Tangipahoa School Update – 7/8/11

46-year-old Joyce Marie Moore desegregation case appears to be resolved

AMITE—A tentative treaty of detente may be finalized Friday as the Tangipahoa Parish School Board appears to have met the final requirements that may end a 46-year-old federal desegregation lawsuit overriding all public school issues in the parish.

As of late Thursday, attorneys for both sides told the School Board and members of the press that the open court hearing, originally set for 9:30 a.m. Friday, had been rescheduled as a closed court “status conference” at which time U.S. District Court Judge Ivan Lemelle may render a decision on a more than two-month-old negotiated “modification” to the Board’s 2009 desegregation plan to bring unitary status approximately 50 years after the district was slapped with federal litigation to end segregated schools.

At the heart of this so-called “compromise” is the reconstruction of three of the parishes most highly “racially identifiable” school districts–Champ Cooper in Robert, Pumpkin Center, near Ponchatoula, and of course, Loranger, the lynch pin of the desegregation talks.

For School Board attorney Charles Patin, the agreement means no new taxes, a threat that was suggested by the court last fall, well in advance of a four-proposition referendum which voters struck down by a minimum of 87 percent disapproval in April.

Patin told “The Advocate” that the agreement will allow the Board’s original plan to build three new feeder schools, as well as transform nine low-performing schools into magnet/Montessori/IB sites in place, along with accelerated course offerings in all schools, M-to-M transfers, and other offerings to fully desegregate the parish school system.

The parish will give up any plans to offer teacher pay raises and will discontinue art and music education in the primary schools as part of their concessions in the longstanding federal case.

School dispute deal cited

Attorneys in Tangipahoa’s 46-year-old school desegregation case reached a compromise Thursday afternoon that settles three issues scheduled to come up in a Friday hearing in federal court, attorneys confirmed Thursday.

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