Ruston Lincoln C of C Opposes Sheriff’s Tax Hike

The Board of Directors for the Ruston Lincoln Chamber of Commerce has voted overwhelmingly to oppose Lincoln Parish Sheriff Mike Stone’s $1.8 million, 1/4 cent sales tax hike, Chamber President and CEO Scott Terry this morning told Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO).

Terry said that the board was not opposed to the three other property tax “renewals” that will be on the Saturday, April 21 ballot. Two are for the Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB) and the other is for the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Terry also said that the chamber will be releasing a statement later today. LPNO will post that statement when it is released.

6 Responses to “Ruston Lincoln C of C Opposes Sheriff’s Tax Hike”

  1. Angry_Taxpayer! Says:

    It’s about time the business community of Lincoln Parish publicly recognized the fact that higher taxes hurt business and that there is a limit to how much government is allowed to take from taxpayers. Every cent collected by government to fund their wasteful schemes comes out of the pockets of the business community through the fact that consumers no longer have this money to spend on the necessities of life. Taxpayers have tightened their belts, reduced their spending, and prioritized their needs, only to watch government at all levels ask for more, act as if they’re immune to the economic forces that plague us, and launch into wasteful and unnecessary spending projects without a care for our suffering. They show no shame at their extravagance in the face of our rising unemployment and the shrinking purchasing power of our dollar. They haughtily look down upon us and only care about themselves at our expense! It’s way past time for the voters of Lincoln Parish to say NO! to taxes and force the local government to take us seriously and live within the means that we taxpayers decide for them!

  2. WalkingNow Says:

    Wow, are people coming to their senses? Are they realizing there are limits to what we can afford? Are they beginning to see that there is only so much blood to give without killing the donor?
    I would like to have a new F-150; sorry, Jim Taylor Ford, but I can’t buy one, I have to divert more money for health insurance, et al, so one of the first things to bit the dust at our house is new vehicles. Same with some other stores. Sorry.

  3. TEA-Taxpayer Says:

    This news is eye opening. The public officials have the mind set, all they need to do is “ask and then receive”. More taxes to squander, big raises, more and better benefits…more…more…more. Must stop!
    Send a message to the Sheriff and School Board—VOTE, No, No, No & No. The chamber just didn’t go for enough.

  4. Brian Says:

    Great news! Thanks Scott Terry and the Board.

    Voting is essentially the sole mechanism available to citizens for keeping its government in check. Having to come to the public for a tax renewal every so often builds in accountability for government offices and officials. A “Perpetual” tax removes the future accountability of our Sheriffs office.

  5. TEA_Party_Voter Says:

    I have to say that this IS a surprising development. The business community is usually in lockstep with the plans of the local government officials running Lincoln Parish. Angry_Taxpayer! is absolutely correct in the analysis that government is taking money from consumers that they can’t spend at local businesses. The TEA Party has been articulating these themes for a couple of years now, and Americans are waking up to the fact that our government has gotten out of control and has an insatiable appetite for OUR money. The bureaucrats truly believe that they are entitled to this money and are astonished that we are resisting their attempts to confiscate our wealth. Perhaps the business community will grow bolder in their condemnation of taxes as business owners go bankrupt and join us workers in the unemployment line. Of course, by then it’ll probably be too late.

  6. WalkingNow Says:

    Do you think? Is it possible? Are we going to regain some control over at least local government? Some respect for the taxpayer from local elected officials? Are we going to be able to see at least the beginnings of thrift?

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