Latest on Mayo/IUOE Endorsment Controversy

Union leader says Mayo support was local, not from entire union

The union support Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo received last was real, but it was not necessarily the vote of all members of that union who are scattered all over the state.

Gary Carmack, business manager of Local 216 of the International Union of Operating Engineers in Baton Rouge, said Monday that there is no local affiliate of the union based in Monroe, but there are about 20 members of the union who work for the city of Monroe.

Last week, Monroe Mayo Jamie Mayo characterized an endorsement of local 216 as “strong.” He put down an endorsement of his opponent by the city employees union because it had less than 100 members.

Statewide Local 216 has a large number of members. In Monroe, there are less than 20 affiliated with the Baton Rouge local.

The local union representative for Local 216, Toby Price contacted the Free Press Monday to say that the support offered last week was unanimous from the men who work in the water treatment plant in Monroe.

He said that there was no vote, but the feeling was unanimous among the men in the department.

He said he spoke at last week’s endorsement, but re-iterated that there was no actual vote taken.

One Response to “Latest on Mayo/IUOE Endorsment Controversy”

  1. al smith Says:

    KNOE, KTVE and the News Star will publish any lie without verifing a story. How stupid.

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