New Motions Filed in Essmeier v Jonesboro

Several motions and memorandums have been filed in the last few days in the case of Essmeier v Jonesboro, a lawsuit filed last month that alleges two ordinances, #700 – town budget and #701 – mayoral pay raise, are illegal.

Filed today were:

Motion to Enroll as Counsel of Record – for Monroe attorney Louis Scott on behalf of the defendants: Town of Jonesboro; Mayor Leslie Thompson, individually and as mayor; LaStevic Cottonham, individually and as alderman; Devon Flowers, individually and as alderman; and Charla Thompson, individually and as alderman.

Motion to Continue – Filed by Scott on behalf of the defendants asking that tomorrow’s scheduled hearing be continued (delayed), as Scott is engaged in an ongoing trial in Monroe.

Memorandum in Support of Exceptions – Filed by Scott on behalf of the defendants taking exception to several of the original suit’s allegations.

Filed Monday was:

Memorandum in Support of Motion to Disqualify Counsel – Filed by plaintiff attorney Bobby Culpepper in support of a motion he had filed two weeks ago asking that Monroe attorney for the defendants Carol Powell-Lexing be disqualified because of potential conflicts.

The suit was filed by Culpepper on behalf of three Town of Jonesboro residents against the town, the mayor and three of the five aldermen that voted for the ordinances.

A hearing is scheduled for 9:30 A. M. tomorrow (Thursday) morning in the Leon H. Whitten Courtroom of the Jackson Parish courthouse. Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) will cover the hearing live.

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