City of Ruston Waxes Fat: 2001-2011

Wax – (verb) a: to increase in size, numbers, strength, prosperity, or intensity b: to grow in volume or duration

With today’s declaration by Ruston Mayor Dan Hollingsworth that area citizens aren’t paying enough taxes, we thought it would be educational to see just how much the city’s coffers have grown over the past ten years. During roughly the same time period, Ruston’s population has grown about 6 1/2%. According to, Ruston’s median household income has increased from about $23 thousand in 2000, to about $25.6 thousand in 2009.


2011 Budget Summary
Audit for Year Ended 9/30/2001

And still it ain’t enough. You decide.

3 Responses to “City of Ruston Waxes Fat: 2001-2011”

  1. wascator Says:

    My poor math skills reveal: the city’s income in 2001, adjusted for inflation, would be $33,960, 239.00 in 2011 dollars. However, the actual 2011 figure is $63,080,122.00. This reflects an increase in actual spending of about 85%, even after accounting for inflation.
    Egad. They still don’t have enough money??? I know about $35 million is taken up in Lincoln parish in a year: ad valorem tax, oplus the 3/4 cent sales tax the Police Jury gets, but not counting sales tax ruston and the other towns take up. this is all spent by local (lincoln parish) government agencies, PLUS they get some other money from the State and other sources. What does local government actually cost now?

  2. wascator Says:

    A 1/2 cent sales tax seems to take in about 2.5 million a year in Ruston, if my info is right. A pretty sweet skim, if you’re the skimmer and not the skimee.

  3. wascator Says:

    I also offer that the income for 2010 which was reported in the most recent audit, exceed the expenditures by $1,146,000.00
    A 1/2 cent sales tax in Ruston would take up about $2.5 miooion per year. The City already has moe than they spent, so are they saving up taxpayers’ money in some sort of playday kitty, or?

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