City of Monroe Update – 6/30/11

From KTVE-TV10

Monroe Employee Files Grievance Against Head Engineer

More drama inside the city Engineering Department. It all started with the boss, head engineer Sinyale Morrison. She’s under investigation over allegations she paid an employee thousands of dollars in unearned overtime pay, which would amount to payroll fraud. It lead state auditors to search the department for possible criminal activity. All that overtime money was going to one city employee: Ricardo Nance. But, that same employee who allegedly pocketed thousands of dollars in overtime, also found himself the target of a different type of investigation with the cops.

Morrison called Monroe Police on Ricardo Nance, during an incident back in March, when he allegedly threatened to open fire on the job. Nance was later charged with two counts of simple assault, but allowed to keep his job. After that, the longtime Chief Surveyor, Clovis Haley suddenly resigned from the Engineering Department. He said, he feared for his life at work and the stress was too much to handle. Now, that the Engineering Department’s been invaded by fraud investigators and the police– the plot thickens.

One of Morrison’s own workers, a Senior Survey Technician named Paul Oxley, has filed a grievance against his own boss.

Oxley cooperated with the city Human Resource Director, Mike Ryhmes while Morrison was under an investigation for payroll fraud. Oxley testified that Ricardo Nance never came to work, and that Nance’s overtime hours were bogus.

In this grievance- Oxley says Morrison is discriminating against him because he shared documents with Human Resource director, Mike Rhymes about Nance’s lack of work, and his continued absence from the job. Oxley goes on to say because Nance never comes to work and clovis haley resigned he’s left doing everyone’s job without a pay increase.

One Response to “City of Monroe Update – 6/30/11”

  1. wascator Says:

    Engineers Gone Wild: Part II
    Should be on TV.

    Is there a love child up in there somewhere? That would make it perfect.

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