Lawsuit Filed Over Monroe City Council Elections

A lawsuit was filed in the Monroe Division of U. S. District Court today demanding that the Monroe City Council elections be held as originally scheduled in March and April of 2012.

From the press release:

Today, Monroe City Councilman Eddie Clark and citizen activist Byrd Minter filed suit in federal court seeking an order that will allow the citizens of Monroe to vote in the upcoming municipal elections on March 24, 2012 and April 21, 2012. The Defendants include Monroe City Mayor Jamie Mayo, the other four City Council members, Jay Marx, Arthur Gilmore, Jr., Robert Stevens, and Gretchen Ezernack, and the State election officials, Secretary of State Tom Schedler and Ouachita Clerk of Court Louise Bond.

Mr. Clark and Mr. Minter seek an order that will allow election of the Monroe Council from the recently adopted election plan if approved by the Justice Department by December 31, 2011. Otherwise, the Petitioners seek a judicially ordered plan to be used in the upcoming election. Petitioners are seeking an order to allow City Council qualifying to occur January 18, 19 and 20, 2012 so the regular elections can thereafter proceed constitutionally.

See here the documents:

Press Release
Motion for Expedited Hearing

The plaintiff attorney is Paul Hurd.

7 Responses to “Lawsuit Filed Over Monroe City Council Elections”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This suit would really help fast Eddie and the whole council. The disadvantage of running against an incumbent would be amplified by having less time for a challenger to mount a campaign. So what if they get bonus months in office. God told most of them to run anyway so who cares when.

  2. al smith Says:

    Because of intentional law and city charter violations none of the city council should be allowed to run in the next election when ever it is scheduled to be held. If the election for council is in March, a new candidate for city council is definately disadvantaged because of less time to challenge an incumbent. If the election is in November, the newly elected councilperson serves for a shorter time. The present city council should not be allowed to seek reelection!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Go Al you are so right. I agree with both comments this action does not benefit the voters. It may reward the council for their poor performance in the service of the mayor.
    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” in the case of Eddie Clark. Clever Eddie but no cigar!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yes lawyer Paul H. and Fast Eddie is working to reelect the mayor and the city council. Paul and Eddie could only find one person to join the suit. No one else would have anything to do with it. Who is paying the lawyer might be a good question. This does not pass the smell test~

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Perhaps god is paying Paul for filing this BS>

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Yes if no one fights this then you know that Mayo and Marx must be pleased with Paul Hurd and will pay his legal fees with the taxpayer’s dollars, cool move Paul

  7. Matha Says:

    I have been reading this blog to get a excellent when. Keep up the great job you are doing here.

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