Discussions Center on Organizing Cemetery Assn.

Most of the discussion at yesterday’s public meeting about the Town of Jonesboro’s cemetery focused on the mechanics of forming a cemetery association that could take over ownership or at least maintenance of the 4-plus acres of land located between Country Road and Napoleon Avenue.

Town Attorney Doug Stokes said there is still a question of ownership to be determined.

Said Stokes, “When you talk about the Jonesboro Cemetery, you’re basically talking about three separate things: The cemetery that the town owns, the Beasley addition, and the Watson addition.”

Stokes said to legally set up an association, proposals would need to be solicited.

“You’d have to solicit proposals from various parties that would be interested in doing X, Y, and Z in exchange for the town conveying the property to them. It would be like disposing any other town asset.”

Stokes then explained that to set up such an association, the procedure is contained in Louisiana Revised Statutes, Title 8, Cemeteries.

One of the audience asked if an association could be formed that did not take ownership, but would be responsible for upkeep only.

Stokes said that could be done, and that it would make no difference to the town who had ownership, save the issue of liability. An association could be required to have liability insurance in any agreement between the town and an association, he noted.

Another issue discussed was whether the town would continue to mow the area until an association could be established – a process that could take some time to accomplish.

Thompson never would definitively commit to do that, saying, “At this this point, it my desire.” Asked if his mind could change in the future, he said, “It could.”

30 Responses to “Discussions Center on Organizing Cemetery Assn.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    i bet if the cemetery was a money making piece of property for the town of jonesbboro i have no doubt as to who would say he/they own it…

  2. Ted Shows Says:

    you ever notice how the king tries to hold everything hostage? example: Christmas Lights……….., now mowing the cemetery………what next…….water…..guess his puppeteer hasn’t figured out a way to do that one yet, because that would affect his Federally funded operation……but he can always have the king shut off the water to the segregated cemetery.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    For over a hundred years, mayors and town councils have found a way to keep the Jonesboro Cemetery mowed, regardless of whether they “owned” it or not. Now in just five years’ time, this mayor and council have spent the Town’s money so much that they can’t do such a simple thing?

    • Fiction Says:

      clarification-this Council has allowed him to spend the Town broke, during the term of the other Council, the cemetery got mowed.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    how much longer do we have before the next election? so we can try and get him out of office

  5. Baylor lady Says:

    Was the lady at Baylor the mayor mentioned prior with regards to the cemetery at the meeting? Like that was so special…..Baylor does not have a cemetery division…

    Kinda like the man from the pentagon….

    How is the casket selling business in Jonesboro coming along? Maybe that is the way for some money to be made now that tax season is over

    Like he said “I give it to you when I want you to have it”

    • Heir of Jonesboro Cemetery Says:

      was his puppeteer there? the one with the issue of “his” tax dollars being used for a segregated cemetery……………..what would he and his lovely racist wife do without the tax dollars of all those heirs of the segregated cemetery…….funny to us how they rant and rave over tax dollars but never turn down a free check……made up of “tax dollars” paid by segregated population….the working class……the ones that actually hold a job…..not standing around waiting for a government check……..

      • sunrisesunset Says:

        Right on! We all know they all have tunnel vision. Can see only in one direction, and we know how they see things. Gimme, gimme, gimme. More handouts to the down trodden that refuse to get out and find a JOB.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    well i dont know whats going on but on my way home i seen the thompsons loading a trailer down with furnature from out of his house maybe thats some of the stuff he bought with your tax payers dollors so he decided to move it some where so it cant be found? hum whats up with that leslie

  7. OhIC Says:

    Is this cemetery under a desegregation order? Do they call it “hearsing” instead of busing?

  8. Mix it up please Says:

    LeStevic, what you think about this issue? Let us hear from you

  9. educated Says:

    you people see, we showin you just what we want to let you see, no more.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Yes, and that is causing a heck of a lot of problems. Aren’t you shamed for creating this turmoil? Do you not have any conscience? We already know the answer. There is a disaster in City Hall, and it is not caused by a tornado or hurricane. It is a human disaster caused by ineptness. Sad.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    For an “educated” individual, you sure have a lot of mistakes in your last two messages: No capital “Y” in “You” “along” for “alone”, “showin” for “showing”

    • educated Says:

      you people will see we are educated, we have all we need and we can keep what we want, so leave us along.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like “Messy” decided to use another nickname.

  12. LeStevic Fan Says:

    Is Messy Educated???

  13. Anonymous Says:

    To LeStevic Fan:
    Are you saying it was the council member that wrote those self-entitled “Educated” e-mails?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    “educated”: We would leave you “along” if you would leave us alone. That is our tax money too that is being thrown around so carelessly.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    No, but you seem to think you do, “educated.” To quote your e-mail a couple of days ago, “We have all we need, and we can keep what we want.” Think you are going to find out differently.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church eventually became what is today’s First Baptist Church. It relocated to what is now First Street and Cooper Avenue in 1902, then to the corner of Main Street and Allen Avenue in 1921, and then to its present location in 1944.

    So how is this not part of First Baptist Church’s problem. They just left it for the city to deal with back in 1944?

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Was it ever known as Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery; and, as the church moved along to a sundry of other locations, was it known as a church owned cemetery? I am wondering if down through the ages, it has ALWAYS been known as Jonesboro Cemetery……..as it is now. What if it was not owned by First Baptist Church, and instead was a cemetery for ALL the residents of Jonesboro to use for their families.

      Anyone know the answer?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I think it is a problem (or responsibility) of every person that resides in Jonesboro, whether they have a relative buried there or not, and whether the town owns it or not.
    This includes the mayor and town council, as much as they would like to get it off their backs so they can use that money for their own personal agendas.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    There is some mowing going on at the Jonesboro Cemetery today. Don’t know if it is the town or personal mowing.

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