Ouachita Sheriff Candidates Money Trail

We’ve put together a summary table of the campaign contributions and expenditures for the five candidates for Ouachita Parish Sheriff.

The reporting period is through 9/12/11.

The column for “loans” indicates the amount loaned by the candidate to his campaign.

See here the disclosure forms that list contributions and expenditures:

Joe Brady
Cam Douglas
Larry LaBorde
Jay Russell
Ron Schleuter

5 Responses to “Ouachita Sheriff Candidates Money Trail”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The report shown for Brady is dated 2007…..it appears to be the one he filed for the last sheriff’s election.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So, if a person running does not take any donations and just spend their own money for signs, ads, etc., do they have to file a report stating zero contributions?

    Just wondering…..

    • Anonymous Says:

      I believe they have to file an affidavit stating they did not receive campaign contributions or spend money on their campaigns in excess of a minimum amount, which I think is $200

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