AG Suit to Appoint ToJ Fiscal Administrator Filed

A suit was filed today in Second Judicial (Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson parishes) District Court in Jonesboro by the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office (AG) requesting that the court appoint a Fiscal Administrator for the town.

See here the document.

In the suit, the AG wrote:

The deficiencies noted above have impaired the operation of the Town such that it is difficult to conclude whether the Town has sufficient revenues to pay current expenditures.

The Town has been given ample opportunity to extricate itself from this financial crisis but has failed to do so.

There is reason to believe that in the event a fiscal administrator is not appointed to assist the Town, that the citizens of the Town and State will be deprived of essential services all to the detriment of their health, safety and welfare and to the continued operations of the Town in general.

The suit is a result of action taken last March by the state’s Fiscal Review Committee, made up of State Treasurer John Kennedy, Assistant Attorney General Rick McGimsey, and Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera.

The authority to take the action can be found here:

LA RS 39:1351 Appointment of a fiscal administrator

A.(1) The legislative auditor, the attorney general, and the state treasurer, or their designees, shall meet, as often as deemed necessary, to review the financial stability of the political subdivisions of this state.

(2)(a) If it is determined by the unanimous decision of the legislative auditor, the attorney general, and the state treasurer at a public meeting to consider such matters that a political subdivision is reasonably certain to not have sufficient revenue to pay current expenditures, excluding civil judgments, or to fail to make a debt service payment, the attorney general shall file a rule to appoint a fiscal administrator for the political subdivision as provided for in this Chapter.

(3) Upon the making of such decision, the attorney general shall, on motion in the district court of the domicile of the political subdivision, take a rule on the political subdivision to show cause in not less than ten nor more than twenty days why a fiscal administrator should not be appointed for the political subdivision as provided for in this Chapter. The rule may be tried out of term and in chambers, and shall always be tried by preference.

The administrator’s duties are spelled out here:

LA RS 39:1352 Duties of a fiscal administrator

A.(1) A fiscal administrator shall perform such investigation of the financial affairs of the political subdivision as he deems necessary. He shall have access to all papers, books, records, documents, films, tapes, and other forms of recordation of the political subdivision or, as they relate to such political subdivision, of the state.

(2) With regard to the reasonable certainty of failure to make a debt service payment, investigation may include written interrogatories directed to the persons or entities who assisted the political subdivision in issuing and marketing the bonds, the bond trustee, if any, representatives of the bond holders, and any other person or entity with an interest in insuring that the political subdivision makes timely payment of debt service payments.

B.(1) After his investigation, the fiscal administrator shall file a written report with the court, the governing authority of the political subdivision, the state treasurer, the attorney general, and the legislative auditor.

A hearing has been set for 10:00 AM, July 5 before Division B Judge Jimmy Teat.

Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) will cover the hearing.

32 Responses to “AG Suit to Appoint ToJ Fiscal Administrator Filed”

  1. 4th quarter Says:

    Hmmmmm, Looks like destroying the police department was the straw which broke the mayor’s back.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you! Maybe this will be the end to this horrible nightmare!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Uh oh!! Has the poop hit the fan? What now, Messy?!!!!

    • Messy Says:

      Please remember there might just be a rabbit left in our Mayor’s hat…or an Ace or two in his hand.

      Jim Fannin might have a string to pull as well….

      I am still beleiving all is well in Jonesboro….just a little warm! Makes me sweat a little but that is okay.

      • What the F***? Says:

        I don’t think that the rabbit is in the CTIC’s hat; it’s up his ass and he is going to need more than that to save his worthless ass.

      • Anonymous Says:

        “Messy”, it’s the Crack that makes you think that way. Get some HELP!!!!!!!!

      • AAA Says:

        “Messy”, it’s the Crack that makes you think that way. Get some HELP!!!!!!!

      • Don't live in town either Says:

        Messy, You are delusional! It’s time for you people to realize Leslie is an idiot!

  4. Freedom shine you light.... Says:

    This news makes me want to do a jig on Main Street!

    Say it ain’t so….the final act is about to hit the stage.

    Please do not let Tonya Wade earn one more cent from Jonesboro….she is too close to the Mayor.

    Get some fireworks out for the 4th of July…Jboro can celebrate FREEDOM!

    • unbelievable Says:

      We can’t afford fireworks

      • Anonymous Says:

        Yeah, we can’t even put out the flags anymore.

        • sunrisesunset Says:

          Speaking of flags, the flags in Hodge are totally beautiful. If you have not seen them, drive to Hodge to see them. They line the street in front of the shopping center as well as on light poles. Go Hodge, Go. You are great.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t everyone get their hopes up to quick! Just keep your fingers crossed and your hands together in prayer!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    How many are going to hearing Thursday? Court room needs standing room only!

    • Anonymous Says:

      There will be just as many as in the council meetings,,,,none! Everyone wants to scream and yell support from the comfort of their homes but don’t want to go where it counts! If never before people, NOW!

    • mighty mouse Says:

      it looks like the order says “in chambers”, so I assume it won’t be “for the public” in the courtroom

  7. In My Own Zone Says:

    Man…is this a birthday present for one of the town’s councilmen?

    Happy Birthday LaStevic! A gift from the AG’s office perhaps.

    • Messy Says:

      Oh …how nice….Happy Birthday LaStevic…hope you have a great celebration. Hope this little law suit did not mess up your special day….also hope the Mayor got you a nice gift!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Well….let’s see what the Judge is gonna do this time with Les…

  9. Anonymous Says:

    does anyone remember the mayors comment? kangroo court…

  10. Dog! Says:

    Honorable Mayor!

    I have found within my heart the need to provide you, the kind gentlemen, with some personal advice. They are determined to get you! You know that is true!

    If I were you, I’d call the United States Supreme Court Chief Justice “John Roberts” up! Even though he’s on vacation (tough week)! He helped JoeBama out yesterday! Maybe he can help you too! After dat, I’d call Nancy Pelosi and the Congressional Black Caucus! After you get day support, together you all could just walk out of this “Witch-hunt”! After dat, I’d call the U.S. Attorney General, “Honorable” Eric Holder, Jr. to defend you and serve as your Character Witness!

    And finally, I’d make da white man pay fur it all! Black Birds of da feather, will showly stick together!! Amen Dog!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Why you want to make it racist?

      This has not one thing to do with any one’s skin color.

      It is all about personal actions …period…

  11. Dog! Says:

    I ain’t no racist! I am “Black.” Only white people can be deemed racist! Right Anonymous?

    • Anonymous Says:

      That , my friend , is a perfect example of racism at it’s finest. ” Only white people can be deemed racist!” Spoken by a true racist! I assure you, there is just as much racism towards whites from blacks as there is from whites towards blacks. You my friend have had some great education through out your years I can tell. Your Mommy and Daddy must surely be proud, DOG!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t you all realize how many people from Louisiana and elsewhere read all of these comments, and how demeaning they are to the citizens of our town. Please stop the ugly remarks and let’s try to help bring some character and civility to our comments. This is serious. We all should be worried about our town’s reputation and help to improve it by leaving out all the negative remarks which have no meaning. Thank you!

    • Anonymous Says:

      This mayor and “his council buddies” have repeatedly had us on the news in an ugly light trying to divide us along racial lines. Thinking people aren’t buying what he is selling. What we’re seeing is a vindictive guy with a very small group of supporters who is apparently incapable of doing a proper job in the office he was elected too. The more one can get away with ignoring the law the bolder one becomes, it is past time for this to be over.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      You seem to forget that all this choas has been caused by one man and his 3 stoogies…..make that 4 stoogies. Renee, you do not fit in that category.

      We have just about had enough of the administration that is being run by Thompson. He is a DISGRACE to the entire state of LA. He is a liar, he is sly, he is secretive, he cannot communicate well,. You get the picture.

      Hopefully, one day, he will step up to the plate and see that he has erred. But, I will not hold my breath.

      Until then, we will keep on blogging what is on our minds. If it is offensive to you, you could just not tune in to LPNO.

      BTW, most of us are pretty civil in our blogs.

      • Who needs medicine? Says:

        I truly believe the Mayor has a mental illness ….please review his actions regarding his elected position.

        Most likely a personality disorder of sorts….maybe he will plead not guilty and offer an insanity plea.

        Then he can request disability due to a mental illness and continue to live off the government.

        Expecting a man with a mental illness is be capable of thinking rationally or realize the damage his actions have caused…is just not going to happen!

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