Hollingsworth to Propose New 1/2 ¢ Sales Tax

We just received this email from City of Ruston Mayor Dan Hollingsworth.

We will have a proposal for a half cent sales tax for implementing Ruston 21 initiatives and infrastructure on the agenda Monday nite. The election would tentatively be in march right now. We would look forward to meeting with you to answer any questions or concerns you might have in that regard. Do you have some time Thurs or Fri of this week? We would also like to have your input.

Thanks, Dan Hollingsworth

5 Responses to “Hollingsworth to Propose New 1/2 ¢ Sales Tax”

  1. wascator Says:

    “Mr Rockefeller, how much money is enough?”
    “Just a little more.”

    • Walter Abbott Says:

      We will be doing a spreadsheet later today showing the growth of Ruston’s city government over the last ten or so years.

  2. wesawthat Says:

    ya’ll should check and make sure that this tax is not “in perpetuity” like the 3 in perpetuity sales taxes the crooks in rapides parish have put on us.

  3. wascator Says:

    “Ruston 21” Initiative: 21% sales tax

  4. DM Says:

    Does the Ruston21 Initiative have any dealings with the LP Detention Center? If so, I am wondering if the “walking quorum” fiasco from earlier this week has anything to do with the sudden need of more $ from us residents to pay for Mike Stone’s unlawful meetings with Jurors.

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