Tangi School Tax Fallout – 5/1/11

Tax opponents plan next moves

The popular uprising that resulted in the overwhelming defeat of the school board’s tax propositions on Saturday is now poised to cause more problems for Superintendent Mark Kolwe and his seven allies on the board.

On Sunday, leaders of the Vote No movement vowed to do three things:
1) Begin recall efforts against at least three board members.
2) Raise the $300,000 needed for a forensic, or federal compliance audit of school system funds.
3) Increase public attendance at school board meetings, and public involvement in the politics of the school system.

While most tax opponents would consider replacing Kolwe with a new superintendent a top priority, they simply believe the current board won’t do it.

On the other hand, there is an online petition drive to fire Kolwe.
Concerning recall drives, most of the seven school board members who voted to put the four tax propositions on the April 30 ballot were elected or reelected last fall while promising not to do it. And most of their contests were close.

The forensic audit has been a goal of school board critics for years. Their case was recently buttressed by the recent accusation that the secretary of the Florida Parishes Juvenile Detention Center embezzled $1.3 million from the facility over three years—during which time annual audits turned up no wrongdoing.

While the school board is also audited annually, obviously many financial questions remain unanswered.

CB Forgotston comments on Tangipahoa School Board election

School Board Member Sandra Simmons and other tax opponents celebrate win

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