Mayor Claims “Racism” – Again

From The Fount Online News:

The Systematic Elimination Of Black Elected Officials

Mayor Thompson says the changes he brought to Jonesboro during his first 4 years in office are well documented to be very positive and progressive –even more so than all the mayors before him combined; yet he has been met with extreme resistance and overall harassment. Mayor Thompson said that no true healing could occur in his rural community of Jonesboro, LA until there is at least the acknowledgment of a racial problem.

14 Responses to “Mayor Claims “Racism” – Again”

  1. sunrisesunset Says:

    Must be talking about himself.

    Oh, BTW, he is living in “dreamland” if he thinks he has brought positive changes to the Town of Jonesboro.

  2. bob Says:

    ok mayor thompson, for one i dont aprove of your handling the towns money or the town it doesnt matter what your monkey but says you have always and will be racist,and i dont like you,dont like the way you look,dont like the way you walk,and sure in the hell dont like your bullshit!! and your not for all races like you claim,you only support one race. it shows your a dushbag. is the race card the only thing you can come up with cause you know your ass is in big trouble so you want to call the race card and skerm like a worm.just admit it leslie your the biggest jack ASS of the world be a real man and have some balls and admit you and your wife have spent the towns money so you can live like a king?or a pig.and i hope you read this cause i dont like you and i live real close and i dont care if you know who i am so you want to play the race game well i can too. we are tired of your BS!! your lies.your cover up all we want is someone who can do the job as mayor and you dont fit the bill

  3. bob Says:

    oh by the way i guess someone foregot to tell you it takes a real man to be mayor of any town not a theif thats right leslie your a theif the money goes in the front door and you take out the back if your not racist why do you hold the parades during the summer on the black side of town? instead of holding them down town so everyone can see it hum. and when you had your little meeting in the park why just for the blacks? how come you dont do things for the whites? i know why cause your a racist SOB. we are closeing the walls on you leslie and its a matter of time before they smash your little head! just remember the eyes of the true beleavers of jonesboro are watching you!!

    • Wow Says:

      The summer parade is the Juneteenth parade that is, and has always been, on the “black” side of town. You write the mayor is racist, and you’re not, but you call him a monkey. Learn how to spell “thief” before you attempt to call somebody one. I tell you there is nothing more dangerous in this world than a redneck with a cause, Bob! Ha ha ha

      • Jason Says:

        He looks like a monkey. Hold his picture up next to a pic of a chimp. The resemblance is uncanny. How is this racist?

  4. Scrap Says:

    The only time he say’s “Racism” is when his butt is getting into deeper water ! Racism is just a word to get your mind off of the big picture ! For the Redneck comment , I’m one too and if you want to call me a racist go right on ahead as long as that fool gets what is coming to him you can call me every name in the book !

  5. Stand Up and Be Counted Says:

    You are correct, the Juneteenth parade has always been on the east side of town where it is significant to those involved. It would not be the same if it were held on main street as it is a celebration of the “black” community and to take it out of that area would not benefit the parade, nothing wong with that.

    You were kind not to point out all the grammatical and typo errors Bob committed and yes Bob is racist. The difference between Bob and the mayor is that the mayor is a thief as well as a racist. The mayor is correct in saying for healing to begin then the problem has to be admitted and addressed. To show he truly believes what he says he should be the first to come clean and admit he is racist and on the same day resign as mayor. This would be the beginning of the healing process.
    Healing will never occur with a racist in office accusing one group of being racist while he is more guilty than they are.

    It would also do the community good for the “black” community to acknowledge that re-electing Leslie was a bad decision. In light of the disarray in the mayor’s office the “black” community should have put up a better candidate for mayor. I do not care whether the mayor is black, white, hispanic, chinese, etc. male or female, just be honest, organized and represent the entire community not themselves.

    Jonesboro is in trouble, I just hope the actions being taken are not too late.

    • Wow Says:

      Stand Up,
      You are assuming that all blacks support him. There are some who don’t, just like some whites who do. He had to have white support to be re-elected. You only hear from one side because most folk in the black community do not know about this website and the blogging that takes place on here. I’m sure you watched the “meetings” in the park. Those meetings averaged what, 25 maybe 30 people at each one. What about the “civil rights/al sharpton” fund. You see there has been no more mention of that. I think it is very difficult for the white community to understand the sensitivity of the issue, with him being the first black mayor. It is not, and will never be, as cut and dry as some on here want to make it. I think the results of the investigation will bring some healing and closure to everyone.

      Ricky, I mean Bob, I should have known it was you by reading that incoherent, rambling post. You seem to be a very angry man, talking about “whipping a$$” in every post you write. I am sure you’re a very scary man. If the mayor is reading this, he probably wouldn’t take too kindly to the subtle threats you always make. On a serious note talk to a counselor, or pastor, to get that temper under control. Before you get in some serious trouble.

      • Anonymous2 Says:

        The mayor wants this to be an us (black) against them (white) problem. He works very hard with the help of his supporters to make it so. Thanks to this blog the truth is out there for all to see and hear. Thanks to digital media, computerized cash registers and computer hard drives in most every piece of equipment now days the truth is out there waiting to be discovered. This is probably the best and longest job he has ever held so expect him to fight hard to hold it. It is certainly the best paying job, especially with added perks. A lot of other professional politicans (whites) owed him favors for delivering the vote but that bucket is almost empty cause once elected it’s hard to beat an incumbent.

  6. the lighthouse Says:

    Bob ( Ricky), I don’t like the way the town is being run either but your blog is stupid. It reads like a 10 year old name calling contest. Walter has let this site turn into another Topix. Calling someone these name does not add insight to the issues. Also I don’t think “Jason” is the same one who’s usual post are very intelligent and interesting to read. Let’s try to keep this blog civil and coherent.

    • Jason Says:

      Yeah, its me. Wasn’t trying to be cute or funny, but the mayor literally looks like a monkey. And even more so in that hideous painting he hung at Xmas. I’m sure there are many that would agree with me on that. I cant see how this is a racist comment when I’m just stating the obvious.

  7. Augusta Duffer Says:

    Can we just get away from all the name calling? When people make comments like the ones above about the mayor it just pulls them down to his level. The best tactic is to live your life in the correct way. When you do that, the light will shine and show those who are not. Everyone knows that Leslie is racist and has been stealing from the Town since he was elected. We don’t need to start a name calling contest with him to prove it.

  8. sunrisesunset Says:

    So the monkey (mayor) is up to a bunch of monkey business? You are supposed to laugh at this point!!!!!! Just couldn’t resist the comment, even though I would not call him that. That’s other bloggers name for him. I will say he is inept, incompetent, clueless. You get the picture.

  9. bob Says:

    hey wow i dont know who you are talking about but my name is bob.and not ricky who ever that is and you need to quit calling me ricky if you dont like what i say then dont read it

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