous (not me, but I endorse it!)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    heard he ruled against leslie on the david roberts thing too.
    so that means david is still the fire chief, move over mark.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    What does that make Leslie and his lawyers in court cases now — 0 for 12?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Look at Item No.8: “If warranted, the fiscal administrator may furnish an amended budget for all funds for the 2011-2012 fiscal year and following fiscal years.” That means he can renew the police department, reinstate the town taking care of the cemetery, and all the other controversial things this mayor and council have done, and can even adjust the mayor’s salary to be more in line with similar towns. .

    • The Jet Says:

      That’s interesting. I was initially worried that the fiscal administrator would be more of a “passive” role than “active” role, that he could review and reject things but was only a grader/ final arbiter more than anything.

      This, on the other hand, makes it sound like he can seize total control of the budgetary process and completely cut the mayor and the BoA out of any fiscal decision making. He can tear their budget up, put forward his own, and shove it down their throat and there is NOTHING they can do about it. Is that correct?

      If so, Bill Ryder just became dictator of Jonesboro. With absolute power. Amazing.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Mr. Ryder still answers to the state.

      • sunrisesunset Says:

        Mr. Ryder will NOT be a dictator/ruler for the TJ. Only the esteemed one can claim that title. Ryder’s job will be to bring the town from out of the abyss. He can do it without being a dictator/ruler and he will. I have faith in him.

  9. booya Says:

    And terminate whomever…looks like Dill may be in a pickle.

  10. Augusta Duffer Says:

    I love that Mr. Ryder’s resume’ shows he is an expert marksman and military man. Poor little A1 is not going to know what to do.

    Anyone for an over/under on how soon Leslie’s salary gets reduced and his car gets taken away?

  11. oh lord Says:

    I am anxious to watch the local news tonight. I need a good laugh if they interview the “Honorable Mayor Thompson!”

  12. Anonymous Says:

    i’ll bet anyone on here that knoe doesn’t report this at all!

  13. ohmy Says:

    Spin it like a top mayor the facts trumped the spin you spun. Thank you Mr. Att. General for sending capable attorneys, Ms, Houston and Mr. Jonald for stating the truth of the matter. Thank you Judge Teat for following rule of law and ignoring the rhetoric. Now jboro has a chance to get back on track and become a little town we can be proud to call home. If anyone wants to preach hate talk, we ain’t buying, go try to sell it somewhere else.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Who’s “messy” now?

    • Messy Says:

      Like I have always said “All is good in Jonesboro”

      • Down Town in Jonesboro Says:

        Methy, like I have always said, you are a freaking idiot. Check your meth pot; it’s about ready.

        • The Jet Says:

          I think messy is pulling ya’lls leg guys. He or she is a sarcasm troll. Just my interpretation.

          • Down Town in Jonesboro Says:

            I’ve always thought that “Messy” might be a losing mayorial candidate from a few years back. I have responded to his rants to see what I could provoke. “All ain’t good in Jonesboro” but perhaps there are better times on the horizon now that we have this fiscal administrator. “Methy, are you listening?”

          • sunrisesunset Says:

            I think Messy is not who he claims to be. I think he/she is really against the mayor, but is doing his crazy rants to irritate or try and confuse the bloggers.

            We have caught on to him, I do believe, because he is the ONLY one that rants in favor of the mayor the way he does. No one else, only Messy, out of these many bloggers, proclaim what he writes.
            So, why would HE stand alone? It’s a prank with Messy.

  15. Come on Over Says:

    Now Mr. Stewart, how about you do your job? This is the very first step in the right direction, but alleged crime needs to be dealt with too.

    • What a joke Says:

      He’ll never do it. We need desperately need a new DA, a competent one who will prosecute criminals, not harbor them.

    • Down Town in Jonesboro Says:

      Stewart will never do his job or the correct thing (resign). I call him “no balls at all.” He just wants his oversized pay check and his retirement (that we will pay for).

      • What a joke Says:

        It’s so sad that a good man like Darrell Avery who would have been a great DA lost because Jonathan paid off Leslie so he could sit in office, draw a check, and protect his political allies.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    See Mr. Ryder has taken courses in Louisiana Professional Ethics. Don’t you know he is going to have a “ball” here after attending a Town Council meeting (if in fact they have one?).

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Daayyng Jason……

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Is the fat lady singing at the mayor’s house …. and are we paying for her?

  19. Anonymous Says:

    is the fat lady singing at the mayor’s house … and are we paying for her?

    • Tuning Up Says:

      Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do…..sing, sing sing. ,-)

    • Anonymous Says:

      Well, we know the mayor won’t be singing “There’s a Great
      Day Coming” anymore.

      He probably will not sleep well for a VERY long time since His control of the town’s finances has ended and he has to report to the Financial Officer.

      Two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar, all for Judge Teat stand up and holler.

      Oh, I forgot one widdie biddie question. Simmons where are you? We need to hear from you on this great news.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    To keep the books balanced, that $100 an hour or so for the fiscal administrator is going to have to come out of something that the present mayor and council has approved. Who wants to guess where it will come from?

  21. Satisfied Says:

    Looks like all those raises (Mr. Dill) will be going out the door!! No town police but he gets a raise? I am happy that Jonesboro is on a road to recovery!!!

    • anonymous Says:

      Don’t count your chickens before they hatch……just saying, nothing has transpired yet, don’t expect the man to come here with a huge broom and sweep the place clean, it will take time to make changes, some will be very popular, some will be unpopular but as long as the end justifies the means, we should all be very grateful for help.
      The people that have helped grow this problem by defending and making excuses should be the very first ones to leave, but they are elected as well, so it will just take time. Be encouraged, every journey begins with the first step. We took a leap in the right direction today.!

      • ok Says:

        Well, effective today the town is on lock-down from spending. I assume if the mayor violates that it is a crime and he can be arrested. So, I am not counting my chickens; but, I am most certainly preparing them a nice cozy bed to sleep in.

        • anonymous Says:

          “can” be arrested, but who will prosecute? It all goes back to the same thing…..prosecution and the most evident lack thereof.

        • What a joke Says:

          Again, we need a new DA. Jonathan Stewart obviously only wants to draw a check, just like Leslie. If he was doing his job, the town wouldn’t have come to this.

  22. Just pondering Says:

    How’s he gonna appeal this if he can pay his attorney? Maybe she’ll do it for freeeeeeee.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Leslie is going to say this is all a mistake and when the FA gets here he will find everything is in proper order and all is well in Jobo

  24. Anonymous Says:

    There was short coverage of this story on statiions KTVE and KALB, with a few photos of Thompson and the Town Council. Both said the entire court ruling was available on their websites.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Well, the legal representatives certainly cannot be paid from Town funds beginning today unless the fiscal administrator approves it.

  26. Bruce Wayne Says:

    Wonder what the Rev Dill will post now….how is the political gladiator now?

    Leslie refers to himself as a political gladiator…a fighter…

    Stop fighting….just resign….

    Rev Dill …..your job will be gone shortly so go ahead and resign, too. Find another source to support you.

    Mayor Thompson…..the town’s auto you have freely driven as a personal car can be sold as surplus….the mayor does not have to be provided a car …Maybe you can purchase it from the town

    Remember, Certificates of Deposits are NOT revenue….to balance the budget, expenses (thing that cost money) can not exceed the revenue (this is money being paid to the town)…just some simple account guidelines…..

  27. the truth Says:

    Teat was drunk when he made this ruleing .that still can’t stop thompson because he gone win election again. We going 4 a 3 peat like the bulls when they had mj. Ray charles can c that teat hates thompson. We the black community called the ruleing before it even happen, but the lawyer has appeal it already so c what the higher court has to say. That’s ashame the only time you guys pray is for something bad to happen to thompson. Y ain’t no one talking about gary nunn and what he did I guess that’s swept under the rug cause he a cocasion,but u drag an african american thru the mud and we still come out clean. Why walter wouldn’t post the video of carla roberts useing the n word on his site. Tell me that

    • hmmm Says:

      You can go for a three peat with three council members (maybe four) getting charged with malfeasance and going to jail with your leader. It’s not all about stopping Thompson. He stopped himself when he started making horrible decisions about the town’s finances.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Why didn’t Dill release the other tape to the media. The tape which shows what went on in the parking lot after the meeting. C. Roberts really cut loose out there but so did councilman Cottenham. Where’s that tape Dill? Ms.Roberts was not right in what she did but Cottenham didn’t have to join in. It’s hard to continue a one person rant, but two can go on forever. If Dill is going to show the “ugly truth” ,then he needs to show it all and not edit what he does’nt want the public to see.

      • anonymous Says:

        That is not the only thing that is edited to show a particular side, just wait until the (rest) of the story comes out, and it ain’t a video either. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

      • sunrisesunset Says:

        That is right. Do I smell “racism here” by withholding evidence?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Are you drunk or high when you posted this? Or just so uneducated?

      If this is the best you can do, check out an adult education class. You are never to old to improve and learn new communication skills.

      “We the black people” .. you are not speaking for all black people. .

      Clara Roberts represents only herself…..She does not represent me or anyone else in that meeting.

      You have no clue when anyone prays. I do recommend you become a prayerful person…..in doing so, the hate you speak of toward white folks will fade over time and cease.

      What is a “cocasion”? The red line under a word means it is misspelled.

      Perhaps your illness is affecting your ability to communicate.

      Folks live a lot longer today with your illness than they did 20 years ago….did you contract it in Jonesboro? It is an illness that a lot of guys like you contract and share with others.

      I am sincerely sorry for your health and the ugliness in your heart.
      I am praying for you!

    • anonymous Says:

      You are part of the problem, obviously not part of the solution. Do you not understand you are to give respect to get respect. There is a lot of anger and hate in your heart as witnessed by your rantings.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Wrong again…my heart has no hate…you are assuming and we all know what that makes you.

        Respect is EARNED

        Learning how to earn respect can be a key to a happy and successful life. Some people command respect naturally by virtue of their position, rank or standing. I believe that respect is not genuine unless it is earned.

        Learning how to earn respect depends on the situation. Some earn respect in certain situation.

        To be respected, a person must be held in high regard for one reason or another.

        Those who earn respect, however, generally do not receive this esteem without doing something to gain it. Earning respect is typically based on a person’s own abilities, such as a personality trait, characteristic, an action or series of actions.

        Mayor Thompson nor his follows have displayed any abilities to earn my respect….enough said!

    • Anonymous Says:

      We the black community? Mr. And/or Mrs. You do not speak for the “Black Community” as you say because you most certainly do NOT speak for me. I have lived in my same house, in the Booker T. For over 50 years an I say anything that gets our police department back and gets our town headed back on track is a great thing. That is one of the biggest problems our community is facing, people dont find out information for themselves they just hear an opinion an run with it. Get out an do your research young people. Read an listen dont be influenced by others.

      • sunrisesunset Says:

        Thank you. I am glad to see by your blog that you have “common sense”. Something that “The Truth” does not seem to have.

    • anonymous Says:

      “the truth” you have not “come out clean” your troubles have only just begun. Due to the DA’s failure to do his job a large number of cases have not been brought to the grand jury or duly prosecuted. You have not yet been judged by a jury of your peers in a court of law. Nunn’s case was brought to the grand jury and no true bill was returned. Ask the paralegal mayor to explain that to you. Judge Teat’s ruling is based on expert testimony of auditor with years of experience, an accountant with a degree and a CPA with a degree and experience and the law. You have been blindly following some bad advice. Appears you will now have to pay out of your own pocket for an attorney. By the way you are not the spokeman for the black community, there is a lot of unrest in the community due to the mayor and “his council’s” actions.

    • Outside the town looking in Says:

      Nunn did not take money from the town of jonesboro

  28. Big Picture Says:

    You can rest assured that the new Fiscal Admin has reviewed the last 4 Audits, if he is astute as his credentials portray, he knows more about the TOJ than anyone blogging on this page. My question is this, Is this another way to keep from prosecuting the alleged crimes that have taken place and continue to take place? Is this another baby sitter/tutor service to keep from enforcing the law? I think it’s a wonderful day to know that the money won’t just march out the door through various avenues, but will there ever be prosecution? I do believe this will relieve the people’s minds just enough to take the burden off the District Attorney and Attorney General. This is just a (fix) for part of the problem. The rest of the issue needs to be addressed as well. The taxpayer deserves it.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Perhaps the FA can request duplicates of the missing receipts…. the auditors can not do that …and show the spending of Town money on personal items for the Mayor.

      Maybe the Mayor will repay it just like the Councilman did that cashed his lost check…..ooops….too late….gray bar hotel room please.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Cashed a “lost check”. Now who is that stupid to think they were gonna get away with that?

        • Anonymous Says:

          The town councilman…he got a replacement check..then cashed the lost on at Jody’s…then paid it back a few days later after the bank returned the check to Jody’s….stop payment on it sent it back to Jody’s….

          As he says “Just made a mistake…then fixed my mistake”…

          Actions seem a little off to me…was this a crime?

          • anonymous Says:

            u mean the councilman who wants to be forgiven for his mistake but is not forgiving of others for theirs? yeah, the old double standard at play.

          • Justice Says:

            Yes it is a crime, that is public money……..and all the parties involved should face the penalty for that, but you have a Deputy Clerk that was arrested and nothing has been done with that matter yet, so how can you expect anything with this?

  29. Anonymous Says:

    See in today’s News-Star that the town lawyer calls the judgment a “racial and political takeover.” Isn’t this contempt of court? Of course, she is right in one respect. There has been a racial and political takeover of Jonesboro, it happened about a year and a half ago.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      I thought it was longer than that. Didn’t it begin when the esteemed one took office? Or, shortly thereafter?

      Just overlook what the town’s attorney proclaims. She is prejudiced as well. Let her rant and rave. She will not get anywhere.

      And we, the public did not create this mess. It was brought to fruition by ol’ Les himself. If he had any sense, the TJ would not be in this situation.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The race card has become such a knee-jerk, lame excuse … I’m so sick of it. They can’t come up with something (anything) more original than that — really? I think the state of the local affairs speaks for itself. Turn out the lights … the party’s over …

  30. Anonymous Says:

    anonymous says: since we have a fiscal administrater, why do we need a mayor?

    • Messy Says:

      The FA is not a permanent position. His job is to get the town on track, then he has met his requirements and the mayor is back in the saddle. Why all the celebrating because of the FA. It is all good in Jonesboro, very very good. The mayor will be back at the helm in six months, maybe less. Hooray for Les!

      • Down in Jonesboro Says:

        Methy, I thought you said “all is good in Jonesboro” so why is it necessary for the FA to “get the town on track?” The more you speak, the clearer it becomes that you are a freaking idiot who understands nothing. Hey, someone is messing with your meth lab. Better go check it out! And I ask, are you good with numbers because Good ol’ Les is gonna have one sooner than you think. You know, inmate 4583891 or something like that.

  31. hmmm Says:

    If it were a racial issue, wouldn’t the CPA from down south have returned a perfect audit? Wouldn’t he have stated “I can’t understand why there have been 3 no opinion audits–this has definitely been racist!”? Wouldn’t he have stood arm and arm with the Mayor denouncing the ugly racists that caused the 3 prior no opinion audits?

    He didn’t. He stated plainly on the stand that ANY prudent CPA would have justifiable reason to believe the town didn’t have sufficient revenues to pay its bills. The Mayor, attorney, and clerk point to the CDs as the means to pay. But, all admitted that CDs are NOT revenue. So what is so hard to understand? If you use CDs and not revenue to pay bills it is obvious you lack revenue.

    • Anonymous Says:

      They know it has nothing to do with race, but that is all they know to do.In his interview for that garbage site he said white an blacks are racist against him.

      The judge is racist, white folk racist, black folk racist, the sheriff racist, the chief racist, the state racist, my desk racist, that chair racist, this pen racist!!!! Shut up Les and grow some nuts act like a man and admit you messed up. You cant play the race card anymore.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Well ole Les got his two seconds on channel 10. He says he will abide by the court order, but is going to appeal. Hope the new fiscal admin. don’t let him charge attorney fees to the town!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    The mayor needs to give up the car so the fiscal admin. can use it to do his job. It would help the town without having to pay for possible maintenance on his personal vehicle. After all that car belongs to the town, not dear ole Les!

    • anonymous Says:

      It makes perfect sense to take the A-1 and place a PERMANENT decal on the door and restrict it to the use of the FA.

  34. anonymous Says:

    i hope mr. ryder hires Ms houston to help him straighten out the records. she is a accountant and knows how they been operating,

    • About Face Says:

      why would she even lower herself to go back to that den of thieves. She is a respectable accountant, that has more integrity in her little toe than that entire group combined. She has more opportunities ahead of her than to revert to a group that will just follow the leader until the leader is dismissed and then it will revert back to it’s old ways. No, she should march on……..to something better.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Let him file his appeal. Maybe by the time it ever makes it back to court the FA would have found out where all the money went. Remember the mayor filed appeal on the suit with Essemeir and it still hasn’t made it to court yet. It doesn’t happen overnight Les, so get ready to watch and wait!

    • hmmm Says:

      They don’t want that appeal to make it to court so I am sure they are dragging it out as long as possible. This one I would think they would want their shot at sooner than later so they will be begging to get a date.

      • just pondering Says:

        I think this appeal has to be filed in 7 days maybe 10 and the court has to hear it within 24 hrs. I heard this. I hope it’s right. Maybe Walter can clear this up.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    hey thompson i have a question for you i know you read this.i was my way to church this past sunday drove by city hall.your car was there along with a white car that had out of state tags and it was backed up right in front of the fron door with its trunk up! yall where loading box,s in the trunk so my question is mr.thompson what where you and the other guy loading up in the car?

    • messy Says:

      Why did you not stop and ask to lend a helping hand?

      Did you make a picture with your cell phone?

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      If this is true, why don’t you take this information and relay it to the new FA? He needs to know about it.

    • No name Says:

      Since Thompson has done away with the police department, why didn’t you call the sheriff or someone with the authority to investigate what Thompson was removing? I wouldn’t think he had the authority to remove anything until after the FA has had an opportunity to go over all the material in the mayor’s office. If Thompson has removed or destroyed evidence and it can be proven, he will not be the Mayor of Jonesboro very long. Perhaps he can run for some office in prison…maybe he could work himself up to be a trustee, but I doubt if anyone in prison would trust him enough to vote for him. Hopefully, the people in Jonesboro who voted for him realize now just how incompetent and dishonest he is. Anyone who plays the “race card” is the bigot and dishonest person now. Racism should be a thing of the past, but some people are intent upon using it in an attempt to get something for nothing.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        He might not have had the authority to remove anything from Town Hall but maybe a bit of sense came to the fore and he realized that he had better do something fast or his misdeeds might be discovered. Like a thief in the night, the CTIC goes about his “clean up.”

    • peppa pig Says:

      Wonder if the out-of state license plate was Oklahoma????

    • messy Says:

      You just starting a rumor…..you have no proof that anything was being removed.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Rumors? Isn’t that what you thrive on? I mean, all you have been saying is “all is well in Joneboro.” Well, it ain’t, SFB!

  37. oh lord Says:

    UH OH! Leslie destroying evidence? I would NOT be surprised.

  38. oh lord Says:

    By the way, Mr. Abbott will you be reporting when the Mayor and Council Members go to court in Shreveport? I would LOVE to be the fly on that court room wall.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    I hear tomorrow is payday for the town workers. Wonder if they will get paid tomorrow, since the FA hasn’t started to work yet.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    One of the objections that the Town had against having a fiscal administrator was supposed to be the $100 an hour cost. Yet they just got through paying about that amount to a person who apparently accomplished little or nothing over a long period of time. At least we can expect to get some sound financial actions from someone as experienced as the one being sent here.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Two questions Mr. Abbott. Is the Fiscal Administrator on site now? Will the Town be responsible for the lawyer’s fees if they appeal the judgment? Thank you.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    The FA gave the green light for payroll but apparently put the brakes on the little meeting/convention that the mayor and all the council were going to.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like a good start.

  44. Me Says:

    Looks like ol les and his followers (fire chief and council ) might be a little nervous

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Doesn’t really matter whether “all” the council members were going or not. The fact is that none of them will be going to any meetings for a while unless the FA authorizes
    it or they pay their own way. The meetings don’t seem to be accomplishing anything anyway except letting them have a good time and eat good meals at taxpayers’ expense.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    The purpose of these seminars are to help town officials become better public servants, not the other way around. These officials have been going to meetings for a year and a half, and apparently have not learned a thing about that.
    This appears to be two good decisions by the new PA, and that is more than this mayor and town council have made in 18 months.

    • Anonymous Says:

      They didn’t go to learn. They went to party and eat expensive meals for the taxpayers to foot the bill!

      • No name Says:

        I agree with you, and when they read these comments, they will probably call us racists. However, they are like leeches…sucking the blood (money) from taxpayers while they do nothing to earn it!

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Whatever happened to the “Mule” the jackass mayor bought?

    • Cowgirl Says:

      It is being used to reach the out areas of the town. The parts of town where no roads have been built to reach.

      I have been search for these areas but they are so well hidden, I can not find them.

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