Nate Zeno Resigns JPPJ – Replacement to be Named Tomorrow

Long-time Jackson Parish Police Jury (JPPJ) member Nathaniel “Nate” Zeno, Jr. (Ward Four) has resigned, and his replacement will be named at a special called meeting of the body tomorrow (Friday, 4/27) at Noon, Dr. Charles H. Garrett Community Center, 128 Industrial Drive.

See here the agenda.

The replacement will serve until a special election can be held on November 6 of this year.

Zeno, first elected to the jury in 1992, resigned effective last Friday due to illness. He was until retirement an educator and administrator with the Jackson Parish School System.

10 Responses to “Nate Zeno Resigns JPPJ – Replacement to be Named Tomorrow”

  1. Wow Says:

    Very good man. God bless you Mr. Zeno!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ditto, good man!! was the best principal jonesboro hodge had.

  3. Peace to Mr. Zeno Says:

    God Bless Mr. Zeno and his family during this time.

    He has been a blessing to Jonesboro and Jackson Parish.

    We need more Mr. Zenos for local leaders.

  4. Neighbor Says:

    I agree – Mr. Zeno is as good as they come! His wisdom and goodness will be missed …

  5. Anonymous Says:

    A true friend. God bless one of the few honorable men of our time. Thank you for being you.

  6. Randy Layfield Says:

    I can only echo the praise of those above. It is a priviledge to know a man like Nate and I will always consider him a true friend. If we could all exemplify the characteristics of Nate and his love for his community and its people. My prayers are with you and your family during this time and pray that God gives you the strength you need to overcome. Thanks for all you have done and hopefully will be able to do again.

  7. sunrisesunset Says:

    Mr. Zeno:

    We are praying for you during this difficult time in your life. May God give peace, comfort and strength for today and everyday.

    Thank you for being such a fine, upstanding citizen. The world would be so much better if everyone lived up to your standards.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like it is unanimous. Zeno is a fine man, a very good
    educator and public official. He has been on our church prayer list for several months now, and a lot of persons are giving their individual prayers for him.

  9. Christie Weeks Says:

    Nate Zeno was my jury representative, but most importantly, he has served ALL of us. I have a small list of people I define as personifying integrity and he is on it. His other hallmarks aee intelligence, dignity and good example. His leadership on the JPPJ is appreciated and will be missed.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Understand Zeno is in Ruston ICU ollowing a heart attack. If this is true, he needs our prayers more than ever now.

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