Local 216 Represents Monroe Water Plant Employees

International Union of Operating Employees (IUOE), Local 216 – based in Baton Rouge – represents some of the City of Monroe water treatment plant employees, according to a contract negotiated with the city in the fall of 2010.

See here the document.

3 Responses to “Local 216 Represents Monroe Water Plant Employees”

  1. Wascator Says:

    If the employees of the Water dept need the union to protect them from their employer, the City which is led by the Mayor, why would the union endorse the mayor? Aren’t they officially adversaries? I would not work for someone I needed protection from, I would find another job, and I would not appreciate the outfit I hired to protect me if they were hanging with the one I hired them to watch. Very irrational.

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  3. Travis Russell Hughs Says:

    Gary Carmack is some what of a sheep herder, only sheep believe the crap this guy is putting out any way!

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