Jackson Parish Police Jury Monday

Like police juries all over the state, the Jackson Parish Police Jury (JPPJ) will also hold its organizational meeting this Monday, January 9.

See the agenda here.

Notable at this meeting is the item to consider retaining special council to defend against a lawsuit filed last month by EXCO Resources against the parish sales tax administrator. The suit alleges that about $1.1 million in parish sales taxes were overpaid from 2007 through 2009.

See here the lawsuit.

The meeting is scheduled for 5:00 PM at the Dr. Charles H. Garrett Community Center, 182 Industrial Drive.


3 Responses to “Jackson Parish Police Jury Monday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Something else for the taxpayers to pay. If these people can’t do their job legal, then let them pay for it. Shouldn’t she be bonded for matters like this or is that not paid for either?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Try and find out the connection for the GNF Management Company to the Town of Jonesboro and JPPJ

    This is the same company Leslie is pushing to hire to manage the sewer grant. And after the town’s meeting tomorrow, I am sure GNF will be hired.

    What is the hook up? Fannin or Alexander or who is helping get GNF on the Jackson Parish gravy train.

    Surely, for the cost of the contract, there is one capable person in Jackson Parish that could manage the grant funds….how difficult is it? Money goes into a separate account….money goes out said account for grant purposes…..sounds simple to this simple minded person.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think no matter whether Debra Jackson is find innocence or guilty of doing her job correctly, Jackson Parish Jury is out money as they try to figure out the truth. I am betting on a settlement out of court and this will open the flood gates for other tax payers to want refunds.

    Debra will keep her job and most likely be given a pay raise…wait, she has the pay raise all ready if those board appointments last month pay her to serve.

    Where is the checks and balances for this agency’s actions?

    Is the commission audited each year?

    Is she still hiring herself out to calculate the taxes she is responsible for collecting? CONFLICT of interest big time to me as well as the Attorney General’s office.

    Ms. Jackson, if still calculating tax amounts due for a fee paid to herself, needs to decide which job she wants to have….employee paid by the parish or self employed?

    Come on Police Jury….do not allow her to be a independent tax calculator for the taxes she is paid to collect.

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