Jonesboro Council Meeting Roundup

Here’s the rest of our reporting on today’s meeting of the Town of Jonesboro’s Board of Aldermen.

CFO Agreement

A final version of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) agreement between the town and Edwards, Wade & Perry (EW&P), CPA was adopted.

See here the document.

Missing from the agreement were the words “and approved by the mayor,” that the town’s controversial mayor Leslie Thompson wanted to be included in the document. Thompson said the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA) would not agree to that stipulation.

Cooperative Endeavor Agreement

There was a bit of discussion about a resolution for a cooperative endeavor agreement between the town and other municipalities when equipment and operating personnel is shared with the other entities. This is a common practice for towns with limited personnel and that have little or no heavy equipment.

See here the document.

District B’s Renee Stringer suggested that the agreement should have some personnel rates or equipment rental amounts and that should be part of any standard CEA. She had asked for those figures at last month’s meeting.

District A’s Sam Lampkin expressed doubts about insurance liabilities and who would be responsible in case of an accident.

Stringer moved to table – with Lampkin seconding – until such time as some rates could be established. That motion to table passed 3-2 with District C’s Charla Melton voting with Stringer and Lampkin. District D’s Devin Flowers and Alderman-at-Large LaStevic Cottonham voted no.

GNF Agreement

Also tabled was an agreement with GNF Management, a Monroe-based grant consultant.

GNF had quoted a $36 thousand fee to work up the 2012-2013 Local Community Development Block Grant (LCDBG) applications.

The town’s attorney, Douglas Stokes, suggested some changes in the proposed contract, but as the modified document was not given to the council until this afternoon’s meeting, it was decided to defer a decision until the changes could be reviewed.


Several policies and procedures were adopted during the meeting.

Travel and Expense Reimbursement
Debit Card Policy
Budget Policy and Procedures

After the meeting, Alderman-at-Large LaStevic Cottonham asked us to note that he indeed does have a telephone and can be contacted by his constituents. The number is 318/278-7717.

Last night a TV news report had said his phone was disconnected.

40 Responses to “Jonesboro Council Meeting Roundup”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Way to go Charla! Think for yourself, I’ve always known you had it in you. You go girl! Two strong intelligent women will lead us out of this mess.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yeah to Charla! I, too, knew you had it in you to make a vote on your own thoughts… is women we need to fix this mess!

      Go Girl!

      • Doodlebug Says:

        Thank you Charla! You are a smart and beautiful young lady and I know you can and will make a positive difference in our town. Thanks again, God bless you and Happy New Year!!

        • Anonymous Says:

          I salute you Sam, Renee and Charla. That fee needs to be solid so everybody pays the same. To easy to so favoritism.

      • sunrisesunset Says:

        This time okay. Maybe not next time. Only time will tell about the true Charla and the way she will vote.

        Use your head WISELY, Charla, and you will do just fine.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    hmmm…LT must have paid LaStevic’s phone bill for him.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Very true. Everyone knows is your phone is disconnected today, you can get it turned back on that same day!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Maybe the town paid his cell phone bill….since he is announcing it at a town meeting….maybe it is a town cell phone!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    We are gonna hire a grant professional? Wait, we had a grant lady…where is she? Running from her problems????

  4. Anonymous Says:

    “…and approved by the Mayor”….I like those words Leslie likes every where.

    It will be easier to point the figure at him since everything is “approved by the Mayor”!

    His ego is so darn big, I think his head is gonna EXPLODE!

  5. shocker Says:

    I am amazed Lumpkins had a coherent thought. Must have been a fluke.

    • Vicky Says:

      No, he had a camera on him and wanted to give the appearance of lucidity. It will revert back to the usual at the next meeting. Why change now, things are rolling in their direction.

  6. hmmm Says:

    Who is GNF? I know the initials are the “director” Gary N Fontana; but, who is this? He also is shown as the director of specialty logistics at the same address with the secretary of state. And, the address itself comes back as Acme Disposal service, a garbage service.

    Is the town in any way affiliated with Acme Disposal? Or any other way with him? I noticed he was acknowledged at a OUchita police jury meeting and made comment about a grant they received. You can google his name to find that.

    Honestly, if bills cannot be paid how do you try to hire a grant writer? Why don’t you hire intelligent people in house who can make it part of their pay to write grants. It doesn’t take rocket science; but, yes, it would be above the average IQ of what is there already.

    • Barbara T. Says:

      well, at least there is one person there that is trying to do all she can with what she has to work with, the accountant. Not the CFO, the accountant, read her question about where the money to pay the bills was going to come from? She is trying.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Wow….bet Debra Jackson is glad the spot light is back on Leslie for a brief while…..LeStevic as well…Devin, give us something soon please…the spot light is big enough for the whole three ring circus!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Maybe, you should be in the spot light. Its more than a three ring circus. Maybe this paper should be in the spot light for giving one sided information, instead of the facts.

      • Light it Up Says:

        Maybe you should just accept the facts-your idol is ignorant and your ride on the gravy train is about to end. You have spent all the funds and your “position” is about to come to an abrupt halt.

        Spot light on you now.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Please give us some “facts” as you know them….use this paper to present the facts, instead of one sided information.

        Straighten us out please!

        Where is the money?

        Who failed to pay the IRS?

        What is the root of the TOJ’s problems?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Contract with the lovely Tonya Wade is “as time and contract funds allow”.

    I may not be too smart BUT it sure seems to me there are no funds to allow this contract….

    How is that working? Let’s not pay the IRS the first few months of 2012 so we can pay Tonya Wade to train the Lake Charles accountants (the ones who have never done an audit on a town before)

    • Time is on My Side Says:

      What? Come on, why ya gonna pick on them? They new here, they got this and they gonna get it right, just give them time, you know that has been the missing ingredient here for 5 years, just some more time. ,-)

      • Anonymous Says:

        Tonya Wade to not notify the Legislative Auditors and Mayor Thompson that the IRS was past due at least one year of taxes should be a CRIME!

        This is not taxes owed by a business on the profits…..these are the taxes withheld from the employees who show up for work and TRUST the Town of Jonesboro is operating correctly…meaning, paying the taxes withheld from their paychecks to the tax agency.

        If I worked for the TOJ, I sure would be checking my retirement account. Did those deposits make it to my account?

        Was this why Tonya had Leslie to contract Nick to walk the mail out to the mail drop box at the Town Hall?

        Tonya Wade knew all along that the checks were being written but not mailed….so instead of turning this information in to the Legislative Auditors, she has the Mayor contract with a Nick to drive to Jonesobor, look thru the out going mail and then walk the mail outside to a mail drop box right in the TOJ parking lot.

        The lovely Tonya Wade wanted to continue her ride on the gravy train in Jonesboro.

        Not paying Kenneth Folden is because there is NO MONEY to do so.

        We can keep paying all the Mayor’s friends though….like the cemetery grass mowing friend… the Rev Dill, the trusted assistant… other mayor had a personal assistant!

        Hope you feel good Leslie, Jim & Bob! The three stooges!


        • Vernon Jackson Says:

          How do you know she did not notify them? They polished it as they gave the glowing remarks in the last appearance ( they should get the Academy Award) Thompson and Crew for the ACT they put on in Baton Rouge.


        • Anonymous Says:

          Tonya Wade is as guilty as Leslie…..she did not make the mess…..she let it GROW!

          Her GREED let the town’s money disappear.

          Tonya Wade, you are shameful! And now, you want some more money.

          Leslie Thompson, you are shameful!

          Lestevic and Devine….you are pitiful for following Leslie.

          Charla….I see a tiny bit of hope in you! Do not be afraid to buck Leslie….he can not hurt you and we know he can certainly not help you!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    If it was a crime to not pay taxes, there would be hundreds in jail.

    Leslie ain’t done nothing wrong. You all, once again, are picking on him.

    The CDs were there to be spent. Now it is done. Get over it.

    Taxes can be raised to make more money for Jonesboro.

    Police department can be shut down and the Sheriff can handle all matters….they are doing it anyway, so save the money it cost to have TOJ police. Wesley, fill out your retirement papers and the other guys, go find another job.

    There….money problem solved for Jonesboro. See how easy it is…just let Leslie do his job.

    Maybe the news of no more police is coming in January…Leslie promised more bad news and we just need to get on board with it.

    I think 4 work days would be in order as a way to save money. Let the TOJ staff work 4 days a week and cut their pay 20%….including the Mayor’s pay.

    Come on ….let’s get creative and stop trying to send Leslie to jail!

    • Vernon Jackson Says:

      Good luck with that one, Thompson may push everyone else around in Jonesboro, but one man won’t cower and whimper and say yes sir yes sir ……….Sheriff Andy Brown, now I will pay big money to see Thompson MAKE ANDY BROWN DO A THING, especially take on the Police duties.

      That Brick Wall don’t cave to thugs.

      • sunrisesunset Says:

        You are right. Sheriff Andy Brown is his own man…..and, a good one at that.

        He (Andy) will not tolerate anything that is being forced by the stupid mayor Thompson. And Thompson is certainly not the CEO. He is the mayor and nothing else. So, get over it mayor Thompson. Quit referring to yourself as a CEO. I even do not like the thought of you being referred to as mayor either.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yeah let’s save some money, move it around, the hand is quicker than the eye. Cut off the cell phones, park the junker cars and trucks…park the CEOmobile and let les buy a personnal vehicle for the first time in his life. Lookie there I just saved toj $8000 a month!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Who is the liar here? The CFO or the CEO or BOTH?

    How, oh, how did this come to be?

    I say Tonya is as guilty as Leslie… an independent hired accountant, she should have sounded the alarm.

    Wait, she wants more money from Leslie….hush, do not let the folks know we owe at least a years worth of employment taxes….we can not keep getting our paychecks…..okay, buddy, I will keep our little secret….wink and nod…..we are good, all is good…..

    Leslie and Tonya keep getting paid. The taxpayers of Jonesboro get screwed, again, and not even a kiss!

    • Howard Bicknell Says:

      If you would care to realize a few facts…..

      1. The Legislative Auditor and the State of Louisiana has the entire game in their hand.
      This Pseudo Audit game, is a part of the State of Louisiana’s program to give certain appearances to certain issues.

      The Independent Auditor is certified by the State of Louisiana to conduct Municipal Audits.
      A. That is where the term “INDEPENDENT” FALLS OFF.
      They are working within the direction of the Legislative Auditor-go online and look at the list of Key Staff Members-check their titles and their respective positions. The State of Louisiana conducts training annually to revamp and revisit certain areas of the current Fiscal year with the “Certified “INDEPENDENT” Auditors.
      This entire issue is not Tonya Wade’s fault, she is working within the Guidelines of the State of Louisiana so, until your State Representative and Senator’s decide to correct the mess they ever so deftly created, she has to proceed with what she has to work with. I believe she did tell the CEO and I use that term loosely, that there were issues and I believe she did tell the Legislative Auditor otherwise why would Joy Irwin have briefly mentioned the “tax issues”.
      The buck stops firmly and squarely on the CEO, the State Representative and Senator, Legislative Audit Committee, District Attorney, Attorney General and the State Treasurer.

      Wade is not the big bad wolf that the CEO and others are trying to depict as the one guilty. She is just another casualty in the game of “let’s blame everyone but the CEO”.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Let’s all call the Alderman-at-Large, LaStevic Cottonham, and ask him why the IRS has not been paid. His number is 318/278-7717.

    He should have an answer ….think he is the mayor pro tem and is the one in charge when Leslie is traveling on official town business.

    He will be come mayor if Leslie is recalled.

    Give him a shout out and see what the man has to say….

  12. Anonymous Says:

    The taxes that weren’t paid are the taxes that are withheld from the employees paychecks. So, if they are holding money out of the employees checks yet not sending it in. Where is it going, and in how bad of shape are the employees gonna be in when they go to file their w-2s??

  13. Anonymous Says:

    It is interesting the timing of this news from Leslie. Now he can say something like “That was last year. We not gonna discuss that anymore. This here is a new year for the Town of Jonesboro. Just gonna have to get use to what I am telling you. We are moving ahead and all is going to be fine.”

    He is desperate to get the audit done and have that grant money flow into his hands. With out the new sewer grant, he will have no money to spend and “misplace” the documents.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I believe the Town of Jonesboro is used in legislative auditor training classes as the BEST!

    Best example of what not to do with a town’s money

    Best behavior to avoid for a mayor.

    Best place for new auditors to run from

    Best example of hidden crime

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