OPPJ Discusses Budgets, Adopts 2011 Millage


The Ouachita Parish Police Jury (OPPJ) spent about 1 1/2 hours last night digging through the budget numbers of several of their funds. Three of them were major: Green Oaks Juvenile Detention Center, the Ouachita Parish Library, and the Department of Animal Control. The respective directors of the three facilities, Mike Rhodes, Robin Toms, and Hack Tull took turns answering juror’s questions.

See here a table of revenues and expenditures for the past several years for those three funds:

See here the budget worksheets for the three funds.

Green Oaks Juvenile Detention Center

Ouachita Parish Library

Department of Animal Control

2011 Millages

The jury also finally adopted the ad valorem (property) taxes for 2011. See here the 2011 revenue law.

District C’s Walt Caldwell noted that the millage for the Mosquito Abatement District was reduced by .39 mils from 1.99 to 1.60.

“A reduction in taxes” for this year, said Caldwell.

Calhoun High School Alumni Association

Earlier in the meeting, two visitors – Brenda Randall and Vicki Gross – from the Calhoun High School Alumni Association spoke to the jury about the possibility of a donation of land at the site of the Calhoun Research Station. That facility is set to close and the land will revert to the jury who originally donated it for the station.

V-Vehicle/Next Autoworks

The status of the $1.45 million dollars collected from the taxpayers in 2009 for the ill-fated V-Vehicle/Next Autoworks project was not brought up publicly by any juror during the 2 hour and 45 minute meeting.

9 Responses to “OPPJ Discusses Budgets, Adopts 2011 Millage”

  1. Sandra Leeky Says:

    I want the V-vehicle tax returned with interest or I will campaign agaist the present jury. No reelection. This is theft.

  2. Jake Bedenharn Says:

    Return V-vehicle Tax money now!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Davidson’s folly car has cost my corp. thousands of dollars that I could have hired additional employees. James Davidson has no credabilitity in the business community. He needs to stick with the only thing he knows, like driving a truck.

    • Your $$$ are gone. Says:

      It is called Genesis Energy now. And JD had his father placed in a mental facility. And stole the company. Mr. JD owns a large portion of Ruston, including a very, very large church on the I-20 corridor.

      The vehicle thing was a sham from the beginning. Toyota, nor GM, or any of the other corp giants have pulled it off. We are linked to the internal gas engine. Like or not.

      In the mean time, what about that OPL librarian ripping around in that taxpayer funded Dodge Charger. How much is that costing the taxpayer?

    • wascator Says:

      I have no interest in defending anybody, but far as I know James Davison leased the building to them, backed by Louisiana if the supposed to be car company could not pay the rent. He is plenty smart enough to know there was never going to be a car. If someone rented a house from you, yet never moved in, would that be your fault?
      Seems like it should more properly be called “Louisiana State and Local Politicians’ Folly” as they had the say on whether money was to flow from the taxpayers’ coffers to anybody. Who can blame anybody for picking up money when someone is throwing it out the window?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    How much does Tom’s Dodge Charger cost the taxpayers each year? Give us all the details. Down to the penny.

    This such a waste of taxpayer money. How many other civil servants have this luxury in hard times like these?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Mr. Hood,

      Would you please let us know how much Tom’s Dodge Charger cost the taxpayers each year?

      You seem in the know.


  5. wascator Says:

    It was interesting to see the budget for animal control: Am I right in seeing there is one employee budgeted, at almost $75K per year, and their medical insurance is over $30,000 per year? How can any government afford this? I must not understand the document. Please enlighten me.

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