More on Last Night’s Jonesboro Meeting

Jonesboro Council approves mayor salary increase, budget amendments

JONESBORO, La. (KNOE 8 News) – Faced with a state takeover of the its treasury, The Jonesboro Town Council approved dozens of amendments to the town’s budget, and an pay raise for its mayor.

Mayor Leslie Thompson’s salary will now double his current salary of $35,000, a move that Jonesboro residents are split over.

Several additions and subtractions to the Jonesboro budget were also approved, many of which don’t match up to the official record published in the parish newspaper.

Link here for audio recording of last night’s meeting.

Jonesboro Attorney’s Ultimatum: Rescind Budget or Face Lawsuit

An attorney is giving the mayor of Jonesboro two weeks to call a special meeting, to reverse the passage of a town budget he’s calling “illegal” and “unbalanced.”

Jonesboro attorney Bobby Culpepper promised to make good on a lawsuit, against controversial Mayor Leslie Thompson and the three town officials who approved amending the town budget and an ordinance to boost the mayor’s pay to $70,000.

Culpepper says he sent a letter to the mayor today, asking Leslie Thompson to call a special meeting to rescind the approval of the town budget, or Thompson will face legal action.

9 Responses to “More on Last Night’s Jonesboro Meeting”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    take off the gloves and play hardball, he(mayor) has had every chance to do the right thing. has he? no….

  2. jake Says:

    why is culpepper giving him two weeks,i say if your going to do something then do it now dont wait and give him two weeks this is alot of the problum do you really think this guy is going to reverse his raise come on bobby show us you have a real set of balls and just do it!!

  3. Albymyself Says:

    He can’t do it if the people who hired him won’t let him file the lawsuit. That is their decision not his.

  4. anonymous Says:

    Another fine display of pure yellow, from the stem to stern.

  5. N/A Says:

    Sounds like a lot of bluffing to me, and the mayor & council didn’t bite. Your move Culpepper!

  6. We The People Says:

    Bobby Culpepper has them right where he wants them and is playing his cards right ! I don’t see anybody else tring to stop this run away train by filing a law suit ! At least there is a few people in this town with the balls to step up to the plate !

  7. Says:

    Jonesboro is our parish seat and a disgrace to our parish! I would love to know what he has done to deserve a raise. Jonesboro is in the worst condition I have ever seen it. The whole city limits is trashy and run down! I am ashamed when I ride through Jonesboro! The buildings are not maintained. The subdivisions look like crack houses! Richard Zuber would turn over in his grave to see the city of Jonesboro now! No wonder our young people leave, there is nothing for anyone, young or old, to do in Jonesboro! What has happened to this town is disgusting.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Why, send a letter to these people? They have made up their minds that they fighting racism.And if you don’t have anything on these people, why don’t you leave them alone.And maybe it will teach you how valuable the vote really is.I don’ t know much about where your town is going, but it’s gotten to be pretty messy already . Don’t see or hear any Preacher’s of any races leading God’s people to where he would have them.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I heard some comments from the council clergy/deacon members that leads me to believe they won’t be leading any come togetherness. Donate? Respect? Donate to church or charity, not a government organization. Give respect to get respect. Continual under the breath comments when others are talking is not showing respect is it?

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