Lawyers Wax Fat off Tangi School Deseg Case

Lawyers have sopped up two thirds of the taxpayer money spent on the Tangipahoa parish school desegregation suit Moore v Tangipahoa, according to documents obtained this morning by Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO).

Right at $2 million of the $3 million total was spent on both plaintiff and defense lawyers in the case. The remainder went to salaries for school employees, consulting fees and election costs.

See here the documents.

An April 30 tax to pay for a court-ordered plan in the case went down to defeat by an 88 to 12 margin.

See here The (Baton Rouge) Advocate story.

Case costs board $3 million – Lawsuit first filed 46 years ago

In a related development, two of the Tangipahoa School Board members who opposed the tax – Brett Duncan and Sandra Simmons – are targets of a contempt of court motion filed by plaintiff attorney Nelson Taylor.

Contempt of court: Duncan and Simmons targeted for opposing taxes

A motion filed by plaintiffs’ counsel last month in the longstanding Joyce Marie Moore federal desegregation lawsuit has at least two Tangipahoa Parish School Board members facing the possibility of contempt of court charges.

Freshman board member Brett Duncan revealed on his Facebook page Monday evening that he and veteran board member Sandra Bailey Simmons have been named “targets” of a plaintiff motion calling for board members to be held personally in contempt of Judge Ivan Lemelle’s instructions related to the April 30 tax election.

One Response to “Lawyers Wax Fat off Tangi School Deseg Case”

  1. Why? Says:

    Is this the same type of desegregation law in Jackson Parish? Sounds fishy to me.

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