Royce Toney Update – 3/31/11

Lawsuit Filed Against Business that Sold OPSO Ridgedale Land

The Monroe business that sold Sheriff Royce Toney the old Ridgedale Academy property is facing legal action.

NBC 10 has uncovered a letter that shows the sheriff negotiated a tax credit worth over $400,000 to one of his personal friends, Joseph Hakim, of Penny Realty.

Sheriff Toney says he’s ditching plans to build a work release facility in the middle of a quiet West Monroe neighborhood. The sheriff says a downturn in the economy means that renovating the building into a work force facility doesn’t make good business sense.

Sheriff Toney announced during the summertime last year, that he had big plans for the old Ridgedale school, off Whites Ferry Road in West Monroe. His vision was to convert the building into a work release facility with about 180 beds.

Sheriff Royce Toney says he struck a deal with Joseph Hakim, president of Penny Realty, to buy the property, which is appraised at $600,000. The sheriff’s office paid only $188,000, according to a copy of the deed.

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