Feds Challenge James’ Gilmore/Stevens Ruling

Assistant U. S. Attorney C. Mignonne Griffing has filed a Motion to Reconsider Grant of a New Trial this week, asking that U. S. District Judge Robbie James reconsider his September 14 ruling that set aside the racketeering/extortion convictions of City of Monroe councilmen Arthur Gilmore and Robert “Red” Stevens, and that granted them a new trial.

See here the document.

The two had been convicted in May of this year, but James granted them a new trial, saying that because the prosecution did not turn over potentially exculpatory information (Brady material) to the defense, their first trial was unfair.

Griffing argues in her motion that allegations by Blake Deshotels (a former employee of the government’s key witness Nouri “Eddie” Hakim) are not true, and therefore not material, and as such cannot impeach Hakim’s testimony.

“The Government submits that it is appropriate for the Court to address the truthfulness of Blake Deshotels’ allegations…,” and that “If the allegations are false then they cannot be used to cross examine Eddie Hakim…”

“All of the Court’s conclusions flow from the possibility that Deshotels’ allegations are true. If these allegations are shown to be false, the Court should reach a different conclusion.”

“False allegations cannot be material and without materiality there can be no Brady violation.”

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