Ruston City Council Monday

The Board of Aldermen for the City of Ruston will meet in regular session Monday, February 6, 5:30 PM, second floor of Ruston City Hall, 401 North Trenton.

See the agenda here.

Under administration, a cooperative endeavor agreement (CEA) with the Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce will be considered concerning the 2012 Louisiana Peach Festival.

See here the proposed CEA.

A code of ordinances amendment will be introduced relative to pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers, and gold and silver articles. Buyers of used rings, coins, etc., will be required to register with the Ruston Police Department (RPD) 24 hours prior to doing business. Transactions will have to be documented and reported.

See here the proposed ordinance.

In Planning and Zoning, the sign ordinance amendment will be considered for adoption.

See here the memo.
See here the ordinance amendment.

Under Code Enforcement, there is a relatively short list of properties to consider for condemnation or abatement.

See here the list.

2 Responses to “Ruston City Council Monday”

  1. Mitch Dufour Says:

    Regarding the Pawn Shop Ordinance and potential City of Ruston gun registration, is this scheduled for public hearing in March?

    • Walter Abbott Says:

      I think that is accurate. The ordinance was introduced only at the 2/6 meeting. Normally, at the next meeting (the first Monday of the month for Ruston City Council), a public hearing is held for that particular ordinance and then it is voted upon.

      LA RS 33:406 describes the proper legal procedure for ordinances.

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