Defense Motions in Stringer Assault Case

Carol Powell-Lexing, attorney for controversial Jonesboro mayor Leslie Thompson has filed motions in the case of the alleged assault by Thompson against District B Alderwoman Renee Stringer.

Motion to Suppress

Motion for Discovery and Inspection

The motions are scheduled to be heard at 9:30 AM, December 12, in Second Judicial District Court in Jonesboro.

29 Responses to “Defense Motions in Stringer Assault Case”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Sweet Miranda,

    We all know you so well…and oh how we love you when we are guilty as charged.

    Just chat up the po po, cause you know them, and hope they forget about you, our dear sweet one.

    Clever like a fox that Mayor of Jboro sure is!

    Who made the arrest? Town or Parish cop?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Jonesboro Mayor Arrested
      The Town of Jonesboro’s controversial mayor Leslie Thompson was arrested this morning without incident by Jackson Parish Sheriff Andy Brown. Don’t blame the Po Po.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Arrested today…November 3th?

      • Anonymous Says:

        I get it….you just copied Walter’s post from October…So Andy did not read him his Miranda rights…interesting to say the least.

        • Old deputy Says:

          You can arrest someone and not need to Mirandize them if you are not going to ask them any questions related to their accused crime.

        • Anonymous Says:

          it was a warrant, if i ask you no questions the you dont incriminate yourself…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Check out the latest post and picture of the Mayor on The Fount’s website. Rev Dill, town employee and right hand man for Mayor Thompson, has posted a couple of new photos and is giving out Leslie’s home phone number for information.

    Check out the photo of the A-1 mobile….are those new decals or the removable ones? Can not really tell if the front window is rolled down or not…..Very clever photo opportunity!

    All Jackson Parish Residents are being hailed to attend by the Mayor and his three favorite councilmen. So when they have meet to discuss this rally, is that a violation of public meeting law?

    The march route has been shorten and the speakers are still not disclosed. The speakers want to end double standards, racism, the frivolous lawsuits and the false allegations.

    I am not certain if the speakers are just focusing on Leslie’s local problems or world wide issues. It should be interesting to see the facts they will proclaim on Sat.

    Have to say, the Rev David J. Dill is a very good handler for the Mayor….he should rent a house in Jonesboro and run for an office…whichever office Mayor Thompson wants for him. Chief of Police???

    Please, someone, record and post the rally on you tube…..

    • Anonymous Says:

      Better have something other than free words to give out….got to feed the marchers at least…..maybe the Town of Jonesboro’s marketing budget can pick up the tab for this event….it is bringing folks to town!

      • Anonymous Says:

        if you listen to the tape of the meeting on truth at Jonesboro where Mr. Lumpkins demanded that a rodeo was worthy of grant funding above the water tank being repaired because a rodeo brought in Economic Development, based on that mentality, this too shall be considered Economic Development. Isn’t it amazing that the owner of the Feed Store is the one that got the State Grant Funding for the Rodeo? What a wicked web and what a wicked self centered bunch of mongrels line up and eat tax money. they might have the one that runs around licking at the heels of the CEO and grills at the Gospel Concerts to throw on some of that delicious chicken and ribs.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Wonder if the news stations have been invited to this event?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Fret not thyself, for truth is coming swiftly like a two edged sword and will cut away debauchery and bring forth new life. Fret not, for I have seen all this and know all this and have taken it All into account.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Check out Leslie’s new photo on The Fount website.

    His got his soda pop in his hand….what style!

    Window on the A-1 mobile is down…..can not tell about the tint.

    He sure is styling and profiling for his photo on the world wide web…go Leslie, go Leslie, go Leslie….

    • Anonymous Says:

      Everyone law enforcement official knows about the tint, they do not have the courage to do anything about it though, just hope they stop my son for his tint, talk about frivolous law suits.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    It might behoove one to look up the definition of FRIVOLOUS.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Jonesboro Mayor Arrested
    The Town of Jonesboro’s controversial mayor Leslie Thompson was arrested this morning without incident by Jackson Parish Sheriff Andy Brown.

  7. itsonchickenbone Says:

    Gonna be eyes in the sky Saturday around J-berry! You got outstanding warrants? We got the time. Better pull them vehicles in and hide them plates. Booyahhhhh!!! Cakes and magnetic stickers for sale! Will tint your windows, too!!!

  8. hopeso Says:

    It would be nice to see some thugs arrested who have warrants. May the eyes in the sky rock on. And, may the thugs come on strong in support of their hero.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Sounds like real economic stimulation….I would not count on any arrests. That would violate something I am sure and cause more problems.

      • woogie woo Says:

        I hear that the ones bringing the outstanding warrants aren’t local and not afraid, and more importantly not controlled by the local political machine. We will see.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You all are just too funny!

      Why you want to say a NAACP rally supporting Leslie and his troubles would have thugs with outstanding warrants from areas beyond Jberry?

      You really think 1) outside law enforcement peeps are coming to Jberry and 2) any arrests would be made at a NAACP meeting when the US Dept of Justice is all about the ideas of the NAACP?

      Get real…there will be a slightly larger “rally” just like Leslie & Rev Dill had earlier in the year at the park. Folks clapping and agreeing with what is said. Then a pitch for a donation to his defense fund.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I wonder if the inebriated lady with the bag in her hand will get to speak at this rally? She was upset last time about her ticket not getting fixed……….

  9. Anonymous Says:

    You forgot to mention the three Leslie supports…Council Members Charla Melton, LaStevic Cottonham, and Devin Flowers…they along with the Mayor are holding the rally.

    All Hail to these honorable elected officials….the finest serving the Town of Jonesboro…..elected and maintained by the people of Jonesboro.

    You not happy with the current administration, come on out to the NAACP Rally and learn more about their ability to lead your town.

    Wonder why Mr. Lampkin is not part of this? Ms. Stringer needs to stay home ….somebody else might shove her this time…in love again I am certain.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I hope the Rev David J. Dill is “handling” Charla, LaStevic & Devin like he does Leslie. They need him as well…groom one of them for the next Mayor’s race.

      Rev Dill is from California and he knows how to help folks look their best. I bet there will be no more sunflower seeds at the table thanks to the Rev.

      Rev Dill knows how to make it all look good. Thanks be to him.

      How about that job description of the Rev. Dill….anybody seen it yet?

      Amazing all he does for $10 an hour….at least that is what I heard he is paid…what a dedicated man to the Town of Jonesboro to not be from here….not even married to a lady from here…..not even live in Jonesboro. Maybe he makes alot more than $10 a hour….he earns it for sure!

      What a blessing for him to show up and help out. He was active in Arcadia and Grambling….maybe they could not hire and pay him like Leslie would.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Question:Did the two whites get an invitation?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Yes… All Jackson Parish Residents were Hailed and informed by the Honorable Jonesboro Mayor Leslie Thompson, and the Honorable Council Members Charla Melton, LaStevic Cottonham, and Devin Flowers of the march from Rev. David J. Dill’s website

        Everyone is invited….hope to see you there! If formal invites were sent, I did not receive one.

        Was it a secret/walking meeting with a majority of councilmen and mayor when the march was discussed and planned? If they were on a three way call or speaker phone, is this a meeting of elected officials? Maybe there is no meeting…just orders from Dill to participate.

        • Anonymous Says:

          I do recall hearing on the wind that a certain unhappy soldier had videoed the clandestine quorum meetings…………..

          • Anonymous Says:

            LOL….let the unhappy soldier come forward…I do not believe there is an unhappy soldier…..of course, look closely at the last photo the Rev Dill posted of Leslie on his website.

            Why, oh why, would you want your picture taken with a cheap bottle of red sugar water half drank in your hand?

            Maybe, just maybe, the Rev Dill is sitting up for Humpty Dumpty to have a great fall.

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