$60 Thousand in Checks Questioned in Latest Subpoenas for Jonesboro Investigation

Some $60 thousand in expenditures via town checks are being questioned with several more subpoenas that were yesterday issued by the Second Judicial (Bienveille, Claiborne, Jackson parishes) District Attorney in the ongoing criminal probe of the operations of the Town of Jonesboro and its controversial mayor Leslie Thompson.

Along with several businesses that are required to produce records, Thompson is required to provide “receipts, purchase orders, and transaction documentation” to match checks written to various individuals, petty cash, and to himself as follows:

Petty Cash: $12,416.78
Other Individuals: $29,434.82
Leslie Thompson: $18,365.44

Additionally, Thompson is to produce invoices, contracts and receipts for two dozen other entities and individuals.

See here the document.

Among the businesses subpoenaed are: GNF Management, Inc.; GE Money Bank; Louisiana Discount Tobacco; Ivan Smith Furniture; WalMart; Best Buy; and Home Hardware Center.

See here that document.

The subpoenas were all signed by Assistant District Attorney Gary Nunn and 2nd JD Judge Jenifer Clason.

9 Responses to “$60 Thousand in Checks Questioned in Latest Subpoenas for Jonesboro Investigation”

  1. Karen Says:

    Is it legal to write a check to yourself and sign it if you are the mayor? He would have to have signed it and known it was made out to him personally.

  2. sassy pants Says:

    Great Day in the morning! Let us see what HE can do.

  3. Former resident c/o 2000 Says:

    Discount Tabacco?? Wth???

  4. bobo Says:

    Discount Tobacco sells liquor, cigs and lottery tickets! You can also pay all kinds of different bills there!!!

  5. party time Says:

    He could have been buying liquor and cigars for his inauguration.

  6. unbelieveable Says:

    Ugh. This doesn’t look too good.

  7. Bobby Says:

    Mayor Thompson probably didn’t know any better. Who would have ever thought a fine upstanding Mayor should be held accountable for such stuff.

    Les, I’ll be looking for you at the next parade.

  8. sassy pants Says:

    Is he squirming yet?

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