Tentative Settlement in Jackson Library Suit

A tentative settlement was reached this morning in Second Judicial (Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson parishes) District Court in the matter of Martin v Jackson Parish Police Jury (JPPJ), which was a lawsuit filed by the “old” Jackson Parish Library Board of Control against the JPPJ.

The plaintiffs agreed to dismiss the lawsuit for the jury’s agreement to rescind an ordinance appointing a new board of control that the jury adopted on 8/25/11.

The plaintiffs had asked in their suit to:

Prevent the jury from implementing the ordinance it adopted on 8/25/11.
Prohibit the jury from deterring the petitioners from acting as the board of control.
Prohibit the new board of control members from taking office.
Prohibit the new board members from meeting or calling a meeting.

The plaintiffs had also asked that the jury’s action zeroing out the library’s 2011 tax millage be undone, but that part of the suit was not agreed to, so the jury’s action on the tax matter will still be in force.

Appearing for the plaintiffs was Bossier City attorney Henry Bernstein, while Jonesboro attorney Jeffrey Robinson represented the jury.

Division C Judge Glenn Fallin presided.

116 Responses to “Tentative Settlement in Jackson Library Suit”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the update….how are Leslie’s legal battles playing out? What is taking so darn long?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What a great idea…work out a solution! Hint, Hint….

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Nice to have some good news in Jonesboro and Jackson Parish for a change.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The JPL will receive no tax millage and the old board stays in place? Did I read this incorrectly? The same people who approved a 67% raise are still sitting on the board. Which board is in power?

    • Anonymous Says:

      The new board is non-existent. The raise plan was rescinded, the library lost funding, and the LEGAL library board is out of pocket attorney fees. What more do you want? Burn everyone at the stake?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Is the legal fee paid by the library (our tax money) or by the board members personally?

        • Anonymous Says:

          Call the director at JPL, the legal secretary. The one that just lost a major legal battle. With more to come.

          • The Public Says:

            The director is nothing but an exit strategy for a previous director who had a better job offer. The premise was based upon an on-line strategy of education. Which WE will never accept. Not on-line. We, the PUBLIC, deserve better From cult church to director demanding high salaries is not good enough for those who pay the civil servants. They work for us; not, the reverse. Standards will be maintained.

            The present director represents nothing but a crack in the system.. Nothing more. WE demand the real thing.

            WE demand traditional. Not on-line. And, WE will get it.

            In the mean time, just go to http://www.myarklamiss.com and key in Jackson Parish Library. Or, Jonesboro Mayor. These newscasts are what we have to look forward to.

  5. The Jet Says:

    Nice. The “old” Board remains THE Board. And they got everything they wanted except erasing the millage rollback. Well, and the payraise for library personnel which set the whole fire to start with (or not, depending on whose conspiracy theory you believe).

    It’ll be interesting to see where we go after the heat and light of election season is gone (relatively, cuz Mr. Abbott ain’t going nowhere, I can tell you that). Is this all forgiven and forgotten, and we move on? Or will the Jury carry a grudge and strike back anyway they can? If the Jury wants to go that route, they have PLENTY of options available to them.

    I hope we can go back to the days of the library remaining independent and above the fray of petty local politics (and, Dear Lord, can it be petty at times) but I worry it won’t ever be the same. I worry the Jury now is determined to claim the library as a political prize to cut and divvy up Lord knows how. I worry about all the anger, hate and petty bitterness and greed this stirred up. Above all, the staff of JPL. They were just doing their jobs; they didn’t ask for any of this. And now it will be harder than ever for them to get any raise of ANY amount, much less one that will get them up to state and regional averages. But hey, at least it seems they will all keep their jobs (for the moment anyway). As bad as it was, it coulda been a lot worse.

    Whatever happens down the road, I hope and pray all parties involved approach the situation with the calm, sanity, clarity and reason that was so sorely lacking in the midst of this argument. Let’s all please try to do better people.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Who is paying legal fees for the library? JPL or board members individually?

  7. Anonymous Says:


  8. Anonymous Says:

    We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.
    Proverbs 16:9 NLT

    Joyful is the person who finds wisdom, the one who gains understanding. For wisdom is more profitable than silver, and her wages are better than gold. Proberbs 3: 13-14 NLT

  9. Anonymous Says:

    How much money is the library spending on this free concert ? Big bilboards, signs and radio spots. Whats the diffrerance in the towns concert and the library’s concert? It is all tax dollars being spent.
    Do we realy need a library in Chatham, oh and I here maybe one in Quitman? If we build them then maybe we wont need the book mobile. I bet the school board is glad to get rid of the property in Chatham. Now they don’t have to clean up the asbestos. Good way to spend tax money. I bet they could find cheaper land to buy, but we need to spend the tax money or we will have to give it back. That my freinds is whats wrong in America today. We buy things we dont need because if we dont someone else will.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Big Difference is the CASH! There is no one at the library selling tickets or food and pocketing the cash!

      Entertainment for the parish folks is a great idea. I hope the FREE concert in the park is well attended.

      The Gospel concert by Leslie was about him and his followers making some cash (tax free) for their pockets. From the “promoter” to the BBQ guy.

    • Taxpayer Says:

      The Library is not going to spend anything under the current administration. The funding has been cut off. There will be no buying or spending as long as this unqualified, uncertified, and undereducated director is in place.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Really? Will I need my flashlight to find a book?

        • Really? Says:

          It may be difficult for a blunt instrument like yourself to understand, but whose fault is that? WE know. And so does everyone who saw the leadership on TV.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Taxpayer…all funding has been cut off? Does this mean there will be no utilities paid at the Library?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    It is looking like Mr. Hightower was a scape goat for the Police Jury….the young lamb sent to slaughter…..just my thought.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Folks need something to do in Jonesboro….something good for everyone. Let some healing began.

    Start a Community Garden….maybe in the walking area by McDonalds. Can do raised container beds.

    Young children today think food comes from the grocery store or Walmart. Let all generations and races come together and grow a garden to share among those who work in it.

    The older wiser ones can help the younger ones learn about growing food, work ethics, science, community involvement…the list goes on and on.

    A community garden can provided many, many benefits to all.

    Want to get it going? LSU Ag center has good info….ask the county agent to start working on this idea.

    The county agent can also teach some food canning ideas.

    While folks work the gardens, some can walk the track. Rain water can be caught can for drip irrigation to water the gardens….lots of wonderful ideas.

    Any one interested? Can we get the Police Jury involved? The Rev Dill promotes healthy eating on his sit. The Library staff can become involved.

    Come together …right now….over a garden of good things.

    There is a lot of good folks in Jonesboro….this dream can become a realty.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    What about the costs to sue the Police Jury? Who will pay since the library is responsible for their fees?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Call Kenneth Pardue @ 259-2361 and ask him. He will tell you.

      • prolly so Says:

        he does have a habit of telling everything so yep I would agree. He is one that needs to go too. Hopefully the new jury will make it happen.

        • Anonymous Says:

          I found him very helpful, professional and nice. I see no reason for him to go. He is the one who is in the know.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Kenneth Pardue is an intelligent man who keeps detailed records for the parish. He is seriously needed in his position. Any information from that office is found as a public record. He certainly does not need to leave that position.

  13. The Jet Says:

    I see the yapping little dogs who want everybody fired are still around.

    Get over yourselves people. A process was and is being followed. You have legitimate beef with how the library is run, talk to a board member. There are proper channels for that, you know.

    Oh wait, here’s the thing. Those “proper channels” are for “proper complaints”. They are not the proper forum for your savage personal attacks on the Library Director, her appearance, her weight, her educational background or the lies you choose to tell about it, the validity of the degree program she is enrolled in, her religious beliefs, the church she attends, who her friends are, how she raises her children, how she takes her coffee, blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. They are also not the proper forum for your laundry list of grievances against the previous director or the circumstances of her departure or particulars of her current job. So make no mistake folks, venting your spleen on an online forum, while it may make you FEEL better, carries no legitimate standing in the proper channels of the REAL world. Especially when an otherwise useful place to exchange ideas is instead turned into the digital equivalent of a bathroom wall.

    The Board and the Police Jury, applying state law and ALA guidelines, should decide how JPL is run and who will run it. You want to voice your opinion on that, go to a public meeting and do so. A word of advice; do so far more respectfully than what has been said here, and act like you have some semblance of manners and education; you stand a far better chance of being heard if you do. Otherwise, all the words posted here are a bunch of hot air that will mean nothing.

    Which, maybe, is how it should be.

    • Quid pro quo Says:

      You are nothing but a complete and total dumbass.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Keep your loving sisters happy.

    • Your buddy Says:

      Shut the f_ck up ! Get it? This complete JPL situation will fail. Cut your losses now. Do not be sucked up into this downward spiral of failure.

      Approximately, two hundred licensed, cerified teachers, with a real, traditional (not on-line) four-year (not a Phoenix) degree within the system. Many might be interested in this position.

      However, they did not attend in the ‘said’ cult church.

      The link is so obvious.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Do you need some anger management classes? You are sounding ignorant as well as upset and mad….crazy mad?

      • Anonymous Says:

        People seem jealous. Nothing but pure envy. It’s okay though… You mom still loves you… Maybe.

    • Shot down the Jet Says:

      Do not stop now. You are helping OUR cause. No church cult here.

      • The Jet Says:

        Shot me down? Don’t flatter yourself hoss. Somebody comes on this board to lay down a little good ol-fashioned logic and it reduces the yapping dogs to spittling, profanity-laced rage. A variant of Godwin’s Law; first side to drop an F-bomb in anger automatically loses the argument. And it was so easy too.

        Way to continue to make this about something it’s not; again, what difference does it make what church Mrs. Gates attends or what her religious beliefs are? While you’re explaining that, it keep this in mind; it’s not very nice to call somebody’s church a “cult”. That’s a very serious thing, accusing a certain faith of being a cult. Think about what you say. Words mean things.

        One more parting shot before I turn in; you keep harping on the legitimacy of online degrees. Did you know Ivy League colleges like Columbia and Yale, as well as land grant schools like Penn State and elite private schools like Tulane offer online degrees? Distance learning is no longer just the purview of DeVry and ITT. In fact, in 30 years, the traditional brick and mortar college campus we send our fresh-faced barely grown youngins off to for frat keggers and football games may go the way of the 8 track player and print news media. Adapt to technology or be destroyed by it. Education is no exception to that rule.

        It’s 2011 old man. Please try and keep up.

        • Golden Shower Says:

          Good Luck! You will need it.

        • Tii7---yyrr J@onalisa.com Says:

          This is not your battle. CG wiill go away.

          • Anonymous Says:

            CG isn’t going anywhere as long as she continues the excellent work that she has done. The entire library board unanimously backing her puts a huge dent in your riotous attempt to overthrow an individual who is just flat out more educated, civilized, and professional than you are. It’s okay to be jelly just admit it.

        • Run Forest Run Says:

          How is your bench press going? Give me anything. and I will seek you out. Then, as now, we are on the same side.

          • Anonymous Says:

            You wanted that contract badly. It is gone. Buy WE are on top of you. Stay in Quitman. Where you belong. Shut up. Now. Release your ego,

        • Anonymous Says:

          I like you JET! Keep on posting like a person with some sense.

          Will you help with the Community Garden Project for Jackson Parish?

          We need something to work on together ..a good something that benefits the community.

          This fighting and nasty talk on here is from the one small minded man I do believe…the one who posted his name (by accident I am certain) earlier regarding the Library.

          Said man has always appeared to perhaps have mental problems. He has a sick attraction to the JP Library. He always made fun of overweight people. He is just sad.

        • Hoss Says:

          Call your brother at Triad Builders of Ruston.

          The contract is gone.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Would it actually do any good to raise an objection or voice a concern to the “old” JPL Board members? They are the ones who all voted the unreal raises into play and thought the public would not realize that it had been done. The same people have been a rubber stamp for a very long time. What good would it do to approach these who have now been reseated on a board that never changes membership? Hopefully, the newly elected Police Jury members, as well as those who were unopposed, will see the wisdom is replacing each of the present board member as their term limit is up to provide others an opportunityto serve on the board for the library. There are many who would make good, contributing board members throughout the parish. It might repair the public opinion of the JPL.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I would like to know the truth behind the Police Jury gent who appeared at the meeting….did he, not knowing better, really suggest the raises?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Kent Hightower and Eddie Langston both were the initial people behind the motion for pay raises. Both individuals were Police Jury members who also served on the Library Board. It was probably all an attempt to rack up library approval for the election that backfired. Plus it’s a well known fact that there are 3 individuals that are trying everything they can to get the director fired.

        One is a relative of Julie, a director from South Louisiana, whom Crystal Gates was chosen over for the JPL director position. This bitter relative has been very vocal with her personal attacks toward Mrs. Gates.

        One is a police jury member who is using his position to further his personal grudge against the director.

        The third is an old lady director who has carried a personal grudge to tear down Mrs. Gates because Mrs. Gates didn’t go through the same 30 year old process of hire. Additionally this individual has tried to get the state library involved, yet the state library has fully supported Mrs. Gates. This has driven this director even more angry. I guess she doesn’t like innovation or doesn’t have the support of her library board like Mrs. Gates does.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Interesting information….thanks for sharing.

          Is the old lady director in Jonesboro?

          Is the Police Jury member up for re election?


        • Taxpayer Says:

          That’s right. You go honey! That is exactly why the funding was cut off! Flash lights are on sale at Wal Mart. And so are neon lights. Innovation is the key. Look where it has brought us. Yes, indeed.

        • Anonymous Says:

          The support of the library board has always been a rubber stamp of whatever the directors wanted to do. That is the way it has always worked. Why do you think they keep the same people for 20+ years in the same voluntary seat? The only thing that changes is the Police Jury member who sits on the board.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    IMPORTANT QUESTION: How are the legal fees for the library’s suit against the Police Jury going to be paid? Will our tax money be used for paying for both the library and the Police Jury costs? Are the individual members of the original board responsible for these costs ? Many of us really want to have this question answered. We are much more wary of how our tax money is being used due to this whole affair.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Call the police jury.

      • Informed tax payer Says:

        No. Call the acting director. She has an excuse for everything.

        • Pizza Hut Says:

          She may be hungry. We can fix that within 20 minutes. How about two Supremes with everything? Just let us know!

          • Anonymous Says:

            Gates may be hungry. But she will be gone. It is just a matter of time.

            • Anonymous Says:

              She’s not going anywhere. You can still be mad though. In fact, you can even get your 30 cats “I HATE CG” necklaces. Of course they can’t vote with you and the 4 others against the tax renewal. It’ll be renewed and CG will still be commanding the Enterprise.

              • Anonymous Says:

                She has been doing a good job up to this point. That is for sure. That is why the funding was cut off.

                • Anonymous Says:

                  The funding was cut because of surplus. You can try and twist it anyway you want, but the ultimate reasoning was 2 million in the bank. It WAS NOT because CG made any type of incorrect decision.

                  • Anonymous Says:

                    More elections are coming. And, CG did nothing to put that money in the bank. And, will never because she can not LEAD.

                    If you want to know, just go to http://www.myarklamiss.com.

                    CG is there, for sure. And her brother, Thompson.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Walter Abbott, please tells us the amount of costs and legal feels that will be paid by the library board, and exactly who will pay them. Is this a secret deal that the public has to call someone to find out?

  17. sunrisesunset Says:

    First of all, why are some of you choosing to attack Mrs. Gates for her weight, or the church she attends? This has no bearing on her being able to fulfill the responsibility of library director. It is cruel and demeaning to her…….just as it would be to you, if you were attacked this way. Does your weight have anything to do with the job(s) you hold? What about the church you attend? That is, if you even go to church. If you choose to rant, please rant about the subject at hand which is NOT her weight or church, but rather her qualifications as Lib. Dir.

    I totally did not support the old Library Board for the stunt they attempted to pull on us……the voters of JP. Still do not like the fact they were reseated, and remain the board after all was said and done.

    One more thing: Do we still have a living “elderly” Library Director? I assumed they were all deceased by now. If you know, please tell us who she is. I know one elderly lady that worked there for many, many years. Maybe she was an assistant director.

    • Collateral Damage Says:

      Yes. Her name is Jane. And before you start attacking her, I will brutally assuage and convert You. Stick with fighting the mayor. Or, perhaps your grammar lessons. Or, maybe, work on your on-line degree Are you a Phoenix?

      I am so sorry for this. Gates could solve all of this frustration. But Gates has noithing. She can’t produce evidence of a four-year, tradional degree; she has been asked many times before.

      She or her associates have rambled on about on-line degrees.

      There is a massive difference between two.

      I can not wait to hear your response.

      I am on your side. Two need to go. And they will.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Jane Stone?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Please gently assuage and convert ME. Are you kin to Jane? Kin to Faye?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Have you called the library and asked Mrs. Gates for proof of her education? Or are you actually assuming that she is going to supply an anonymous ridden wordpress with that information. Either way you are a fool. Ask her for the documents instead of anonymously demanding it be posted here.

        • Crash and Burn Says:

          Gates has nothing,according to her present staff. If she did, she would display it upon the wall. Or maybe, at the newspaper office, Right down/up the street. This is the issue that has broken you and the Enterprise.

          Your staff want you removed. And you will be.

          • Anonymous Says:

            You must be yet another person who hasn’t called the library and asked the director for documentation. I guess you could continue demanding stuff in anonyminity and expect people to do as you wish. By the way, let me know how that goes

            • Another Person Says:

              One person does not matter. The Public wants to know. You work for the Public. Your own faculty is ratting you out. It is just a matter of time when the truth will come out. Besides, if you called the JPL, the director/acting/pretending would not be available.

              Do not think that you can hide behind your little, very little, legal experience, and thwart the fact that you have nothing but on-line training?

              Oh, I know what you are thinking: ” Mrs. Gates has no obligation…..’ Whatever! That day will come. Soon.

              There is a newspaper service in Jonesboro. They will publish your transcripts and multiple degrees if it will settle this situation.

              If you do not, a determined group of advocates who believe that you are hiding the truth, will provide this newspaper with the proper documentation to humiliate you as you have the Jackson Parish Library.

              You do this, and at least 80% of your problems will go away.

              Work with us and we will fill in the other 20%

              Yes, WE will.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Wow….so everyone should hand every diploma on the wall of where ever they work to “prove” what?

            How do those folks at the paper mill hand theirs?

            What a silly thought you have….

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Robin Toms is a living former Jackson Parish Library Director. She probably would not be called “elderly,” but you said you assumed they were all dead, and they are not.

  19. sunrisesunset Says:

    Thank you Anonymous I did remember Robin Toms, but I was inquiring if there was another living library director. Was Jane Stone the actual Librarian or an Assistant Librarian? Anyway, it really does not matter that much.

    Collateral Damage: You do not have to gently assuage or convert me on anything. I have a mind of my own. And, what makes you think that I would begin attacking Mrs. Stone? I haven’t given any inkling about it, did I? And, another thing, get off my grammar and on-line degree from Phoenix thing. I am not taking anything in any shape, form, or fashion from Phoenix. Maybe you should though since I see in your blog that you made several errors. In the first papagraph you did not put a period after a sentence before you started another one. Look at the way you spelled nothing…….noithing. And, can not…….as you typed it…….. should be typed as follows: cannot. If we are on the same page, why did you even bring up this grammar and converting issue?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Collateral Damage made no reference to Mrs. Stone. Only “Jane.”

      As usual, you are a failure.

      Many people have the name of ‘Jane.’

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Check the board minutes, Mrs. Gates has a degree from NSU, a master’s degree from Tech, plus 30 from NSU and is enrolled at LSU. I think she is definitely educated.

    • Anonymous Says:

      So, where does all this online BS come from?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Is it not strange if she has all these degrees that she was employed as a secretary instead of doing something in a field that she had studied?

      • Anonymous Says:

        She was still in college while working as a legal secretary. I’d assume due to a flexible schedule.

        • Even Flow Says:

          No full time program (in college) like this one described exists in North America. “In college” is a label for those who attend college 3 to 5 days a week. They actually show up on the real (land) campus of a university as opposed to sitting in front of a PC at work, on a commode, on the beach, or airplane, etc.

          The schedule is not flexible. It is regimental.

          That is the difference between online and tradional.

          If she had learned this discipline, she would not be a Jackson Parish Newscast Star.

    • PROVE IT Says:

      Go to the newspaper office, now is the time to shine. Sink or swim. It is up to you. Come out with all of it without any excuses.

      On-line will not get it. Nothing part of it. The three before you earned it the hard way.

      Come as you are.

      • Anonymous Says:

        @PROVE IT. Did you know Faye Hood was hired without a MLIS degree? Or did you know that there are a substantial number of other Library’s being run by individuals without a MLIS degree here in Louisiana. Individuals who aren’t even enrolled in a MLIS program. Seems like we got a sound plan.

        • HIT-N-RUN Says:

          She had only been working there 10 years as the assistant librarian, with a full-blown BA, not online, degree.

          Then, she immediately enrolled in the LSU program in Baton Rouge and spent four summers in a row, camped out in a LSU dorm.

          All, to earn the MLS degree.

          Not like you. No Toms/Nash/cult church connection.

          She earned it. That is why her name is on the JPL building.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Thanks for this information….Bart!

            • taxpayer Information Says:

              This was given to you with no sacrifice.
              200 or more qualified, certified teachers in Jackson Parish believe that you have nothing but on-line training.
              Many of them would like to have, and will get a chance, at this job.

              Your transcripts will be made available.

              This lack of training is your enemy. Not just Bart!

              If you have something,.., just prove it.

    • Taxpayer Says:

      Once again, the term “online” keeps coming up. How nice is it to be sitting in a nice office, getting paid to work on a degree, paid for the PUBLIC. Otherwise, one might have to commute. Or, pay exorbitant rental/housing prices to be close to the campus.

      Then, you have fight for parking. Not to mention campus PD. Then, fight for classes. Fight to pay your tuition or beg for help at the Finacial Aid office.

      Today, with all of this Obama/Chinese student aid money, it is easy to get. Now, all it takes to finance online is a swipe of a credit card.
      And who is paying for that credit card? The PUBLIC ?$?$?

      Trudging through the cold and ice — and catching the flu — a student has two choices: go to class or stay at home. Then, the stay at home candidate has to get a MD’s medical excuse to turn into the prof/instructor to explain why that student missed a class or test. But as you know, they give those things away free.

      Now, let us get back to that fighting thing. Fighting for books. Or, seating. Or, up and down the stairs, elevators, and halls.

      It is more convenient for the DIRECTOR/ACTING/PRETENDER
      for the taxpayer to pay for this folly.

      The THREE that came before you did not do it it like this.

      And those same THREE did not plaster themselves on TV the way you have.

      If you had earned your position the way they did, you would have known better.

      In the mean time, WE are going to: http://www.arklamiss.com

      To strengthen our resolve and determination.

  21. anon Says:

    Quick correction…The LSU MLIS program can be taken in person, online or through compressed video. It is the same program, just gives more options to students and integrates technology into every class. How ’bout you try taking it and see how you like it.

    • Correction Says:

      I could smoke that program — any way — under any conditions. I have lived in Baton Rouge. Have you? And I know the LSU campus quite well.

      But you have made a very fine point: The standard for Library Science in Louisiana has been significantly lowered. Probably has something to do with the pitiful economy.

      That is why this blog exists. Not to mention the newscasts.

      It will only get worse. More JPL funded arrests? Mayor? Who is it next?

      How much farther can technology be integrated?

      No, it is not the same program.

    • Taxpayer Says:

      How is it that standards for Librarians are lowered and gross increases in salaries for online directors have been demanded?

      • Anonymous Says:

        That is how this century rolls….roll on with us!

        • Century Roll ON Says:

          No. Time will roll with US.. The Taxpaying PUBLIC.
          And, the director will roll back beneath the rock it crawled out under from.

          It was a very large and short rock.

          Talked a lot, too.

          Especially on TV.

          Just go to: http://www.myarklamiss.com

          Key in ‘Jackson Parish Library’ on the tool bar.

          Then you will see how “this century rolls.”

        • Anonymous Says:

          Sounds like you roll your own….keep on smokin’ baby!

  22. Anonymous Says:

    SO SORRY…Mayor’s arrest has trumped the Library Issues….

    Hope you will be okay without any Library stuff to whine about

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