FBI Arrests Royce Toney

Former Parish Sheriff Arrested Today, Facing A Year In Prison

United States Attorney Stephanie A. Finley announced that Sheriff Royce Edward Toney, 64, of Monroe, La., was arrested today on charges of conspiracy, computer fraud, identity theft, and obstruction.

Toney was elected Sheriff on October 20, 2007, and took office on July 1, 2008. He did not seek re-election. Also charged was Michael Karl Davis, a major with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office who works in the IT department.

The indictment alleges that Toney and Davis engaged in a conspiracy to track a third party’s communications and, once Davis learned that the FBI wanted to speak with him, he tried to cover up the illegal activity. The indictment further alleges that Toney and Davis accessed a protected computer without authorization on nine occasions from April of 2010 to October of 2010, and that Toney and Davis committed the crime of identity theft by utilizing an AOL email address and password belonging to another person. Toney and Davis are charged with one count of obstruction for reformatting and installing a new operating system on a computer after Davis learned of the ongoing FBI investigation.

Finally, Toney is charged with obstruction by retaliating against a witness who was cooperating with the FBI investigation.

If convicted, Toney and Davis faces maximum potential penalties of one year in prison, a $100,000 fine or both for each of the computer crime charges and five years in prison, a $250,000 fine or both for each of the conspiracy, identity theft and obstruction charges.

Note: An indictment is merely an accusation and all defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


5 Responses to “FBI Arrests Royce Toney”

  1. Bonnie W. Says:

    There is a BOLO for an Indictment, it is usually seen around courtrooms, usually standing very tall as it comes from the Criminal Justice System, MO-usually to put criminals in jail. If this subject is seen, please contact everyone in Jackson, Bienville and Claiborne Parishes as they want to see one in real life, been so long since anyone has seen one they just want to have the opportunity to see it. Use extreme caution with this subject-the Indictment has strong repercussions-it might just accidentally put a criminal behind the bars of the Graybar Hotel.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    BOLO – be on the lookout….FUNNY!

    Somewhere, my love, there will be songs to sing
    Although the snow covers the hopes of Spring
    Somewhere a hill blossoms in green and gold
    And there are dreams, all that your heart can hold
    Someday we’ll meet again, my love
    Someday whenever the Spring breaks through

    Sing it Frankie….when Spring breaks through in Jboro, perhaps we will see some similar actions!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It is refreshing to see where an elected official, who thinks he is above any law, is arrested.

    Please Mr. FBI man….come on down to Jonesboro!!!

  4. Dee Says:

    Don’t give up hope., Jonesboro. Winn Parish’s sheriff who thought he was above all laws was finally nabbed by the Feds.

  5. Louisiana Under Indictment | Tom Roberson Says:

    […] to cover up an affair he was having with a married woman in a deal which reduced the original 21 counts of fraud, identity theft, and obstruction of justice for firing a deputy as part of the cover up. […]

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