More Mayo/Grigsby Ties Uncovered

12/13/2009 Political Fundraiser

Last we heard of Calvin Grigsby, back in August of 2009, it was revealed that he was the senior manager of Louisiana Monroe Airport Terminal Project $20 million revenue bonds issue.

Monroe Airport Bond Firm has Checkered Past

Since then, we’ve uncovered a fundraising event in New Orleans hosted by Grigsby, Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo, and Monroe bond attorney Bill Boles. See the invitation posted above.

The latest is that Grigsby, who is a financial adviser for the City of Shreveport, is under investigation by the Shreveport City Council for possible overpayment.

Council moves forward with external investigation

The Shreveport City Council voted Tuesday to conduct an external investigation of its financial adviser, Grigsby and Associates.

The investigation comes after an internal audit showed what District D Councilman Michael Corbin believed to be discrepancies with payments made to Calvin Grigsby.

The push for the external investigation came in May when Corbin noticed payments to Grigsby that could not be reconciled to his contract and travel receipts for even dollar amounts.

In December, the city’s internal auditor presented the council with a report that showed inefficiencies in maintaining records pertaining to Grigsby and unclear language in Grigsby’s contract that resulted in possible overpayments.

3 Responses to “More Mayo/Grigsby Ties Uncovered”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Grigsby is an interesting fella. He is from California.

    What all these cats from California want to do business in north Louisiana?

    Nice folks in north LA are so trusting…….Money, Money, Money

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Money…the common thread….what these folks want to fund raise for this Florida lady???

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The people of Monroe need to wake up and realize what Mayo is doing to the City and how he is more interested in fund raising for out of town people and traveling all over the world than he is in seeing that the City of Monroe moves in a positive direction. Mayo fiddles while Monroe burns. He must be an admirer of Roman Emperor Nero.

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