JPSO to Use Inmate Labor for Jonesboro Cemetery Upkeep

The Town of Jonesboro has asked for, and Jackson Parish Sheriff Andy Brown has agreed to, the use of inmate labor from the Jackson Parish Correctional Center to mow and maintain the Jonesboro Cemetery.

Approved unanimously at last night’s meeting of the town’s board of aldermen was a resolution to enter into an agreement with the JPSO for the service, pending resolution of any legalities that might arise.

District B’s Renee Stringer and Mayor Leslie Thompson both wrote letters asking the JPSO for their help.

See here the correspondence.

During the discussion, the legalities were discussed, along with what help the town could provide in the way of grass trimming equipment.

Alderman-at-large LaStevic Cottonham commended Stringer for taking the lead in helping resolve what has been a controversial issue.

We will have additional reporting later on last night’s meeting.


40 Responses to “JPSO to Use Inmate Labor for Jonesboro Cemetery Upkeep”

  1. JustMe Says:

    Thank You Sheriff Brown. And this will help in your next re-election. Some of our other elected officials need to take a lesson – “watch what I DO – NOT what I SAY I will do and then do nothing”. Again – thank you Sheriff Brown for stepping up and doing the “right thing”!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Everything he does is for his next election, Get REAL

      • Anonymous Says:

        Yea he came to the aid of the citizens of jonesboro using tax payer mowers and weedeaters and convict labor that cost him exactly nothing. what a great man, and you idiots fall for it

  2. Renee Stringer Says:

    I would like to thank Sheriff Andy Brown for coming to the aid of 125 Veterans , founding family of Jonesboro, former Mayors of Jonesboro, Tax Assessor, Police Chief, men and women of all races and nationalities that are interned in the Jonesboro Cemetery.
    His response to my plea for help for the maintenance and care of the Jonesboro Cemetery is appreciated by all that have loved ones buried there and I speak for those that do not have living heirs to speak on their behalf and also on behalf of the 125 Veterans that are buried there.
    When those gallant men and women went to serve us, they did not hesitate and more importantly they assumed they would have the respect due them by someone tending their graves after they were gone.
    Thank you Sheriff Brown for providing the last act anyone can show a Veteran , tending their grave.
    I am thankful the actions of one man so concerned with his tax dollars and the thought that there might be a segregated Cemetery being the recipient of his tax dollars did not prevent the continued maintenance of the Jonesboro Cemetery and most especially the respect and honor that those that have passed on deserve.

    Renee Stringer
    District B
    Town of Jonesboro

    • Anonymous Says:

      Thank you Ms. Stringer for taking action on the matter that actually accomplished something and set in motion a plan to fix a problem that has been on the minds of many.

      I can only hope that come the next election we have a candidate to cast our vote for that does take action towards resolving problems instead of sitting back and blaming people for problems that are surfacing and taking no action. Lately it seems that the only action towards progress around Jonesboro is that of words, and words alone. Things are talked about and talked about, “we’re doing this and doing that.” But nothing ever seems to come of it. We need actions, not words. Take time and seriously consider this Ms. Stringer

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Councilwoman Renee Stringer and Sheriff Brown for your continued support of the citizens of our wonderful Town of Jonesboro. We applaud you and others who have tried to find reasonable solutions to our problems. Working together as a council will only enhance our town in the eyes of others and it will certainly show in the faces of our citizens. All of your work is greatly appreciated. . .

  4. sunrisesunset Says:

    This is the most wonderful positive news I have heard in a long time. Thanks Renee and Andy for taking the steps to correct a terrible injustice done by the TJ. I rode through the cemetery a few days ago and found it to be in a terrible state. I am sure it looks worse than it has ever looked.

    Can’t wait for the inmates to make it look clean and great again.

  5. Louisa Jones Says:

    Thank you, Renee, and Sheriff Brown, for finding a solution to this problem. It is sad that the mayor of Jonesoboro doesn’t have any respect for the veterans buried there or compassion for the families that have loved ones buried there, including me. I would like to remind Mr. Thompson that the veterans buried in the Jonesboro Cemetery fought for his freedoms as well as all American citizens.

    • Marsha Jones Says:

      and most importantly simmons, who started the whole mess.

      • Messy Says:

        It is nice of Dr. Mr. Simmons and his lovely wife to bring this issue to the for front. Thanks for helping improve our parish!

        • Ben Dollar Says:

          yes, brought it to the front, yet again the race issue was brought to the front, front and center……by the same one ….that accuses everyone else of being what was exemplified by those actions………no solution was offered just a rant about segregation and personal tax dollars……..

  6. ricky bob Says:

    Thank you Renee and Sheriff Andy! Good leaders that truly love Jonesboro and all her people. Most important they SHOW IT by word and by actions. Neither of them pat themselves on the back or play the blame game, they see a problem and work to solve it. J’boro needs a leader like Renee.

  7. Messy Says:

    You all forget Mayor Thompson asked the Sheriff for help too…..see all is good….just like he tells us…all is good…all is well

    • Freddie Fudpucker Says:

      If you call a two sentence letter a request for help, then you need a little training. No where in the letter did he state the problem, just “I need any help you can give” and the obligatory “thanks for any assistance you can provide.” You could almost see the pain the letter he basically was forced to write. Renee and Andy will do good by the town. The CTIC? He’ll just do it to the town.

  8. sunrisesunset Says:

    This shows just who our strong leaders are. No, ole Leslie, it is not you. It is not the Simmons. These two people……Councilwoman Renee and Sheriff Andy truly care about what is right. They know right from wrong. Neither one is a liar either.

    I think Renee Stringer should run for mayor to fill the incompetent shoes of ole Les, the King, who sits on HIS mighty throne. She could turn the town around…….for the BEST! Does she have common sense and business sense? Absolutely, positively, yes, yes, yes!!!

  9. Freddie Fudpucker Says:

    I am just wondering – does Leslie Thompson read these pages? Is he aware of how people feel about him and his terms as mayor or does he, in his own mind, believe that he doing good despite the alleged racism against him? I would vote for a competent black over a white but Leslie, you be not competent nor will you ever be until you get the chip (cowchip?) off your shoulder and start to do things for the good of the town and not yourself.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Stringer for Mayor!!!!!

  11. Augusta Duffer Says:

    I second the vote or Ms. Stringer for Mayor. Even with no support from the Town, she has accomplished more than any other Town employee in the last decade. Where and when can we sign her up?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    That’s exactly what I mean about Ms. Renee. More times than not no one even knows about things she is doing until they are done! She gets out there and does leg work! I sit in the meetings and it seems every meeting she is the only one on the board that ever has things to say about problems in her district that need addressing. Is it that all the other districts are problem free? Or is it that the other members are only in this for a check?
    I hope that we are starting to see a solution to a two-term problem!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I would certainly think that the council should uphold a standard of professionalism while in regular roles as citizens as well as while in the meetings. There is for sure one councilman, won’t mention any names, even though he is at the head of the table across from the Mayor, that definately does npt have the word professionalism in his vocabulary. I mean my god, how about getting up off the table from your laid over slump while addressing the audience and the others on the council. I feel certain that most of the council and the audience have went about there daily lives up til the time for the meeting, we all may be a little tired, but no one else lays down for a “beauty nap” in the middle of the meeting. Sit up in your chair for god’s sake, you look like an idiot

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Well, that is ridiculous. I have been in a lot of meetings…….not at TJ, and I have NEVER seen anything like that. That is the height of laziness and shows the character of that particular person. He needs to go when the next election comes around. This shows his complete lack of interest in what’s going on. How can anything positive get done with that kind of attitude?

      • Messy Says:

        He ain’t going no where UNLESS Leslie sends him…..just learn to like it and know it takes all kinds of different folks to make the world go round!

        • sunrisesunset Says:

          Oh, yeah, Messy! And, those two are stoogies, clowns, dumbos, etc. For heaven’s sake, that councilman needs to learn respect of his council obligations. Jonesboro does not need a slouch-pot. Is he drugged out on something that causes him to literally lay down on the table at council meetings?

          Appears that way.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Rumor going around that the inmates have been instructed not to mow the Beasley and Watson additions to the Jonesboro Cemetery. Hope it is not true, because the descendants of those buried there pay town and parish taxes the same as the rest of the residents, and those lots were bought and paid for, while the others did not have to pay for their burial plots.

    • Frank R. Says:

      Well there ya go, someone is mad cause their plan did not go through and now they are trying to cause doubt and perpetuate a falsehood or commonly referred to as a lie. If you have to quote a person that is in jail serving time for committing a crime, then your actions show exactly what you are about. Why don’t you call the Sheriff and ask him or would you rather just go about relying on your inmate info resource? What’s wrong your inmate is mad cause he gonna have to go outside and do some work?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    I heard a a rumor yesterday too. It was to the effect that the Sheriff’s office would have the inmates cut the grass on all three of the cemeteries in the Jonesboro Cemetery area.
    Of course, until a public announcement is made, all the so-called “rumors” don’t mean anything. As was said in the original news release, some of the details will have to await legal interpretations. So let’s don’t have a “hissy fit” about rumors, we will find out when the proper time comes. Whatever is done, the Sheriff’s office deserves a lot of credit for abiling the Town of Jonesboro out of still another mishandled issue.

    • Brandon Guice Says:

      They shouldn’t have to bail the Town out, but you have one man that doesn’t have a clue and sadly enough 4 that follow him to the trough every time. The worst part of all is that one man is his puppeteer and controls him, but this latest episode of “I am gonna show you” fell through when he went to war against a cemetery full of American Veterans. One day he may awaken to realize that is most high puppeteer is only in it for him and his, not the puppet’s best interest.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Some rumors prove to be true. Just ask Councilman Lamkin.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Brandon, didn’t you mean the “not the public’s best interest?” He is is it for the puppet’s best interest, meaning himself and his cohorts.

    • Brandon Guice Says:

      I meant exactly what I said……again………if you don’t like my grammar then don’t read it and again, as Ben Franklin said…….you are a very small package. Legend in your own mind, but nondescript in real life.

      • Brandon Guice Says:

        The puppet’s best interest is for he and his cohorts………not the town. Just the puppeteer. So keep on trying to take the emphasis off the issue at hand, a tax dollar milking whining cry baby that plays the card at any given moment just to get his way and up until now he has managed to get his way, but lately the freebies have been restricted……or Economically speaking, constricted… there you go.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    All of the so-called “rumors” turned out to be accurate. The inmates had not been mowing the Beasley and Watson additions due to legal questions, according to Councilwoman Stringer in an article in The Jackson Independent. However, the Sheriff was hoping that a decision would allow them to do it in the future, and another “rumor” has it that such has occurred. We will find out in due time.

    • Messy Says:

      Where these so called “rumors” coming from? I guess I just not hanging out with the folks in the know.

      What else is being said? What is that meeting on Sunday’s at the Town Hall? Why Rev Dill stop posting his tapes…I sure missing seeing and hearing our Mayor on my computer.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Well, that makes one person that misses him. I haven’theard anybody else say that.

  20. Jake Says:

    Nice post which the legalities were discussed, along with what help the town could provide in the way of grass trimming equipment. In which District B’s Renee Stringer and Mayor Leslie Thompson both wrote letters asking the JPSO for their help. Thanks a lot for posting.

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