IRS, Insurance Issues Resurface at Jonesboro

IRS, Insurance

Insurance and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues have resurfaced for the Town of Jonesboro, according to the town’s controversial mayor Leslie Thompson. At last night’s meeting of the Board of Aldermen, he said “there are IRS and insurance situations that we need to be concerned about.” He added that, “there are payments that we need to make to bring those insurances current.”

An IRS agent paid a visit to the town.

“The IRS representative came and spoke with Melba, and I think David and me last week,” Thompson said. “We’re having to get together some papers – I think it’s 941,” he added.

The IRS Form 941 (Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return) is a form that reports the total amount of tax withheld during the quarter. As an employer, the town is responsible for withholding federal income tax and other payroll taxes from each employee’s paycheck and remitting it to the IRS quarterly.

This has been an ongoing problem for years with the town.

According to the town’s audits and the monthly reports from the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the town has habitually been late with tax and insurance payments, resulting in dropped medical coverage for employees and conflict with the IRS.

Thompson said he would be also talking soon with insurance agents about those issues and would report back to the board.

Alderman Attempts to Interfere with Police Chief’s Authority

Another significant development last night was an apparent attempt by District D’s Devin Flowers to interfere with the authority and duties of Jonesboro’s Police Chief, Wes Horton.

At the beginning of the meeting, Flowers had added to the agenda an item “police department.” When that item came up, Flowers questioned the shift assignment of one of Horton’s officers.

Horton said that no patrol officer is specifically assigned any particular shift and assignments were made as requirements dictate.

City Attorney Douglas Stokes backed up Horton’s authority.

“The Chief of Police – he has the authority,” said Stokes.

“It’s gonna cause him (the officer) a problem,” Flowers replied.

CFO Contract Extended

As we had reported yesterday, the CFO contract between the town, the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA), and Edwards, Wade & Perry (EW&P) was extended for “30 to sixty days” to “assist” in the preparation of the annual audit that is due by 12/31/2011.

From the new contract:

A. The TOWN is fully responsible for the audit; however, the CFO will make herself available to the TOWN’s auditor to discuss the TOWN’s accounting functions, controls, etc., as requested, and assist TOWN staff in preparing necessary documents/schedules for the TOWN’s June 30, 2011 audit; and
B. Provide ongoing training and general follow-up for the scope of services, which were enumerated as 1-24, in the April 2011 contract…

See here the document.

Thompson said he wanted to insert into part A of the agreement “and approved by the mayor” in two places, so that he could maintain control of the process.

It is unclear if an audit can be called “independent” if the management of the governmental entity tries to control the process.

District B’s Renee Stringer brought up a letter from the mayor to Wade where he said she had not properly instructed the town clerk on how to generate some of the monthly reports. Thompson said the issue had been addressed and was no longer a problem.

See here the letter.

Budget Ordinance Amendment Tabled

Also last night, a budget amendment ordinance was tabled, because, according to Thompson, some additional issues needed to be addressed.

When writing today’s news story, we noticed that the budget ordinance that was tabled last night differed slightly from the one introduced at the 11/8/2011 meeting of the board.

Last night’s version had about $11 thousand more in revenue and expenditures, and it also whacked the Jonesboro Police Department’s (JPD) budget another $8 thousand. That’s on top of the $67 thousand cut to the JPD that was in the original version of the budget amendment.

See here the documents:

Budget Ordinance #706 (as introduced 11/8/2011)
Budget Ordinance #706 (as tabled 12/13/2011)
See here the adjusted budget spreadsheet.

Thompson said last night that he was an expert on how to amend the town’s budget. “We’ve been through ninety days of court with that,” he said. “We gonna do it according to the law,” Thompson added.

During the public comment period for the ordinance, Police Chief Wesley Horton had questioned the accuracy of the figures and suggested that the process be delayed until the numbers were correct.

“Animal control spent $900 on telephone, and there hasn’t been anyone there,” said Horton. “I don’t know how we can propose an amendment when we don’t have accurate figures,” he added.

Policies and Procedures

Two policies were reviewed and adopted.

Financial Reporting Policy
Bank Reconciliation Policy

Animal Control

District B’s Stringer made an impassioned plea to the rest of the council and the mayor to reopen the animal control shelter which was closed last summer when the new budget was adopted.

No action was taken.

68 Responses to “IRS, Insurance Issues Resurface at Jonesboro”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Some solutions present themselves. Just fire the officer who doesn’t understand officers are there to suit the PD’s needs and not the other way around and save way more than the $8,000 in cuts to the PD that the mayor has sneaked into the budget.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    “The IRS representative came and spoke with Melba, and I think David and me last week,” Thompson said. “We’re having to get together some papers – I think it’s 941,” he added.

    Help me understand what this quote means please…does Leslie THINK he and David meet with the IRS????

    I THINK I would know if I had a meeting with an IRS agent….just saying!

    • Walter Abbott Says:

      That quote is precisely correct. I have it on tape and played it back several times to get it right.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Mr. Abbott, can you post the council meetings from November, and last night, on thetruthatjonesboro.

    • Augusta Duffer Says:

      You also are probably more educated than his highness, who has never held a real job in his life. He is a product of the system that we have in place. The federal and state government continues to prop up individuals who have no real skills. I am just surprised it took this long for one of life’s rejects to get this high into public office.

  3. D- Says:

    OMG that letter from Thompson to Wade was SO terribly written, full of grammatical mistakes, poorly chosen words and totally awkward phrasing. Seriously, did he even finish high school?

    That was BAD, BAD, BAD. I hope he’s not writing letters of recommendation for college bound kids.

    How is this going to end? I’m so sorry this is happening. I’ve only been following this site for a matter of days, had no idea there were such issues, but I think i’m caught up now…thanks.

    • Anonymous Says:

      It’s true he speaks and writes in a curious double talk. That technique tends to lose the answer to a simple question in verbage so you are led to believe he either doesnot understand the question, is avoiding a direct answer, or is stringing words together thinking he sounds intelligent. Tiresome indeed. Any letters signed by him not containing this double talk are written by someone else.

      • FLy On WE R Sick of it Says:

        So saD and what is EVen worse are the pathetic people that listen to hIm and thiNk he speaks truth and actually cares about them.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Thompson is not writing his letters. If you read any of the Rev David Dill’s articles, you will see Rev Dill is the voice of Leslie on paper.

      Still a “D-“….not sure of Dill’s education….he does like to make things sound so important.

      The Mayor has a degree……but just cause you get a sheepskin, does not make you able to write.

      Ms. Simmon’s letter in the paper was well written and easy to understand. Maybe she can proof his work and coach him in writing.

  4. sunrisesunset Says:

    All of this information needs to be forwarded to Baton Rouge so they can see that all of what Thompson has been feeding them is hogwash. None of what he says is the truth.

    Sad, pathetic Thompson and his “no clue” followers. But, it is typical of them.

    • Anonymous Says:

      There needs to be a letter writing campaign to Jim Fannin asking him to STOP making excuses and covering for Leslie. Until Fannin stops, there will be no actions in Baton Rouge to stop the MESS.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Jim Fannin been talking around town lately? What is he saying about Leslie? I heard he was a talking…..

        • sunrisesunset Says:

          Saying what………

          • Marching to Victory Says:

            James Roy Fannin goes to McDonalds and fills the cups of the aged men with more propaganda than the mini Stalin/Hitler/Noriega dictator from City Hall. He tells them the exact opposite of what actually has already been decided in Baton Rouge with his and Kostelka’s stamp of approval. With this last action I do think they might be seeing the light, but one more visit and 3 more lies will placate the elderly gentlemen yet again. Pitiful! I was told one gentleman tried to get an appointment to go to Baton Rouge to see the Attorney General but was told to wait until the appropriate time. When is the appropriate time? This has gone on long enough, the caravan is about to come together and Baton Rouge is about to see what some people here are tired of, James Roy Fannin, Bob Kostelka, D.A. Stewart, Thompson and crew.
            Yes, it is going to happen.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Feel free to contact the Legislative Auditors office and ask them to make certain to ask about the IRS’s visit to the TOJ…the meeting Leslie “thinks” he and David Dill were at….

    Too bad the IRS did not look at Thompson’s personal tax return….just to make sure he reported those big dollars he earned from Fannin and DA Stewart. Maybe next time…..

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I make a move that the TOJ change the rules.

    Let Devin Flowers make out the schedule for the police officers. He must have told his buddy he could hook him up!

    He has been an elected official for almost a year now….Does he have a real job? Or is this it? How about a car or house?

    If not, increase his pay and get him a town car….pronto!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Letter to CFO sounds like he is wanting a way out of paying her….she did not honor the contract, blah, blah, blah.

    So the TOJ has contract “Nick” to get the mail to the mailbox? Who is Nick and how much is he contracted for to take out the mail? Is this his only job?

    The post office carrier picks up the mail from our office for free!

    No wonder the expenses keep mounting!!!


    FYI: YES,my brother has a car,and a job,and he has a house,so please leave my bother alone,he doesn’t bother anyone.My bother is concern about his district,and his town.


    sorry for the spelling of brother,i’m pissed at people,who write on here, lies about people,who believe in change.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Has your brother ever voted against anything the Mayor presented?

    • Anonymous Says:

      So your brother, Devin, thought the town council had the authority to determine a town employees work shift? Interesting that he thought one police officer’s shift was business the town council needed to address at the monthly public meeting. Why did the Town Attorney have to explain to Devin that it was not the council’s authority regarding work shifts for the police? Just trying to understand why he would add this item to the agenda since the council has no authority to act.

      Is your brother the one eating sunflower seeds at the table during the meetings?

      Was your brother the one who told D J Allen that he was not welcome at the TOJ meetings since he did not live in Jonesboro?

      Share with us more about your brother…..elected public officials are put under a microscope and their actions are discussed.

      Help us get to know your brother better. I know he is a 1990 JHHS graduate….what is his current employment? Does he obtain any education after high school? How did he learned to manage such a large budget as the TOJ budget?

      It does seem he tends to always vote, without any questions, with Leslie Thompson.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Devin is the man who was eating sunflowers seeds at the table.

        Devin was also the one who TOLD D. J. Allen he was not welcome at the public meetings since he did not live in Jonesboro.

        Devin, a man of change, wants to change the way things are done in Jonesboro……

        He makes the council meeting causal ….very causal dress and eating a snake while meeting is going on.

        He does not want to allow the tax payers to attend the meetings if they do not live in the town….can bus in folks for rallys and meetings, just not to the town council meetings. Especially, if you speak up and actually know how to read and UNDERSTAND a working budget.

        He thinks employees to pick their own work shifts.

        There certainly would all be change…..not change for the good of Jonesboro.

        • Anonymous Says:

          How many folks that are defending or working for the inept mayor actually live in the town? Not Dill, not the grant gettin woman, not Windy, not Dr. and mrs. simmons, not many of the administrative staff, not all the dept heads and last not the zoning commission members. But the councilmember Flowers don’t want no outsiders you know. LOL

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Well, I would like to know your thoughts about “change” the mayor has brought about at TJ

      Change to do as he pleases.
      Change to disobey all the quidelines for managing an entity.
      Change for corrupting the TJ financially.
      Change for unaccountability
      Change that brings “disrespect” to an office from a mayor.
      Change that lets people that he chooses get away without paying their bills to the TJ.
      Change that sinks the TJ deeper into the abyss.

      I could go on and on, but you get the message. Change, but in the wrong direction.

      Please address all of the above.

    • Augusta Duffer Says:

      The only type of change your brother and his band of idiots have brought to Jonesboro are the changes we are going to spend years trying to correct. He was only elected to give Leslie someone to back him up no matter how stupid he is. Your spelling is proof of this also. If he wants respect, tell him to start taking his job seriously and stand against the mayor for once.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Janice Simmons’s letter last week to the Editor in the Jackson Independent mentions the Town of Jonesboro Cemetery.

    Walter, would you research the TOJ expenses and income associated with the Cemetery?

    How does one obtain a plot in the Cemetery?

    Is there a fee charged by the TOJ when a burial occurs?

    Is it against the law to allow non-whites to be buried in the Town of Jonesboro Cemetery? She implies that is the case.

    Never knew that this old cemetery might be a sore spot or creates an issue with anyone until reading Janice’s letter last week.

    I quote her letter “….I would certainly want to know why an all white cemetery in the heart of the town is being maintained with tax payers dollars and by city employees who will never be allowed be interred there?…”

    Having ancestors buried there, my family would be happy to donate, time and money, annually. Especially if needed to maintain this historical cemetery. I am certain other folks would do the same….just as long as there is no misuse of the donated funds.

    I think the financial budget woes in the TOJ has not been created by the cemetery….but if somebody needs to be layed off to save some money by stopping the mowing, etc. at the cemetery, let’s move forward with a non profit and the TOJ can donate the land and be relieved of the financial responsibility of the cemetery.


  11. Frank Says:

    Take it easy, Sister Flowers. We all “believe in change”. By that, I mean we want change for the better. Is that what you were trying to say?
    Is the change you speak of the change promoted by race hucksters and false prophets like Sharpton, Jackson, Obama and Thompson?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Wonder where Sister Flowers is today…..or Brother Flowers….come on we know you read this blog. Share with us more about Devin Flowers.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    In response to the allegations that the Jonesboro Cemetary is funded or maintained using Town of Jonesboro money and the reference to it being a “white cemetary”. If it is being funded by the town of jonesboro, I cant help but notice that the Mayor of Jonesboro is a “non-white” ( as you referr to it ). So, is the cemetary really a racial issue. I cant see how it would be if it is being funded by a town body that is controlled by an African-American mayor. Kinda CONTRADICTS itself doesnt it?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Must be a racial issue to Janice Simmons….she is the one who brought it up.

      I think any one who wants to be buried there can be buried there.

      • My Taxes Too Says:

        Just how many whites does she allow to live in her Memoriall projects? I surely would like to know how my taxes are represented in All HER OPERATIONS, if you want to get technical. let’s look at all the pieces of the puzzle.

        • sunrisesunset Says:

          I wonder how many whites will occupy the apartments being constructed in the old Post Office Bldg.

          I will wager there will be none. And, too, what are the qualifications for living in that bldg.?

    • Anonymous Says:

      As an interesting side note…the orginal budgeted amount for cemetary maint. was $14300. Exactly what are we talking about? Grass cutting and weedeating? Since when does it cost over $1000 per month to maintain this cemetary? I bet if you look further this is contracted out to a friend or relative. Has it always cost this much or just since this administration took over?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I was told by a former mayor who had researched the subject at the Courthouse that the Town of Jonesboro has no ownership nor legal responsibility for the Jonesboro Cemetery.

  14. well then Says:

    If that is true, the town needs to stop mowing it. The people who have loved ones buried there need to pony up and hire their own service to mow.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I agree…..we need to see if there is a contract in place between the TOJ and a friend of the Mayors….to keep up the contract.

      Previously, the budget was a lot less…..thinking a friend of the Mayor has the hook up for the cemetery.

      Please clarify ….do town workers up keep the cemetery like Janice Simmons said????

    • Anonymous Says:

      I do seem to recall hearing the cemetery budget was previously a lot less until Thompson increased it. That is a lot for mowing….especially since there ain’t much mowing in the winter months.

      I have a bush on our family plot that needs to be cut down….who should I call?

      • well then Says:

        If the cemetery isn’t owned by the town, then you need to go out there and cut it down or hire your own person.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Afraid I will be charged with destroying public property if I cut the bush.

        If I knew for certain the cemetery is not owned by the town, I would gladly remove the bush.

        The grass is always mowed so someone somewhere knows who is responsible.


        • anonymous Says:

          It seems like they could eliminate the care of the cemetery that the town doesn’t own and put that money back in to the budget for the police dept.

          • Anonymous Says:

            You are right….call Devin Flowers and ask him to make a motion for that….The other ones would vote for it and Leslie should not care

          • Anonymous Says:

            Whoa….hold on…Leslie do care….Devin can not march without Leslie telling him to march first.

            The person mowing is there thanks to Leslie…Leslie can not let his supporter not earn that TOJ money.

            Sorry, Mrs. Janice Simmons. You have Leslie to thank about the white cemetery in the heart of the city (using your words…cause it is a town for sure) being maintained by the TOJ. Talk to him….heck ask him if you can get a grant to keep it mowed! Cut to you….for being so caring about the TOJ.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Aryan Nations – Press Release
    Aryan Nations Has Secured A Victory for Jonesboro Taxpayers over the NAACP, the Mayor and his Jena Six Lawyers for Janurary 14th 2012 Jonesboro, Louisiana – Courthouse. The Townspeople of Jonesboro Louisiana had Called upon Aryan Nations to take a stand against the black Mayor and his Jena Six lawyers who had called in the NAACP from the surrounding Southern States …of Mississippi, Texas and Arkansas over an investigation for Malfeasance and Misappropriation into the Town of Jonesboro’s finances and its Mayor Leslie Thompson.

    There is still however $385,122 unaccounted for by the Mayor and we ask this question still: where is the money Mayor ?

    Click to access jonesboro_victory.pdf

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Well here is some more of the incompetant nonsense from the Mayor of Jonesboro. Aryan Nations has been denied the right to confront the mayor and the NAACP on behalf of the townspeople of Jonesboro. Aryan Nations was successful in keepng the NAACP from using city property to stage their rehersed event, but at this juncture I am not sure how much good Aryan Nations can actually do for the Jonesboro taxpayers. I would not be a bit surprised if the Mayor and the NAACP still showed up in defiance of what the police jury has stated in their denial of permits for both Aryan Nations and the Mayor. It looks as though the IRS is on the scene and I understand there is still an investigation continuing as to what happened to the nearly $400,000 the Mayor has supposed to have pilfered. Time will tell, truth will prevail I do believe.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Can the NAACP and Aryan Nations exist without one another? Think about it. They need each other to keep their issues going.

      Think about this….the folks at each group are really friends (strange bedfellows) and they let the other know where to show up…..cause one without the other would not keep the sh!t they spit out going.

      • Anonymous Says:

        And that sort of illogical and cowardice thinking is exactly why Jonesboro is in the position it is today. If the white folks in this little town would have stood up to the Negro there long ago, you wouldn’t need Aryan Nations to do it for you now.

        • well then Says:

          “Stood up to the Negro”??? You are an idiot. Take your racist clown self to Mississippi where you belong.

          We don’t need this missing funds and malfeasance turning into a racial thing. It hasn’t been thus far and it doesn’t need to turn that way now.

          • Larry King Says:

            You are so wrong, it has been racist all along due to the continual excuse of the First African American Mayor……get your facts straight you clown and carry yourself back to Detroit.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    That probably is correct about the Town of Jonesboro not “owning” the Jonesboro Cemetery. According to the best records available, the Macedonia Baptist Church was located on the hill where the cemetery is now located, and Joseph Jones set aside four square acres for the chuch and a cemetery.
    There was not even a Town of Jonesboro as such until 1903, and nobody has been able to locate records to show that the town ever purchased the property for that purpose. Some of the adjacent landowners, such as the Beasley family, sold portions of that area which they owned to individuals for cemetery plots.
    It has been traditional for the Town of Jonesboro to keep that area up, regardless of any legal responsibility, and they have been assisted by individuals who donate for that purpose. Do not know the history of the cemetery on the east side of town, who owns it or who keeps it up.
    I would assume that the $13,400 budgeted for upkeep includes both of these, plus any additional ones within the town limits that are not privately or individually owned. Believe a funeral home owns Gayla Traina and Garden of Memories, and McDonald Baptist Church owns the McDonald Cemetery land, and there may be others.
    While that amount does seem rather exorbitant for maintenance of just two cemeteries, it pales by comparison with the sharp increase in mayoral salary, maintenance of proper bookkeeping records, and legal fees that have been incurred during the present administration.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Very good information. thanks!

    • well then Says:

      $13k may not be THAT much; but, it is taxpayer money. I don’t believe it should be done by the town. Just because “traditionally” it has been done doesn’t make it right. So, basically, previous mayors were guilty of malfeasance by doing this. Pitiful. Maybe an investigation into what exactly previous administrations were having town workers do would be appropriate.

      The town needs to stop doing favors and people need to handle their own business.

      • Anonymous Says:

        So true…so the guy currently mowing the cemetery should understand when he is out a job….I mean his “hook up” gets unhooked.

      • Anonymous Says:

        You so funny! Want to make those who have done their job prior to Leslie to look like they committed malfeasance in office.

        Sorry, will not work….The Mayor’s Club of Malfeasance has only room for one member…..and man, oh, man, has it done it right to get the club started.

        Too bad Janice Simmons was not around Jonesboro prior to Leslie’s run as mayor to speak out about the cemetery. She ought to go on over and pick her a place in the cemetery.

        She wants to pick on even the dead white folks in Jonesboro.

        • Anonymous Says:

          she was here, she never said a word about the so called white cemetery. She was too busy setting up grant lines of credit and putting together her memorial deals……..

      • Anonymous Says:

        Tell that to the man that Leslie hired to mow the cemetery…he might think the TOJ should keep mowing….how he gonna earn his money if the Mayor removes this from the budget?

        Good to have a hook up with Leslie!

        Unless you are Kenneth Folden, he got stiffed by Leslie!

      • Anonymous Says:

        Who this trying to twist history? Accuse everyone else of what your leader, the Honorable Mayor Leslie Thompson is so guilty of…you are mental ill!

        Same stupid jerks who told Renee Stringer, at the last town meeting, she was guilty of cruelty to animals.

        The Town of Jonesboro animal control center was a joke under the Thompson Dog Killer Catcher’s reign. And the dog killer still has a job with Leslie taking care of him and there is still an expense to the Town for a non existing animal control center….can anyone explain that?

        Renee, forgive those folks for they know not what they do!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Janice Simmons…..where did you get your information from regarding the cemetery?

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Tell him Larry King. Detroit is where this fool needs to be. It became a racial issue when the Mayor invited the NAACP the most notorious hate group to ever walk the streets in on the issue. I’ll wager a bet this is the only reason Aryan Nations decided to get involved at all. And isn’t Renee Stringer a White woman ? I’ll bet the Mayor wouldn’t shove around a black woman like he did Renee. A strong white man should have knocked him on his monkey ass for even touching her. But it appears to me Jonesboro is short on strong white men.

    • Justin Says:

      Why don’t you do it, since you are so bad. You anonymous tough guy. LMAO! Jonesboro’s finest, no wonder this town/parish is in the shape it is in. Too many GED’s, not enough bachelor degrees.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Oh OK Justin I believe that’s what I just did you big ole net warrior you. Or are the nets on your legs Sweet thang? I bet you’re a big ole fat n sweaty chocolate hunk in painties ain’t ya boy.

        • Justin Says:

          Were you trying to say panties. Learn how to spell before you post anything else, you inbred. Now I see what Ms. Simmons is talking about. LMAO!!!

          • Anonymous Says:

            Leave it to a big ole chocolate queer to know how to spell a word like painties. Bet you know how to use a tampion too.

          • Anonymous Says:

            You need to go right back to topix or be bold enough to give your real name….you are GROSS!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Just leave the mayor and devin and janice alone….they just helping Jonesboro become a better place to live.

    Go on about your own personal business and know the Town is in good hands.

    the rev david dill is helping out as well. tonya wade is fixing up the books …she has made sure the mail goes out.

    we have a fine group of very smart folks making sure all is well in jonesboro. and some more fine folks from lake charles gonna be in the house soon for the new audit….going to be nice.

    leslie getting a new sewer system for gate city. he is working harder than any other mayor ever had to to over come all this negative stuff you folks are saying about him.

    shut your pie hole and learn to like leslie!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Aryan Nations – January 14th 2012
    Seek Justice and Bring Facts for Jonesboro Taxpayers

    When Aryan Nations was contacted and asked if we could come to town to oppose the NAACP who was called in by Mayor Leslie Thompson because he is unable to account for nearly $400,000 of taxpayer money and is crying “RACISM” rather than face the music, we applied for a permit to counter the NAACP and the Mayor on January 14th. The Jackson Parish Police Jury denied all parties their first amendment right to assemble.

    Regardless: Aryan Nations knows what the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution says, and we will be in Jonesboro at 500 E. Street on January 14th just before noon. We won’t be bringing thousands like the NAACP promised to do. We don’t need to do that. We do believe that the White population of Jonesboro wants to, and needs to, see our presence and hear our message. We are not coming to infringe upon anyone’s constitutional rights, but simply to exercise ours, visit your community and bring a message that we believe is long overdue for the majority of most Anglo Americans.

    For instance; this is just a small amount of information from The Color of Crime Report, Race, Crime, and Justice in America Second, Expanded Edition, 2005. It’s major findings were that.
     Police and the justice system are not biased against minorities.
    Crime Rates
     Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.
     When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.
     Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.
     The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.
    Interracial Crime
     Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.
     Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.
     Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.
     Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.
     Only 10 percent of youth gang members are white.
     Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times more likely.
     Between 1980 and 2003 the US incarceration rate more than tripled, from 139 to 482 per 100,000, and the number of prisoners increased from 320,000 to 1.39 million.
     Blacks are seven times more likely to be in prison than whites. Hispanics are three times more likely.

    Want to know more ? Get Involved – It’s Your Future – Contact:

    Aryan Nations – World Headquarters
    P.O. Box 282 Converse, Louisiana 71419
    Phone: 318 – 527 – 5597

  22. income protection insurance redundancy Says:

    income protection insurance redundancy…

    […]IRS, Insurance Issues Resurface at Jonesboro « Lincoln Parish News Online[…]…

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