DA Stewart Threatens Jackson Parish Police Jury

Second Judicial (Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson parishes) District Attorney Jonathan Stewart last week threatened the Jackson Parish Police Jury (JPPJ) with a lawsuit if the jury does not accede to his demand for an immediate appropriation of $50 thousand for his office to counter what he claims is a “financial crisis.”

If either or both Jackson Parish and Claiborne Parish refuse to pay this additional $50,000.00 assessment, then I will have no other choice but to file a mandamus suit requesting our Court to order the Police Juries to full fund my office. The law is very clear and the Police Juries will be required to pay all reasonable expenses of the office.

See here Stewart’s 03/20/2012 letter.

Stewart had appeared at a 02/06/2012 meeting of the JPPJ’s Finance Committee with his initial verbal request. He made similar requests of the other juries in the 2nd JD, the Claiborne Parish Police Jury (CPPJ) and the Bienville Parish Police Jury (BPPJ).

Reportedly, the BPPJ has buckled to Stewart’s demands.

JPPJ President Todd Culpepper (Ward One) responded to Stewart, advising him that:

During your presentation you stated that your business manager, Mr. Audie Edwards, was ill and was unable to attend to give further details and answer detailed questions regarding the financial conditions of your office. You indicated at the conclusion of your presentation to the finance committee that you and Mr. Edwards would be attending our regular jury meeting to be conducted on Monday, February 13, 2012 to answer questions and to formally present your request to the entire body. However, you nor Mr. Edwards showed up at the meeting.

Culpepper noted that Stewart’s letter represented Stewart’s first formal request since the February meeting, and that the jury would review the matter and be requesting further information from his office.

See here Culpepper’s 03/22/2012 letter.

12 Responses to “DA Stewart Threatens Jackson Parish Police Jury”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t bow down to him JPPJ. I’m certain that it’s not the first time that someone has threatened suit against you, nor will it be the last. Maybe the State should come in and take control of his office finances too.

  2. Tick Tick Says:

    Too bad the folks of Jonesboro can not threaten DA Stewart with a suit to just do his JOB!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    the man has some big b@lls, he wont do his job and yet he threatens jppj… i bet if he was doing his job folks in this parish wouldnt mind helping his office if he needed some extra funds. recall,recall,recall

  4. Anonymous Says:

    DA Stewart. I could think of a few off color words to best describe this reptile. Maybe he needs the money to pay his blood liable bill to Leslie Thompson for refusing to issue an indictment for malfeasance and missappropriation of nearly $400,000 of Jonesboro money that has yet to be accounted for.

  5. Concerned Citizen Says:

    Well, Now I see why this poor excuse of a DA hasn’t acted on procecuting the mayor. Seems that neither understands how a budget works and what it is for. I guess if he procecuted Leslie, he would have to slap his own hand. At least now I possibly understand his lack of action, as lame as it is.

  6. yep Says:

    Isn’t it also malfeasance if you have run the town so badly that a fiscal administrator has to be court ordered? How many counts will be allowed to add up before the DA acts?

  7. anonymous Says:

    Wondering how many cases for Jackson/Claiborne Parishes the DA is sitting on that have not charged or presented to a grand jury or dismissed? Tired of hearing excuses want to see cases moved through the system. Why should either parish pay more when the DA has not taken action. An attorney general opinion is just that an opinion. Police juries hire an outside council, you won’t get an unbaised opinion from your DA appointed ADA attorneys.

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