State Files Post-Trial Memo in State v Jonesboro

The State of Louisiana late Friday filed a Post-Trial Memorandum in the matter of State of Louisiana v Town of Jonesboro.

See here the document.

Post-Trial Memorandum

9 Responses to “State Files Post-Trial Memo in State v Jonesboro”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Now that is how to write a post trial memorandum. It clearly states that the town is in serious trouble. Please Judge Teat the town citizens need your help in this matter more than ever. Please take the mayors checkbook away before the town has to go bankrupt!

  2. JustMe Says:

    ..and, please Judge Teat – do this today for the citizens who live in Jonesboro please, please, please!

  3. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    After reading the entire document, I get the feeling that Good Ol’ Les is on his last leg and having difficulty learning the Jonesboro One-step. For the life of me I can see no way that Judge Teat can rule except for the state. I say lock the SOB out of town hall and go over the place with a fine tooth comb, gathering evidence of wrong doing and let the fiscal administrator correct what is wrong and make that information available to the public. Les? Did you ever served in the military because I hear Taps!

  4. citizen Says:

    When will a ruling be made? Certainly based on the above mentioned document it will be a Fiscal Administrator appointed soon.

    • JustMe Says:

      I’ve been waiting all day to hear news. I can’t believe a ruling wasn’t handEd down today.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Mr. Abbott do you know how long this should take?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Weather we like Les or not (which I dont!!!) Everyone gets there due process. I would be certain it will be ruled on before the end of the week.

  6. Batman Says:

    Certainly a difference in the writing style of each Post Trail Memo.

    Hello Mayor Thompson, Dr. Simmons, Rev. Dill, Mr. Cottonham & Mr. Flowers, Mr. Lampkin & Ms. Mason…..CD’s are NOT REVENUE!!! The interest earned, however, does become revenue.

    Cashing in and spending the CD’s to maintain the spending habits of the UNWISE is not wise.

    The budget needs to be reduced starting with the Mayor’s salary and then with laying off the unnecessary staff.

    Park the automobile….limit use to only town business.

    Turn off the cell phones.

    Stop using the town hall for functions UNLESS rented!

    Stop using town equipment and employees to work at Caney Lake.

    This list goes on and on ….

  7. Anonymous Says:

    hey thompson i have a question for you i know you read this.i was my way to church this past sunday drove by city hall.your car was there along with a white car that had out of state tags and it was backed up right in front of the fron door with its trunk up! yall where loading box,s in the trunk so my question is mr.thompson what where you and the other guy loading up in the car?

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