Two New Members for Jackson Parish Library Board of Control Appointed by JPPJ Committee

Two new members for the Jackson Parish Library Board of Control – Dean Rushing and Sherri Ezell – were recommended for appointment by the Jackson Parish Police Jury’s (JPPJ) Personnel Committee yesterday.

If approved by the full jury at their 12/12/11 meeting, the two will (effective 1/1/12) replace respectively Hazel Martin and Ronnie Spillers. Martin’s term expires at the end of this year, while Spillers’ term expires at the end of 2013. Ezell will fill out the balance of that term.

See here the agenda for yesterday’s meeting.

10 Responses to “Two New Members for Jackson Parish Library Board of Control Appointed by JPPJ Committee”

  1. goober Says:

    Since the majority of the jury is going out in the new year, why don’t they wait until the new jurors are in place to appoint these positions? Did Spillers resign?

    • Walter Abbott Says:

      The library board appointments are always made in December, for the new term that begins 1/1 of each year, at least for the past five years that I researched the old meeting minutes.

      Spillers did resign. I neglected to put that in the story.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you, Police Jury! It is time for new people to serve on the board and think things through.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It’s past time for the (jury) to think for it’s self instead of being blindly led about by one person.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Let’s hope the Police Jury will step up and do what they should by getting some new people on the board and try to help repair some of the foolish things done by the old board. I am not surprised at Ronnie Spillers’ resignation. Five years is long enough for a person to serve and then someone with fresh ideas should be appointed to that seat.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t know anything about Dean Rushing. But Sherri Ezell is a NO !

  6. Willie Says:

    @sunrisesunset Is there anyone from the Quitman area that wishes to serve? If so they need to let their PJ know.

  7. sunrisesunset Says:

    Hi Willie:

    I do not know if there is someone from Quitman or not, but could not the police jury/board members suggest a name and someone make a phone call to see if there is a possibility.

    There are many capable people that may be willing to serve……….one that is mature, enthusiastic, motivated, willing and able.

    My thought is that District One area needs to be represented.

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