Ouachita Parish Police Jury Monday Night

The Ouachita Parish Police Jury (OPPJ) will meet in regular session Monday, May 2, 5:30 P. M. on the second floor of the parish court house on South Grand Street.

See the agenda here.

It looks to be a lengthy meeting, with at least two items likely to be contentious. The Ouachita Correctional Center (OCC) budget/finance and operations is listed in Charles Jackson’s (District A) agenda item, and flooding/drainage on Pat Moore’s (District F) part of the agenda.

A tax hike to fund operation and maintenance of the OCC was trounced 3 to 1 in yesterday’s election, and there was significant flooding in the parish as a result of severe storms last week.

One Response to “Ouachita Parish Police Jury Monday Night”

  1. wascator Says:

    Best part: tax fails. Worst part: embarrasing turnout. Come on, people.

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