The Hayride Weighs in on St. Helena Sheriff

Citizens On Patrol

In St. Helena Parish several people took the stance they’re “fed up with it all and they’re not going to take it anymore.” [Peter Finch in “Network” 1976 (paraphrased)] They’ve armed themselves after increased thefts and burglaries in their community. They’ve started patrolling to see if there were “suspicious” vehicles or activities in the area.

The Advocate published the report and showcased the matter as a front page article above the fold; a region normally reserved for war news, presidential politics and other disasters in the world. In an effort to prove the age-old adage “if it bleeds, it leads,” The Advocate spiked the attention of the readership by showing a citizen with his AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. Read that as: “assault rifle” You can assume it’s being passively demonized as “overkill” for a hunt of active criminals actively pursuing their criminal activity. Nowhere does it say in the article it’s assumed these criminals could be armed.

First rule of engagement in combat: “bring enough gun.”

One Response to “The Hayride Weighs in on St. Helena Sheriff”

  1. sgt Says:


    most law enforcement do not the Firearm law, in this state. but if you have firearm you need to know it.
    there are 165 law that cover Firearms in LA. but for the most part you need to know 20 of them. but also look in to the parish rule (see RS 40:1796 below) it is also good to look at the state attorney general letters in firearms. you will fined a lot of you question have already been worked out.

    under RS 29: 738 Emergency powers do not extend to confiscation or seizure of lawfully possessed or used firearms, weapons, or ammunition; exceptions
    A. Nothing in this Chapter shall authorize the seizure or confiscation of any firearm or ammunition from any individual who is lawfully carrying or possessing the firearm or ammunition except as provided in Subsection B of this Section.B. A peace officer who is acting in the lawful discharge of the officer’s official duties may disarm an individual if the officer reasonably believes it is immediately necessary for the protection of the officer or another individual. The peace officer shall return the firearm to the individual before discharging that individual unless the officer arrests that individual for engaging in criminal activity, or seizes the firearm as evidence pursuant to an investigation for the commission of a crime.Acts 2006, No. 275, §2, eff. June 8, 2006.PART II-A. MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS
    RS 40 §1796. Preemption of state law
    A. No governing authority of a political subdivision shall enact after July 15, 1985, any ordinance or regulation more restrictive than state law concerning in any way the sale, purchase, possession, ownership, transfer, transportation, license, or registration of firearms, ammunition, or components of firearms or ammunition; however, this Section shall not apply to the levy and collection of sales and use taxes, license fees and taxes and permit fees, nor shall it affect the authority of political subdivisions to prohibit the possession of a weapon or firearm in certain commercial establishments and public buildings.
    B. Nothing in this Section shall prohibit a local governing authority in a high-risk area from developing a plan with federally licensed firearms manufacturers, dealers, or importers to secure the inventory of firearms and ammunition of those licensees in order to prevent looting of the licensee’s premises during a declared state of emergency or disaster. Such plan shall be renewed on a periodic basis. The information contained in the plan shall be deemed security procedures as defined in R.S. 44:3.1 and shall be released only to the sheriffs of the parishes or police chiefs of municipalities in which the declared state of emergency or disaster exists.
    C. For the purposes of this Section:
    (1) “Declared emergency or disaster” means an emergency or disaster declared by the governor or parish president pursuant to the provisions of the Louisiana Homeland Security and Emergency Assistance and Disaster Act.
    (2) “High-risk area” means the parishes of Assumption, Calcasieu, Cameron, Iberia, Jefferson, Lafourche, Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. James, St. John, St. Martin, St. Mary, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Terrebonne, and Vermilion.
    Added by Acts 1985, No. 741, §1, eff. July 17, 1985; Acts 2006, No. 254, §1.
    You need to call the policy jury and ask for all firearm laws on the book in your parish and ask for the date of the last revision with it. if it was passed before July 15 1985 it stand. note it can not have been changed after that date.NEVER GIVE ANY PROBLEMS,when they take your firearm let them, do not give them any problems: do nothing to give them room to add any charges, when you get out just call the state police and file your complaint in righting. include the following in it, Felony “under the color of law”, malefic in office, RS 14:67.15 felony theft of a fire arm, felony theft with a gun, felony with a bullet proof vest.

    remember the Sheriff has made it publicly record of what he is going to do. and boy does it help you.
    Any residents of St. Helena Parish caught riding around the parish with assault weapons will be arrested, Sheriff Nat Williams warned Tuesday.“As far as them riding around with an assault rifle, it will not be tolerated,” he said. “Somebody with an assault weapon is no different from a criminal and will be treated the same way.”Some residents of the parish’s 6th Ward, angered by a rash of recent break-ins, have conducted informal patrols, sometimes while armed with AR-15 semiautomatic rifles, the civilian version of the U.S. military’s M-16.“If somebody is out riding around with an assault weapon, that’s not protecting the neighborhood, that’s terrorizing the neighborhood,” Williams said.“Anybody want to ride around their own community, that’s fine, call us,” Williams said. “But any assault weapons, they’re going to jail.”

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