Louisiana’s Whistleblower Law May Apply Here

Monroe HR manager Rhymes fired

City of Monroe Human Resources manager Mike Rhymes said Friday he knew when he began an investigation into the city’s engineering department last year that he would eventually lose his job.

LA RS 23:967 – Employee protection from reprisal; prohibited practices; remedies

A. An employer shall not take reprisal against an employee who in good faith, and after advising the employer of the violation of law:

(1) Discloses or threatens to disclose a workplace act or practice that is in violation of state law.

(2) Provides information to or testifies before any public body conducting an investigation, hearing, or inquiry into any violation of law.

(3) Objects to or refuses to participate in an employment act or practice that is in violation of law.

B. An employee may commence a civil action in a district court where the violation occurred against any employer who engages in a practice prohibited by Subsection A of this Section. If the court finds the provisions of Subsection A of this Section have been violated, the plaintiff may recover from the employer damages, reasonable attorney fees, and court costs.

C. For the purposes of this Section, the following terms shall have the definitions ascribed below:

(1) “Reprisal” includes firing, layoff, loss of benefits, or any discriminatory action the court finds was taken as a result of an action by the employee that is protected under Subsection A of this Section; however, nothing in this Section shall prohibit an employer from enforcing an established employment policy, procedure, or practice or exempt an employee from compliance with such.

(2) “Damages” include compensatory damages, back pay, benefits, reinstatement, reasonable attorney fees, and court costs resulting from the reprisal.

D. If suit or complaint is brought in bad faith or if it should be determined by a court that the employer’s act or practice was not in violation of the law, the employer may be entitled to reasonable attorney fees and court costs from the employee.

Acts 1997, No. 1104, §1.

5 Responses to “Louisiana’s Whistleblower Law May Apply Here”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Where do the Mayors get their training? Leslie’s treatment of the dog catcher poisoning the dogs sounds very similar to the Monroe’s mayors actions. Do Not, repeat, Do Not MESS with my buddies I have hired….they all have immunity necklaces!

    Since Jonesboro does not have an Human Resource Manager, much less any employee that is an attorney, I can only imagine who is earning overtime due to “being on call”. If you have a cell phone paid for by TOJ, does this mean you are on call? Oops, give me some overtime!!! Leslie may be paying himself overtime for all we know….remember, he claims to work 24/7!

    Is the dog catcher on call? What is he earning while the dogs are suffering?

    I notice the Rev. Dill does not seem to appear to be at Town Hall until mid morning every day….we still have no idea what his job description is or how much he is paid. It appears he is the go to man and Leslie’s personal side kick.

    Is Rev Dill on call for the Mayor and earning overtime while being paid for forty hours he is not working? Is he paid forty hours whether he is at the town hall or not? Does he have a cell phone paid for by the TOJ?

    Is there any staff member keeping up with work attendance and paid time off as well as overtime at the town hall?

    Be careful, if you ask for information, you may get in trouble….pulled over by the cops or even arrested.

    Leslie, does not want any questions asked, unless you are in his office and asking him….bet you he doesn’t have the answers and will talk in circles never providing factual data.

    The CFO….well, she just shares what he tells her she can….I guess if I was earning what she is to be his “sir, yes, sir” CFO, I might too….No Wait, I would decided to do what is RIGHT…HONEST… FAIR to the taxpayers of Jonesboro.

    It is such a shame….a little power corrupts!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Come watch the Leslie show this Tuesday…he has promised to make the Town of Jonesboro into a CITY! Guess who the lucky folks are getting added to Jonesboro….I am betting they love him…may not always pay their water bill and certainly will not increase the tax revenue for Jonesboro….just a feeling!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wonder if this would apply to the previous town clerk? I can’t remember if she resigned or was just replaced. I do remember the mayor trying to throw her under the bus in Baton Rouge…

    • Anonymous Says:

      Come on to the town meeting on Tuesday and ask if the fired town clerk got a large settlement for her vacation and K time.

      Wonder just how many more law suits will be filed against TOJ before the madness stops….wait, I know the answer, lawsuits will stop as soon as all the money is spent by Leslie. Can’t get money if it is all gone.

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