Jonesboro Board of Alderman Agenda

See here the document.

16 Responses to “Jonesboro Board of Alderman Agenda”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Doesn’t even say where the meeting is going to be held.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    there you go again….why you want to pick everything to death

  3. Anonymous Says:


    Those folks are working hard to figure out the budget….now they knows who was causing the bookkeeping problems.

    Ms. Wade and the new auditors are working and everything gonna be so nice when those nice folks are finished.

    Just a little more time…no big deal…it ain’t like the money is gone or anything.

    • Anonymous Says:

      time???????????? how dang long does one need????? this is his 2nd term as mayor,,,and things are not better yet… its TIME alright..Time for a change.

    • pig pin Says:

      I is not I is not Please tell me who you had as an English teacher ! You IDIOT !

      • Anonymous Says:

        Educated right there in Jonesboro at good ole JHHS…hows bout you?

        • pig pin Says:

          Ha Never mind that says it all right there ! The Mayor must be teaching you the rest ! I went to JHHS too, an must have been in class alot more than you !

          • Anonymous Says:

            Yes …Wasn’t Leslie our school leader then…Student Body perhaps…and see, he is still our leader.

            • pig pin Says:

              Must be your’s , sure the hell not mine ! IDIOT! Hey you going be chewing on them sunflower seeds tonight up there behind your so called leader ?

            • Anonymous Says:

              really? I think there is only one person at the table who went to JHHS with Leslie….

              • Anonymous Says:


                • Anonymous Says:

                  Figure it out….Lamkin is much older than the Mayor. Charla is much younger….

                  Leslie graduated in the mid 70s….who else at the table graduated in the 70s???


                  • JHHS Proud Says:

                    so what, lassie was once a puppy and Uncle Jed lived with Granny and your point is? Who cares who went to school with him. You trying to imply that just because someone attended the same school they are supposed to have the same convictions or morals? I think not, if that is the case you are trying to persuade the rational thinkers that Jonesboro Hodge turned out a bunch of losers. Grab a better seed and sow it, that one is just plain stupid.

              • sunrisesunset Says:

                Just for info. only, Lamkin is a graduate of Quitman High School.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Interesting to see on the Town of Jonesboro Facebook page created by Rev David Dill has some local business listed.

    Previously, it showed a councilman’s business….the one that sells stuff and is not listed with the La Secretary of State…

    In My Own Zone is no longer shown on the FB page…hum…interesting it is!

    How’s the Mayor’s tax service coming along?

    How about the casket selling business?

    Some elected town officials running Jonesboro….claim to be running businesses….just not one man listed in the Secretary of State data base…kinda interesting to this tax paying business man!

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