J’Boro Mayor Already got 2nd Term Pay Raise

The Town of Jonesboro’s controversial mayor Leslie Thompson, whose pay just last week was doubled from $35 thousand/year to $70 thousand/year, had already gotten a pay raise effective on the date he was sworn into office for his second term, according to an ordinance that was in effect prior to last weeks action.

Ordinance #538, adopted July 11, 2000, set the full-time mayor’s pay for the first term at $35 thousand. At each subsequent term, the pay jumps $3 thousand, to a maximum of $44 thousand for the fourth term.

The pay for a part-time mayor was set at $12 thousand for the first term, then increasing $1 thousand at each subsequent term, to a maximum of $15 thousand on the fourth term.

See here Ordinance #538.

The document is transcribed from that published in the town’s official journal, The Jackson Independent, on Thursday, July 20, 2000. Several citizens had requested from the town a copy of the document from the town’s Book of Ordinances, but were told it could not be found.

It is unclear how the new mayor’s pay ordinance (#701) could cite an ordinance (#538) that was lost.

Thompson claims to be a full-time mayor, but his personal financial disclosure reports for 2008 and 2009 show him to be employed also with Primerica, Inc. , with an address in Ruston.

In the 2008 report, he listed his job title as Regional Manager. In the 2009 report, he said he was an independent contractor.

In 2009, the reports shows Thompson received $2.5 thousand in income from the insurance company job.

Thompson is listed as an individual insurance producer (license no. 140133) by the Louisiana Department of Insurance (LDI), with authority to sell accident, health and life insurance.

8 Responses to “J’Boro Mayor Already got 2nd Term Pay Raise”

  1. Juanita Johnson Says:

    Mr. Abbott, thank you for the TRUTH. Our people have been told a bold face lie. Our people have been taken around the corner and back. I cannot understand why someone would ask us for more money. I live on a certain amount every month, I worked two jobs every day for years, I put my children through school, no one helped me. I helped me, I did not beg, I went to work. I kept my house in order, my children were clean and kept their house in order. We are not all the same that way, sad to say, but there some that can see right through a smoke screen. We will keep on striving to make the best of things so our young folks can do better than we did. I say hold on, things are going to change. I will keep my money, not much, but I earned it.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    good information for those who didnt already know that he had another job in ruston.. and that being the reason he is always seen in ruston in the “town” vehicle.

  3. The lighthouse Says:

    Mr. Abbott, to add to the deception, the town council raised the mayor and chief of police’s pay scale by 10% in 2007-08. # 538 was amended to reflect the raise. Also mayor Essemeire did not make $60,000, as Thompson claims in his speech nor does the chief of police make $50,000. These figures are easy to confirm. Can a new ordinance supersede the original without amendments?

  4. Shine the Light Says:

    Thank you Walter for being a true investigative reporter. I hope Mr. Dill reads this site and looks more in depth on some statements made in those interviews. Ronald Reagan said it best, “Trust but Verify.”

  5. Albymyself Says:

    I told you he had a second job. We were just waiting to get pictures of him at work. He also drives the town car to work everyday to sell the insurance policy’s in the town car.

  6. Appalled Says:

    It just keeps getting more and more appalling.

  7. Appalled Says:

    I am surprised the IRS didn’t find $2500 as an income from insurance sales to be questionable. Either he sucks at sales or he is lying about how much he actually made. But, really, driving the town car to work in Ruston. Has he no shame or moral compass at all?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I heard on the video that Mr. Dill says he writes his articles, then allows the subject he is writing about approve the article before it is posted. How truthful and acurate do you think those articles will be?

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