Jonesboro Police Department Budget Cut $300 Thousand While City Hall Budget Waxes Fat

The budget for the Town of Jonesboro’s Police Department will be cut nearly $300 thousand for fiscal year 2012-2103, if the budget that was introduced at today’s meeting of the Board of Aldermen is adopted.

The FY 2012-2013 budget allocates $435 thousand for police, compared to $732 thousand in the budget that was adopted a year ago. That represents a cut of about 40%.

See here the documents.

Adopted 2011-2012 general fund budget spreadsheet
Proposed 2012-2013 general fund budget spreadsheet

Adopted 2011-2012 budget ordinance
Proposed 2012-2013 budget ordinance

The town’s enterprise (water/sewer funds) budget was little changed from last year. For 2012-2013, revenue and expenses of $1.044 million is proposed, compared to a $1.11 million budget that was adopted a year ago.

See here the documents:

Adopted 2011-2012 enterprise fund budget
Proposed 2012-2013 enterprise fund budget

The town’s general and government budget, however, has not had to suffer any cuts. Instead, it has grown significantly.

Since the town’s controversial mayor Leslie Thompson took office, that budget category has ballooned from $414 thousand (as of 6/30/07) to about $715 thousand in the proposed budget for next fiscal year.

That’s an increase of about 73%.

The category includes the mayor’s salary, retirement, legal and audit, office salaries, travel, council pay, and group insurance.

We will have additional reporting later on other business from today’s meeting.


43 Responses to “Jonesboro Police Department Budget Cut $300 Thousand While City Hall Budget Waxes Fat”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t believe the fiscal administrator will allow it.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What fiscal administrator?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Controversy as defined by yahoo: A dispute, especially a public one, between sides holding opposing views. So why don’t you say that about the other side as well. Adding negative connotations all the time to our mayor means you are delivering this message one sided with bias. WOW

    • Messy Says:

      You so right. Sounds like we need the Rev David J Dill posting the truth on his website. Don’t know why he did not post any more stuff …he always is so fair and never one sided. Make good tapes too.

      All is good in Jonesboro…the money, the budget, the mayor and those great councilmen.

      What we need a big police department for? No need for them to have all that money.

      • Donald M. Fowler Says:

        The way I see it is that the mayor is fattening up his take of the pie at the expense of the citizens of Jonesboro. Leslie the Blowhard Incompetent needs to be ousted before he does more damage to the town. He is a clown in a position of responsibilty that is far beyond his capabilities. As messy says, no need for the police department to have all that money when the CTIC (chief turd in charge) wants to get his hands on it.

  4. Stimulated Says:

    Leave the Mayor alone…he is stimulating the economy in Jonesboro.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      I think you mean he is stimulating his pocketbook, don’t ya?

    • Donald M. Fowler Says:

      Stimulated, you hit the nail on the head. Leslie the Turd is stimulating the economy of Jonesboro but he is using a French Tickler to do it as the citizens bend over.

      • Anonymous Says:

        No fan of Thompson’s, but here’s a quarter, buy some class.

        • Donald M. Fowler Says:

          I use my name and I will never voice an opinion under the “anonymous” handle. That’s the cowards way out: hide and you can say anything you wish. No balls.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Since Thompson took office, Jonesboro’s general and governmental budget has increased 73%, the mayor’s salary has increased 100%, cell phone usage by employees has more than doubled, while the police department has been cut 40%, the town cemetery upkeep completely wiped out, and many other switches made in the allocations. Is there anybody in the town that does not understand what is happening here?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t forget all the CD’s that were saved up over the years, and are now almost gone. And what about the $10,000 that the mayor estimated would be paid a fiscal administrator? Where is it in the budget, or is it to come out of the mayor’s salary?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I think $10,000 for the fiscal administrator is a small fee compared to the $10,000 a month they paid for that CFO that worked out so well and brought the town to the wonderful and successful shape it is in now! ( i hope you can sense the sarcasm! )

  8. concerned citizen Says:

    I also think it is a small fee since the mayor is getting 7 times that and not doing his job!!!!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    To our old friend “Messy:” Where have you been? Were you using “Educated” for a while? Sorry, but your old “everything is good” needle is about worn out on this website, nobody is listening any more. The website that may have had some interest appears to have gone out of business.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    See “WOW” is back too, but doesn’t sound like the same one?

  11. YSSEM..or Messy Says:

    Give me some of the preacher man….the Rev David J. Deal …he is helping straighten out the mess our Mayor Thompson inherited from the former mayors.

    Rev Deal is gonna get it right with Mr. Flowers and Mr. Cottonham assisting him.

    Those guys all three need a pay raise.

    We okay with the cops and all….they do not need no more money to spend.

    Pay raise for the clerk as well. She is trying so hard to learn how do to her job….The town should enroll her at La Tech or Grambling for some classes as well…let her earn her degree for Leslie. Heck he can drive her there…the classes would be town buziness for sure.

    Just get on out of here and you ain’t got no need to worry, it is well with the Town of Jonesboro!!!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    The clerk is doing her job unlike the last clerk. She didn’t do her job nor did she say anything until she went to Baton Rouge. She admitted that she didn’t know what she was doing..

    • Really??? Says:

      Really? Why does the current clerk need Tonya Wade’s tutoring her at $100 an hour is she is doing her job???

  13. Anonymous Says:

    When did Rev. David Dill change the spelling of his last name? Surely “yssem” or “messy” or “educated” didn’t make his first spelling error?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Let’s get one lil ole thing straight right now. there ain’t one person at city hall right now that has even a remote idea of what they are doing!! Argue the fact all you want but the proof does not lie. There is way to many things that constantly go wrong and get done wrong on to regular of a basis to even hint at there is someone up there with the slightest bit of knowledge. And as for Dill, are you kidding me?? He is the worst of them all! He cracks me up with his, ” I’m so intelligent, see how I over enunciate all my words?” attitude. Good Lord!!

    • Messy, too Says:

      You jealous because that black man is intelligent and your dumbass do not know when to use the word too, instead of to. LMAO

      • Peter Piper Says:

        he aint near as intelligent as he thinks, stand by and watch.

        • Messy, too Says:

          I’ve been watching for a long time. Nothing has happened because there is nothing to watch. Wake me up when something happens that I need to see. Until then…

          • Peter Piper Says:

            being a delusion has served you well, keep on believing though and as that door swings wide open, it will bring with it so many people just as yourself that has been on the fringe and have contributed from afar, your involvement will be the tie that binds you to the hem of them all, so please by all means hang on, hold on and most of all keep your hand exactly where it has been for quite a while now……..

            • Messy, too Says:

              Blah blah blah, whatever. Your parables and poems are funny and entertaining, if nothing else.

              • Peter Piper Says:

                Blah blah blah, whatever. Your sincere appreciation for truth would serve you so much better, but since you choose to merrily skip along, darting back and forth like that little lizard that jets to and fro in the street, not aware of any indication as to which way to proceed, just looking for a direction…..keep on darting, back and forth……..your inordinate ability to skirt the truth and use your methodology based on your time spent in the iron institute has served you well as well as the taxpayers that paid for your stay at the iron institute. Shine on Cali, shine on!

      • Anonymous Says:

        Messy too, shouldn’t you put a comma after intelligent?

        • Messy, too Says:

          Do you put a comma before the word “and”. Nah, no comma needed. You are jealous because the mayor is on top of things. Town hall is running like a well oiled machine. And to Mr. Piper, I know nothing of this iron institute you speak of.

          • Peter Piper Says:

            Your statement, “well oiled machine”-to give money to someone in authority in order to persuade them to do something for you, you said it messy II. Your denial of the iron institute in Cali, how sad that any individual that had spent their formative years in such a prestigious location would in their later years come away with denial of such…..shame shame shame. Your discomposure is quite evident in your recent disencumbered approach to your broadcasts has been very enlightening and has served to environ your inclusion in the “well oiled machine”. Thank you M II.

            • Messy, too Says:

              Ha ha. My formative years were spent in Jonesboro, which I wouldn’t describe as prestigious. What is hilarious is that you people think the mayor, Mr. Dill and others are actually on this blog responding to ya’ll.

              • Bill Washington Says:

                Humor is found where no logic can occupy the vacancy of the mind so enthralled with self absorption and obedience to a transliterate dictator. Humor is defined by the categorical ineptitude of someone that approaches the mental aptitude of defined indolence. Yes, ha ha ha, you are very entertaining and more importantly extremely insipid.

              • sunrisesunset Says:

                Well, you all are responding to these blogs. Can’t help yourself. Gotta defend the dumba** mayor to the end.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t waste your time and ours responding to that guy. He just wants attention.

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