Meeting on J’boro Cemetery Today

A town meeting has been called for today (Friday, 4/27) at 5:00 PM, W. Richard Zuber City Hall, 128 Allen Avenue.

See here the notice.

To be discussed is the possibility of forming a cemetery association that would take over ownership and maintenance of the Jonesboro Cemetery.

11 Responses to “Meeting on J’boro Cemetery Today”

  1. Augusta Duffer Says:

    It should say that it is the Mayor’s hope that no one attend, so he can do whatever he feels like. I am sure he is wanting to appoint himself to this job so he can have another way to get paid for a job he doesn’t do.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    well i think it will be given to one of his freinds who mows grass,we all know he wouldnt give to any white person who mows lawns for a liveing cause he is a racist.and doesnt beleave doing anything for the white community

  3. Anonymous Says:

    why does the town of jonesboro mow private yards and lots on Leon Dr.??

    • Augusta Duffer Says:

      To satisfy the terms of the verbal contracts which bought the votes to get him reelected.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    im curious, with it being property that belongs to the town of jonesboro and i go out to cemetery to cut the grass of my loved one buried there and i fall, get hurt, cut foot -arm-hand …does that mean i can sue the town?

  5. Five O'clock somewhere Says:

    Well, how successful was Leslie at his meeting yesterday?

    It sure was close to closing time for a work week….did he get the party started???

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Who said the Town of Jonesboro owns the cemetery? I don’t think that has ever been established, and probably won’t be after all these years, if no deed or paperwork is ever found. Could have been some in the courthouse that was destroyed.

  7. Graveyard Caretaker Says:

    There is a small tree growing on one of my ancestors grave markers…who should I call? I do not live in Jonesboro and the last time I was passing thru I saw it and had no tools with me to take care of it myself.

    The man died in the 30s and has no children …he was just married to my great aunt so not really kin to me.

    Small tree needs to be removed … your Mayor the one I need to call? Should I call the funeral home? Who is the alderman for the cemetery district?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    hey has anyone heard about the town closeing down the police dept? i was told it was on the news dont know which one but its on topix as well.just checking to see if anyone else has heard about this

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Mad mad what else is he going to do to our town. With know police dept. who’s going to arrest him. Maybe that’s the reason he wants to close the police dept. What is wrong with this man child? Don’t think he has much education r he would know how to run the town.

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