Local TEA Party Phoning to Oppose School Tax

The North Central Louisiana TEA Party has begun making phone calls opposing a Ruston School District tax extension that is to be voted upon tomorrow. The calls began yesterday and will continue through today. Several hundred voters have been targeted for calls.

Here is the text of the phone message.

The Lincoln Parish School Board has 30 million tax payer dollars in cash. They want to get $3.4 million more for 2 buildings at Ruston High. Build the buildings with the cash on hand; we are Taxed Enough Already!

VOTE NO in Saturday’s election.

If passed the tax would extend an existing millage five years to fund construction of buildings at RHS.

See here earlier reporting on the proposed tax.

Lincoln Parish School Board to Call for 4/30/11 Tax Election – National Scholars to be Recognized

LPSB Votes to Pursue Tax Extension

LPSB Ten Year Construction/Maintenance Plan – Ruston School District Tax Extension Possible

One Response to “Local TEA Party Phoning to Oppose School Tax”

  1. JohnMartin Says:

    Typical TEA Party foolishness! These folks don’t have a clue about public school finance. The vast majority of the cash is in funds dedicated by voters for particular uses. What remains undedicated is generally used to cover expenses not budgeted at the start of the fiscal year. Prime examples would be a major roof repair caused by a wind/hail storm or this year’s upward spiral in the price of diesel for school buses.
    And they cheer on their hero of the no tax only cut fame Jindal who has mandated more expense to the local level while at the same time cutting allocations to the local school districts. The Governor passes out tax cuts to business/industry, then requires local districts to increase their contributions to the various retirement funds to make up for state cuts in its share of the contributions.
    Fortunately, the TEA Party and its followers are now a dimming flame and will likely be soon gone and forgotten as were the Know Nothings.

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