Circus in Jonesboro Friday

51 Responses to “Circus in Jonesboro Friday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow …back to back fun filled weekends at the Jonesboro Fairgrounds!

    How will we stand all the fun?

    How will I pay to go both weekends?

    Oh, yeah…I can skip my water/sewer bill for a few months…they will never notice!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Sure seems like poor planning on somebody’s part…..two events back to back

    There is a concert this weekend at the Veterens park….

    When is JHHS’s Homecoming?

  3. The Jet Says:

    This post title carries meaning on so many levels! ROFL

    Note the at the bottom of the poster. “To benefit: Town of Jonesboro.”. If you go, be under absolutely no illusions as to whom and to where your money is going. Think about that.

    To answer the previously posed question, JHHS Homecoming on 10/14 against Lakeside.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Wait…did I miss something? Is there another TOJ meeting on this Friday?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Our Mayor Thompson….he is so so very good. Always looking out for the kids in our community. Look he did so good negotiating with the circus folks.

    Making some bucks for the Town of Jonesboro….benefitting the budge and getting our kids in for free!

    He sure is a good leader!

    • The Jet Says:

      Ask your “good leader” why it was necessary to burn bridges with the Chamber of Commerce. They had a great event going that helped the kids out. Why was it necessary to push them out?

      Was it about money? I’ve heard that’s how your “good leader” is, and always has been. If there’s nothing in it for him, don’t bother asking for his help.

      Or was this political payback? For all those eviiilllll, raaaaaaacist businessmen at the Chamber opposing all the “progress” he’s bringing to Jonesboro.

      Both, maybe?

      Or are those just nasty rumors?

      The world wonders.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Cause Thompson is the MAN with the PLAN. He don’t need no Chamber of Commerce.

        I think we can have another Chamber of Commerce. It can be the Black Chamber of Commerce. Baton Rouge has one and we can have one too.

        Also, there is an orgainization in Baton Rouge call 100 Black Men. They help the black children with school supplies and tutoring. Also ACT testing.

        Gather the Black Men and we can show you how we can take care of ourselves.

      • Anonymous Says:

        What happened to “for the good of the citizens of the town and parish”? The mayor would do well to work with, not against, the Chamber of Commerce. They were here before he came and they will be here when he is finally gone.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    How fitting a poster for such a time as this. How much more can the Town of Jonesboro take? How much more can the legendary ignorance be allowed to perform at the cost of and to the tax payers of the Town of Jonesboro and Jackson Parish. This is not funny nor is it a laughing matter. This is about the last straw and I certainly hope whomever is responsible for the continual unabashed blatant and total disregard for the law of this State and Country is truly getting all they can in the form of enjoyment from this debacle, It has now reached epic proportions and it is now sickening, to say the least. How much more do we have to tolerate?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Oh please…..have a little cheese with your WHINE!

      Get ready for here we come.

      You ain’t seen nothing yet!

      • Anonymous Says:

        I hope those words ring loudly from the deepest recesses of the most dark, dank and isolated cell of a penal institution and I hope they are shouted randomly throughout the day and night by someone that is as maniacal as the one that is allowed to plunder the coffers of the Town of Jonesboro, remember those famous words……”you ain’t seen nothin yet”

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I think the Mayor needs to get a new bank in town. A minority owned one….share the town’s money with another bank.

  8. STOP THE HATE Says:

    Race is not the issue here. Leadership is. Just like at JPL.
    Do not confuse the problem with the symptom.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Race is the issue and will always in Jonesboro and Jackson parish, because people can’t accept change.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    a minority owned bank? just so you know blacks arent the only minority … women, hispanics, the list goes on…stop wanting a handout just because of the color of your skin…get off your lazy butt and do like most people do..WORK FOR IT….

  10. sunrisesunset Says:

    Looking for a handout……….indeed you are. Just get off your A** and bake your own pie. We are tired of “sharing our pie and cake for that matter” with you lazy loonies.

    The highly esteemed president had hurt the black community as well as other nationalities all over the U.S. by handouts which discourages anyone/any color from getting out and seeking employment. Please, Mr. President, will you find us another entitlement program? We need a few more dollars. Yeah! Right!

    Sorry, but this is how it is in Jonesboro when the Mayor forgives those that cannot pay their water bill, and heaven knows whatever else they get for free.

    • Anonymous Says:

      If you did not have the pie and cake for sharing, you would feel different. You got your pie and cake cause of your ancestors.

      You would want a piece as well!

      Everyone deserves to have equal amounts of assets….cars, money, houses, health care, food, pets, land, clothes, shoes, pay, vacations, ….you know.

      We are all created equal and all deserve equal things…..we are entitled to have equal things.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Preach!! It was all stolen and “passed down”. Uh oh, you better stop telling the truth. Might get called a nasty name.

        • Anonymous Says:

          In Russia, every one had equal things.

          Hitler also was wanting to make sure the majority had equal things.

          Cuba let’s its people have equal things too.

          What is the nasty name? Socialist?

      • Native American and Proud of It Says:

        You are in desperate need of a reality check. This is America, you have the same opportunities as everyone else. You need to take a trip to Arizona and see how the ones that have been abused have to live-the American Indian-you have no clue nor do you want a clue, you want a stinking hand out because you think you are entitled to it. Get up off your lazy tax bought greedy worthless bottom and get a job and support yourself. Until you have to live like an Indian, shut up and move on. You are owed nothing, none of you have ever lived on a reservation-you would really have something to cry foul about if you have had to live like them……but the funny thing about them is that they do not whine and hold out their hand and DEMAND a free ride… they just take it all in stride and keep trying to do the best they can. Take a hint, get over it, you are not owed anything. Nor is your CEO. The excuse has worn out now, so get over it!

        • Anonymous Says:

          Native Americans don’t need a handout. Take it from your casino and tobacco profits. You are the epitome of lazy. Go back to Arizona!!!

          • Native American and Proud of It Says:

            We were here before you were shipped here to serve others, and by the way you were sold by your own tribe. Get over it.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    well i think it would great if no one went to the circus or the BS!! fair i will take my kids to the fair in shreveport least my kids will have a good time at a real fair and as far as the christmas lights go we will be going south to see them like we did last year they put jonesboro to shame!! let me say this as long as leslie thompson is mayor along with his three amegos on the counsel we will not support anything in jonesboro and wont till he is out of office so remember this to all the ones who voted him back in office you are just as much to blame for whats going on as he is why cause it was your choice to re elect him so your as much to blame for destroying jonesboro as he is hope yall have a nice day

  12. Anonymous Says:

    For those that didn’t see the news JONESBORO IS UNDER BOIL ADVISORY. It was on channel 8 news at 5:00.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    well dont you like the way they inform the public about the boil advisory late in the afternoon,what about the people who dont watch the news hell i just found out at 7:00pm way to go jonesboro i would hate to see a real emergency here cause yall dont know how to handle it.this town sucks just like the mayor!!!!!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      What method would you think be best to notify you?

      An airplane with a banner flying over your house and car?

      Come on….stop whining.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Sign up with Jackson Parish Sheriff’s office for the Code Red alerts for emergency situations so you can receive a call or text. Of course,SOMEONE from the town would have to be smart enough to ask them to alert the public for something like the water line break.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I hope the boil will be lifted before those poor old circus animals and folks arrive.

    Leslie will be spending Jberry money for their water and having the dog catcher boil water for the circus animals.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    See the LPNOboil advisory news article for today advising that it had been lifted. Let’s see how long it takes the Town of Jonesboro to advise the public, and what medium they use.

  16. sunrisesunset Says:

    Native American and Proud of It:

    Thank you for your blog. It is right on target. The Anonymous that said we acquired everything from our ancestors has it all wrong. My ancestors worked very hard in years gone by, and my parents both had jobs. As a result, they instilled in me the desire to have a career which spanned in excess of 20 years. My husband’s career spanned over 42 years as well. So, anonymous, you are absolutely wrong to say everything was inherited.

    And, you are not ENTITLED to be equal in ANYTHING unless you get out and work for it…….like the majority of Americans have done. Being equal does not mean I work; you do not. It means equal pay for equal work. You work……you get paid. You do not work……you do not get paid. Therefore, you have nothing but your lazy a** to blame. GET IT.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Amen Sister! Good reply and needed.

      Will you help me with a community garden for Jackson Parish?

  17. sunrisesunset Says:


    I love your dedication to getting something like the “community garden” started. In years gone by I have always worked in the yard, but now my health prohibits me from doing outside work. I am 72 years young now. I know a woman usually will not tell their age, but it has never bothered me. Not even now!

    Good luck with your desire to get this project going!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Your parents and ancestors are thieves. Accept it.

      • Anonymous Says:

        And you are just plan RUDE and DISRESPECTFULL!

        You have no idea who anyone’s parents and ancestors are…much less if they were thieves.

        Will pray for you to find God’s love and that you will have grace and mercy given to you in your time of need.

      • Anonymous Says:

        You, my dear, are a coward! You want to call someone’s parents and ancestors thieves.

        Be bold enough to state your name.

      • Native American and Proud of It Says:

        you are a thug and a wanna be, you wanna be respected, but due to your actions, you are nothing more than the low life thug. You are a useless wanna be thug cloaked in stupidity and steeped in ignorance.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Thieves! Always have been, always will be! Pray for yourselves that god will forgive y’all for your lifetime of hatred and bigotry. Again I say, always have been, always will be. Get over it. Lol

    • Native American and Proud of It Says:

      Beggars and Thieves, thugs and drugs, entitlement mentality that is passed from generation to generation. Elbow locked into place with the palm turned skyward and the parrot like mantra ingrained in the brain that rolls off the lips like water from a mountain stream……you owe us , you owe us, you owe us. Well, here is a message to you:
      We do not owe you one thing. No one owes you anything, you might use your tactics to buy votes, to sell your votes and or steal from others the taxes they worked hard to pay, but you are OWED NOTHING. Your mentality is your biggest downfall and by the looks of the Town of Jonesboro you don’t have very far to fall now. Keep living your dream, of rising up, because on your most notable day. you will never be anything other than that that you are now, a non motivated beggar. Now do us all a favor and pray to God that as you say,. you can get over yourself and your lies and get a job and get a life.

      • Anonymous Says:

        It took you all day to think of that one, huh. And you are literate, so you are not native american. Get a life Sitting Bull!!

    • noname Says:

      I don’t know if you are male, female, black or white, or if you are serious about what are posting. If you are serious, then I do know from your posts that you are judgmental of people about whom you know absolutely NOTHING. What makes you think that anyone who is not the same as you, or does not agree with you, is guilty of hatred and bigotry? I suggest you read Romans 2:1-3 that reads:
      1Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.
      2But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things.
      3And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God?

      If you are one of the people who believes in redistribution of wealth, then I disagree with you. I believe in helping the sick, needy, and poor, but I do not agree to give my savings to someone who is able to work, but refuses to do so because they prefer to take what someone else has earned. I believe the Bible supports my position in 2 Thessalonians 3:10: For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.”
      Every translation of this verse reads the same way, so it cannot be interpreted to mean something other that what it says!

  19. sunrisesunset Says:

    “Anonymous at 4:23 p.m”. It is true what Native American said. Your country did SELL you to America………. for very little money. That’s why you are here. But, what you you may not realize is that your race was treated so much worse by other countries, that when you arrived in the United States, you had it really well under the white owners. If you do not believe this, just look it up on the internet. There is a lot of info. about slave trade out there for several hundred years back. Thanks “Native American” for bringing this point to the forefront.

    Anonymous that made the remark about my relatives being thieves is absolutely incorrect. They were, are, and will always be nice and respectable people. They did not have to resort to stealing and lying to have something. Maybe unlike you and yours. Take notice that I did not say they were, I said “maybe”. So do not get your underwear in a wad.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Go play bingo and stop posting. You know nothing about the slave trade. And your ancestors were, are, THIEVES!!!!! Ha ha

  21. sunrisesunset Says:

    Anonymous @ 3.06: Educate yourself please. You are plainly steeped in stupity. What you will never understand is that, in America, slaves sold to our country from Africa were treated better, received better medical care, and had a more secure family life than in most other countries. It is there in black and white on the internet. I was reading this yesterday on one website from a lecturer. Wish I could remember what site it was, then I could refer the site to you.

    Give up on my ancestors being thieves. They were not and are not. Are yours?

    I wish you would see the movie that is out in theatres now. It is “The Help”. You will see how much “The Help” was loved in the 50’s & 60’s.

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