Tom Roberson on “Walking Quorums”

This Way to the Secret Meeting

In violation of Louisiana’s Open Meetings Law, Lincoln Parish Sheriff Mike Stone attempted to hold a series of secret meetings with members of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury Monday in a tactic known as a walking quorum to discuss a new tax.

The State of Louisiana explicitly forbids publicly elected officials from meeting in secret to discuss public business. This law is intended to prevent the type of backroom deals which previously were commonplace in Louisiana and which have so tarnished the state’s reputation as an honest place to do business. These secret meetings are a violation of the public trust in which the interests of the public take a back seat to the interests of the parties involved. In recent years, Louisiana has made significant strides in repairing its reputation as a corrupt state and such meetings only serve to reinforce the stereotype of corruption it has long sought to leave behind.

5 Responses to “Tom Roberson on “Walking Quorums””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Who is Tom Roberson?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Who says this is illegal? You Walter? Is there an Attorney General opinion on this or is this your interpretation of the law?

  3. Boro watcher Says:

    Something I canot find reading this law. what is the penalty for violating it? I did not see a penalty section in this law. IN addition would not the jury members be just as guilty as anyone else involved? Why were not they taken to task also?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I still don’t see anything in that opinion making information meetings illegal for less than a full police jury quorum. Is this any different than the recent meetings the Ouachita Parish school superintendent had with groups of board members? If it was illegal, wouldn’t the News Star be jumping all over it rather than just reporting on it?

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