The Latest Beer Commercial…

8 Responses to “The Latest Beer Commercial…”

  1. Mayberry Live Says:

    Shazam, wonder what Barney will tell Andy? Aunt Bee gonna get real mad bout that that double x beverage.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Your blog brings up a very good point about how some of our citizens act when they go to the big city. Recently, Goober Brain and his son went to Shreveport and when they passed an adult movie theater that was advertising a XXX show, the son said, “Look, Dad. They have your name in lights!”

  2. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Not in good taste. We have a citizen (David Brown) that is in the hospital because of this senseless act of violence. Think of him and his family. It’s not Aurora, Colorado but with a shot being fired it could have been just as bad for our town. Think of the idiots that did this bad act and how they must be thinking “We got away with it!” Arrest and justice is what I want.

    • Gene S. Says:

      Think of the idiots that did this bad act and how they must be thinking “We got away with it!” Think of all the other acts that have been allowed to continue….and they too smile, lean back in their chairs and say “We got away with it!”.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Very good point. The ones responsible for the parts house robbery are not the only crooks getting away with it.

  4. oh lord Says:

    I don’t think it is in that bad of taste. Just trying to make light of a bad situation. I am sure if Mr. Brown, “God forgive,” had gotten killed he would not have posted that.

  5. Wombat413 Says:

    Just letting everyone know. Even Mrs. Judy, Mr. David’s wife shared this photo on Facebook. So apparently, they found some humor in it too. So chill.

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